Chat With a Bitcoin Salesperson




How may I help you?


Nothing much…just a friendly chat


What about?


Why you sounding so rude?

Well, I can just back off if you want me to


I am at peace right now and I ask a direct and innocent question, being open to a friend but your defensiveness makes me to suspect you have some motives you know I might not like?


Not really, we could be friends, getting to know each other, i may find something interesting i would love to learn from you or you would love to learn from me which could be of advantage to us


So what caused your first noticing me and what about my profile makes you think y acquaintance might be of value to you?


Actually, I was going through your profile and i saw that you are an ambitious individual which gives me the courage in asking if you are open minded in looking at new ways of generating income, it will be some great interest to you so if i should send you some details now do you mind checking it out?


I am ambitious for public service and social improvement which is the opposite of he who is motivated by income, per se. Out of curiosity, I always wondered about bitcoins though. I think to myself, why would someone who is so motivated by money, not design a system of money in which he or she can have a skeleton key, as it were, to rob the bank at will?


That’s not true

Bitcoin is currently the fastest rising system of investment where you can get up to at least $5000 on a weekly basis


Sounds like a bitcoin Ponzi scheme to receive income by just buying in


Not really

In bitcoin mining everything you do will be done in your own secured wallet

There’s nothing to be scared of because there’s no intermediary between you and your funds neither are you sending your money to anyone


The intermediary is a technical algorithm that I certainly don’t understand, as perhaps you don’t yourself, even as a salesperson of the scheme.

Do you think the sales people of opioids knew they were destroying society, or were they just motivated by their own careers and said to themselves, “let the doctors and the government determine what opioids are?”

Bottom line is if I did not personally create the bitcoin algorithm I would not put a cent into it even if I had a cent to put. But I am a poor servant of a better world and I seek funding to do my charity work for society, far from having funds or even an interest in personal gain


Bitcoin is a form of currency just lie your normal country’s currency but in it’s digital form

All you have to do is to create a bitcoin wallet and you are the only one to have access to your wallet, a bitcoin wallet is where you store bitcoin

Bitcoin can also be a form of investment through a process called Bitcoin mining which i’m about to discuss to you

Bitcoin mining is a process by which more bitcoin are generated in bits called Satoshi. The process is aided with an ant miner hardware called Antminer S9

I can go into details for more understanding, do you mind?


You certainly have not heard or understood my messages so far. Good luck with your selling but I am not the right client…


Suffice it to say I am a skeptic about bitcoins. Even the name of the hardware that underlies the process is a bit suspicious to me. If I were a greedy computer genius who came up with an entire new currency system to feed my greed, I might have the personality to consider the unsuspecting sheep who buy into the system “ants,” in terms of their “small wits” and “insignificance” to me. And I might consider myself mining them. So “Antminer” would be a good inside joke of a name, IF I WERE OF SUCH A MENTALITY. I suppose I developed this fierce skepticism after witnessing how such personalities contributed to the 2008 financial crisis by intentionally robbing the entire global economy through their invention of a type of abstract financial instrument in mortgage derivatives and credit default swaps.

Not that I’m absolutely condemning all bit coin conversions, mind you. I only recommend common sense caution…

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