Why I’m Not Voting: In Protest

I feel that it is my unique, patriotic duty not to vote in this year’s election! While it is true that every citizen of a democracy should vote as a basic civic duty, there may come times when a “democracy” is so compromised that the peoples’ vote is rendered meaningless and the only remaining alternative is a mass but one-time refusal to vote as a form of protest. Such an action would signal to the enemies of the People that the party is over, that we have awaken and are now ready to reclaim our country and our world. America’s democracy is tainted, our candidates and our two parties are inadequate, and We, The People are being played for Puppets.

While America, by the way, is a constitutional republic, we are essentially a democracy since the onus is intended to start and end with We, the People, per our very constitution.

To continue, our fiasco of a democracy started with political advertising and the influence of money in the outcomes of our elections. With so many years of such a trend, it was only inevitable that the wealthiest interests in our nation would ultimately usurp the power of the people’s vote, rendering their “democracy” a joke. This is America today, and I, Roger Farinha, as the founding visionary of New American Spring, am in a uniquely legitimate position to patriotically protest in the very act of refusing to vote. Why? Because I am replacing my democratic duty to vote with my patriotic duty to intervene for my country as best as I can in formulating the solution to our democracy’s illness. My New American Spring program aims to return the democratic power and potency to We, the People by reactivating our grass roots influence. But before I spell out the basics of this vision, let me say some more on our compromised democracy.

Our “democracy” is controlled by a two party system, both of whom have been infiltrated by moneyed interests to such an extent that whether the American citizen votes for one party’s candidate or the other’s, the American people receive the same bottom line, the continuing erosion of their true interests. We are kept distracted, for example, between two ideologies that make no difference to the bottom line, moneyed interests. If the Republicans manage to take away the pre-existing condition protection in healthcare, for instance, our healthcare providers (corporations serving the moneyed interests) will make a great deal of money by placing the burden on We, the People. But if the Democrats manage to keep the mandate and even succeed with a single payer system, our health providers will make as much money from our tax payer coffers.

Of course, they will prefer our not having pre-existing protections because it signifies the continuation of (or better yet, relapse back to) our wild west state of affairs where they are free to plunder the American people at will. While if the people manage to choose some degree of collectivist protections, we will be signaling to the moneyed powers that the days of indiscriminately feeding at the troth are over. Yet either way, We, The People will continue in our proximate financial enslavement until we truly wake up.

Our country is a top-down order, and this makes fools of the American citizens who still naively believe that our votes count for something. Therefore the more and more urgent appeals coming from our parties to vote are really aimed at perpetuating our deception rather than genuinely honoring our democratic dignity and authority, being that our voting one way or the other or not at all makes no difference to their actual interests. Poor voter turnout ALWAYS concerns the powers that be because they fear the failure of their propaganda, but they are ever more successful recently with this get-out-the-vote push, just when the American people are weakest in their actual influence. This is no coincidence!

Many of us sense this greatest truth, deep in our hearts, but to date I have not seen any meaningful attempt to address the sickness of our American democracy. Hence have I have developed the New American Spring program.

When America was historically founded as the first and truest national experiment in civil liberty and democracy, an example onto all the world, a deep value for the human being was introduced to our human species. But such a value for human dignity presupposed that our civil leaders would necessarily value the will and direction of We, the People over any elitist or top-down power or influence. Sadly, however, elitism won out in the evolution of our nation so that the People were seen as unenlightened children to be lead, rather than noble creatures to lead. Democracy was seen as a Lord of the Flies endeavor rather than an instrument for the rise of noble humanity out of the least of these.  And today we see the consequence. The disempowered and ever more compromised People have begun to act as the wayward and irrational children they were always presumed to be.

On the one hand they are desperately trying to find a hero in the flawed personality of Trump while many others are herded into tribal support of a presidential candidate in Biden who is clearly not in his full cognitive health, all because he is associated with Obama and the black vote is critical. But especially because just as the Democratic Party has conspired to install Biden as their candidate, his faculties will not mater in a puppet presidency which is really that of his party’s manipulators. What’s more, some Americans are showing their defilement in such irrationalities as Q Anon while others are manipulated into militant demonization of one another via such as Antifa on the left and white supremacist and nationalist groups on the right. And all this as the more “mainstream” of citizens keep playing the Children of Hamlin to the Pied Piper of the moneyed interests, via their dark, divide-and-conquer melodies of liberalism verses conservativism, Republicans verses Democrats.

What is saddest is that despite my spelling out this great ailment of ours so clearly and succinctly here, many American citizens will simply be unprepared to even understand this perspective, or will only react against my calling out “their side” of the disease, so deeply blinded are we still. Not to mention some will wonder if through this blog I am working for some foreign entity of disinformation, not realizing that only in a greatly weakened democracy is disinformation even possible. In a strong democracy, reason through tolerant and diverse dialogue and the higher level of common sense it gradually produces (the spirit of New American Spring) would prevail. This all leaves the poor, rational independents, few as they are, with nowhere to turn except not to partake in the mass delusion by refusing to vote, if even as a single act of protest. But I among these go one step further:

In order to address this sickness, New American Spring is attempting to introduce the truest, anti-elitist program of citizen revitalization. This program aims at reestablishing the centrality of We, the People through fostering widespread, grass-roots dialogue, civic participation and activation. As an American citizen and as the last hope of our world for a noble humanity, you owe it to yourself to find out about this vision. As its founder, I am attempting to arise as a true patriot, as a lover of America as last champion of liberty and humanity, and as servant of my fellow person as we all should be. I need fellow citizen allies, supporters, and brother and sister warriors for this good fight. Please let this be you.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…  

PS: To call attention to my program and to hopefully awaken some open minded citizens, I intend to make my rounds at my local polling places on Election Day with this sign of protest:

I will also have this essay printed for handing out. Needless to say this takes courage but every citizen must act according to his and her conscience if this country will be saved. Wish me luck in this brainwashed and highly polarized, social atmosphere.

What’s truly worst of all: Social media is sinisterly beginning to crack down on social criticism in the name of fighting foreign disinformation and I was not able to advertise my message on Facebook coming up to the election. This makes my physical presence of protest absolutely critical…

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