The Kingsmen Movie Series– Story Idea

Would you believe that the Kingsmen movie producers are considering MY, an ordinary movie fan’s, IDEA!?


I noticed that the Kingsmen movie series seems to be developing an identifiable theme– ultra-powerful individuals and or organizations seeking to decrease the human population in a sudden and drastic way. This theme is familiar to people who are aware of the global overpopulation debate.


Solving our problems by drastically decreasing the world’s population is, of course, a clearly evil approach. What if the next Kingmen series did something mind-blowingly creative by having the powerful Kingsmen network defend the life and work of an ordinary, unknown man, the titanic opposition to whose work is unknown even to that man? The Kingsmen would defend the life and work of said man because although he is a most ordinary person in the global sea of humanity today, he is actually the next great human visionary who is developing the kernel of a global social movement which will usher humanity into a noble and bright future, one which is grass-roots-based rather than top-down-directed. Said man is also being targeted by ultra powerful forces aimed at preserving their top-down domination by holding the world back from this evolution (perhaps via a back-from-the-future effort), and the Kingsmen secret service is countering their threat to this man’s life and work via great action and battle scenes which are just out of view of the visionary himself. He must be kept in the dark about his true significance until his work has reached a launching moment when its message begins to catch on virally, at which time the Kingsmen shall openly join forces with the movement, as the peoples’ defenders.


This man and this movement: Roger Farinha and New American Spring!


Worth a try! lol…