Conspiracy Theories: The Good and the Bad

If one took to heart all one hears on the mainstream news today, one would accept that all conspiracy theories are bad. But I have another perspective. I view conspiracy theories as a social-cognitive process, which, inasmuch as it is a cognitive process, can be a healthy thing.

Human beings have learned that in order to be safe, we must allow ourselves to imagine the worst at times. We learn this lesson for survival in the wilderness of nature, and we are not altogether wrong in applying it to our social wilderness where human individuals and groups of individuals compete for survival and dominance like animals do in nature. Of course, if a person inflates his or her imagination of the worst, beyond the balance of reason, then he or she becomes neurotic and dysfunctional. A hyper nervous animal in nature will make itself easy prey, as will a hyper conspiratorial individual in society make him or herself a ridiculous spectacle and easy prey for social manipulators.

In a healthy democracy, which we DO NOT HAVE in America, by the way (see my previous blog “Why I’m Not Voting: In Protest) society will be able to handle conspiracy theories without spiraling into dysfunction such as what happened with the far right in the Capital on January 6, 2021. In our unhealthy society where the People do not have a culture of diverse and rational dialogue which is tempered by tolerance and a deep respect and value for the general will through an acceptance of the sanctity of the democratic vote (what New American Spring aims to revive) the weakened people are too susceptible to taking conspiratorial thinking too far. But in the healthier society that New American Spring hopes to bring about, conspiracy theories will be allowed to be freely expressed and evaluated as the speculative tools they are.

Because society can be complex and difficult to clearly understand, conspiracy theories are valuable as instruments for making sense of confusing times, so long as the People are not too ignorant to weigh them rationally. Just as no one of averaged rationality will build bunkers and hide from an alien conspiracy to make food of the human race, a healthy democracy will be able to deal with the speculative varieties of conspiracy theories. And just in case there are aliens of such an agenda, active on our earth today, the few “irrational” human beings who do build bunkers might just survive to repopulate the earth after the aliens have had their fill. And while I myself won’t build bunkers, if a seemingly irrational but sexy woman named Eve does have a bunker ready to go, then I will be happy to join her when the aliens begin to feast, and I will be happy to be her Adam in repopulating the earth after the aliens have departed out of indigestion.

Even I as the founder of New American Spring dabble with some conspiratorial thinking, but in the spirit of my essay here, I am offering the disclaimer that I am not boasting absolute truth with my speculations. I am only offering them as instruments to help me and others grapple with a complex world. Conspiracy theories can be fun, but I do hold that they can also be very useful. Even if they are not verbatim true, they can help point us to larger, illusive truths. Let me explain what I mean from reviewing one of the more extreme conspiracy-type points I’ve made in the past–

After the Coronavirus hit our world in January of 2020, I made a video titled “Behind the Veil.” You can find the YouTube video here: In this video I speculate that the Pandemic might not be such a random event, but might be a part of an evil agenda of pushing the human race into a hyper technological culture where we are offered immortality through giving up our natural bodies for a virtual reality encapsulation of our ego consciousness. I then characterize this as a trick that seduces us into willingly accepting Hell, since being all powerful in a fake world would soon become tired and boring, and being trapped here for eternity, we will have made our own Hell.

Now if America is full of ignorant people who will take these ideas as verbatim true and refuse vaccinations and maybe even attack scientists, then this conspiracy theory is bad. But let me explain how a healthy and intelligent American should take this video of mine:

A rational person will realize that my “conspiracy theory” teaches that death is a part of life and that it is foolish to over fear the unknown. For if we maintained on our trajectory of trying to immunize ourselves from death, we might end up in this extreme place of a virtual reality Hell. Now similarly, due to the excessive fear and rejection of the reality of death, our social leaders (representing our society) have been taking things a bit too far. Viruses and other ailments are part of our human reality which we must accept. At the same time, we are in our rights to discover medicines and treatments in our value for life itself. So the alternative is to find a rational balance between fighting the virus and accepting our mortality.

Shutting down society is overkill. It sets a precedent of governmental power which can and will be abused in the future, since no human being our group of human beings can wield power righteously. It also endangers our economic health, which only results in further weakening the People as they bear the economic brunt of the shutdown. Their rents and mortgages do not stop, for example, while their income stops. Money is borrowed from them via the government who produces the illusion of “giving” to them in stimulus packages, money they are expected to immediately distribute to the wealthy who underwrite these mortgages and rents, but money they are held accountable for paying back in future taxes. Hence the wealthy gets wealthier and more powerful and propped to wield their power unrighteous-ly in the future!

The ultimate lesson is that due to an imbalanced fear of death, the People are selling themselves into slavery. Much like how if offered immortality in a virtual world, they will be accepting Hell itself, out of the simple refusal to accept their mortality in embracing their truth as elements of a larger reality, or as creations of God. Out of their fear of the unknown!

My conspiracy theory of God and the Enemy of God and Man and a virtual reality Hell is a bit more colorful than the points made above, but if a person listened to and had some fun with my “Beyond the Veil” video, taking to heart its main point about the dangers of over fearing our mortality, that person JUST MIGHT begin to put two and two together in the real world. Now do you see how conspiracy theories can be useful, so long as they are not taken too literally?

Not to mention that if my theory is literally correct, mankind will have been forewarned. (wink)

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of world…

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