Why Fear Putin?

How is it possible that America is just waking up to the weakness of its citizens to message manipulation? Have we not allowed ourselves, most shamefully, to be steered by our long tradition of political ads and money politics? This history of ours is particularly ignoble because, supposedly, unlike all the other nations upon our globe, America most directly claims to be a nation of, by and for the people.

The original aim of our forefathers for a rule of the people, having its origin in the historically miraculous spirit of the Magna Carta, should have resulted in a nation whose direction has always been from the bottom up. Yet to the contrary, the American people have passively allowed forces, interests, and messages originating from top-down entities, to continually play various alluring and seductive tunes for them while they sway their votes in the direction of these pied pipers. Should we therefore be surprised that, given the opportunity, foreign enemies like Vladimir Putin might identify our embarrassing weakness and utilize whatever means they find at their disposal to laugh at and mock our “democracy” in sowing dissent? Have we not allowed our “bright republic,” from the start, to become fundamentally tainted?

Wake up, America! It is not too late to revive, or maybe for the first time awake, to our populist sovereignty over our City on a Hill. We must make the effort of embracing one another in our various diversities so as to keep our populism pure, uniting under the rule of law and democratic spirit, taking back the reigns of our great nation from our grassroots. I can say this because, as an ordinary American, I am committed to fighting this good fight at newamericanspring.org, for my nation and for the world which still looks upon its light.

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