Take Back 2020!

I feel that there is an evil mystic blowing through the air in 2020 with the specific aim of contaminating this symbolic year of our new millennia (associated with seeing clearly, truth, or reality), and that we, the human body must intentionally strike back in hope. Our world is facing death and depression through Covid-19, and our America is additionally facing darkness, division and strife in the social and political arena. Therefore I say it is time to put aside our differences and disagreements, and simply come together on the last say of the year in a social celebration intended to strike back in hope.

I propose that on December 31st, 2020, a multitude of people come together in every major city in America in symbolic celebration, an in-your-face effort to dispel all the forces of darkness which are attempting to corrupt our human future. I offer this dream and vision on behalf of New American Spring.

Please share this hope of mine far and wide…


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