Who Do You Think You Are?

This world is infested with egos! So many individuals vying for recognition. So much of life lived on the chaotic surface when we are all natural inheritors of the very depths of the ocean.

We live by our egos when we identify with our temporal selves, that aspect of our consciousness which is shaped by our accidental circumstances. This include the privileges and disadvantages in which we were born, as much as the talents and weaknesses we have. Still, we are so much more than these. And while we literally inherit everything we have, even ourselves, yet are we set on the delusion of possessing ourselves and the world around us. We want to take credit for things we had no hand in creating. And worst, we want to strive against one another in distinguishing ourselves as the biggest thief. We aim to convince ourselves and others that we are indeed great, by our own and very hands.

I’m sure many people will ask “who do you think you are?” I’m sure many people already reflectively ask this in their hearts when I preach New American Spring.

Who is this one, single, solitary man who has no friends or coalition behind him yet still thinks that he can make a great difference in such a country as America? Who even has the delusion of changing the world!? Isn’t history and even current events not riddled with many of these megalomaniacs, gripping their “manifestos” but unleashing their guns and their bombs when their pathetic egos are rightly ignored?

All I can say is that I am not playing the game of egos, so that the potential accusations above would come from those who, in the grips of ego, are attempting to understand a plain man. The talents I have in writing and in formulating New American Spring and the weakness I have in not being socially and politically talented enough to seamlessly launch this movement come equally from God. So if God deems that my efforts might some day gain widespread recognition, or if they might quietly change the world by still making their way into the minds and hearts of those who brush with my ideas, so be it.  I am just as happy living on a mountain somewhere in peace and fellowship with God.

Between my ocean which he gave me, and His universe.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

PS: Welcome, 2021! The evil that be may have attempted to contaminate 2020, our symbolic year of perfect vision. But you are better than perfect!

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