Letter to a One Percenter

November 1st, 2020 (Year of the Pandemic)

Dear One Percenter:

You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Nay, a golden spoon. You belong to such an exclusive global class that you are quite literally invisible to the other 99% of the world’s population! Whether you know it or not, the great majority of other human beings living on this planet cannot even imagine what wealth really means, a state you take for granted, as surely as you are unable to know what poverty really means. Of course you’re not at fault for being born into your condition, as the poorest and even starving human being is likewise not at fault. But you and he or she are equally human, and it is in virtue of your humanity that I address you—even if I am also but one of the 99%.  

Do not put up your guard in suspecting that I envy you or entertain feelings of jealousy toward your privilege, although how can I resist imagining what it might be like to experience your lifestyle? What human being welcomes want, or need? The sentiment I send to you in this letter, however, is one of compassion, and even fraternity. What might I have in common with you? Our humanity, of course, as I’ve said before, but what compassion would you need of me? Let me introduce to you a surely intriguing and most likely new thought in your experience:

As limited, conscious entities, experiencing life from the perspective only of our individual circumstances, human beings often lack for a more complete understanding of existence, and therefore proportionately suffer.  

My fellows of the 99% might wonder at this idea too. They might find it hard to imagine that someone of your privilege might actually suffer as a direct result of your individual circumstance, since they largely imagine that all happiness and joy comes from material abundance. The poor man often imagine that happiness comes with wealth, even as the wealthy man often suffer a kind of hidden and largely unrecognized pain for lacking solidarity with his fellow human beings. So this is why, out of compassion, I am reaching out to you—

Your and my true foundation is a common one. We both emerge out of the Great “I AM,” or the Universal Consciousness. This is a place of complete and therefore truest wealth, peace, joy, and love. We come out of our paradise and play in the field of existence for a time, as with existence, time begins. But in the field of the Universal Consciousness, which the Buddhists also call “nothingness,” we exist in unity and peace. Why then do I exert the effort to address you in the spirit of solidarity if both you and I have at our common disposal, ultimate unity and perfect fraternity when we leave our fragmented existence and return to the Common Field? Because of suffering, my friend. This fragmented existence can entail much suffering if while we are in it, we fail to realize that the greatest path we can take is that toward Love. Which is a rediscovery of our inheritance of unity, peace, and perfect fraternity in the Universal Field itself.

I love, my friend, and it is out of love that I sing my song to you. So I ask that you also suspend possible disbelief that I am addressing you out of genuine affection and not in some scheme to gain from you materially. Let me therefore begin my eulogy by alerting you to some of the potential dangers you might be facing, dangers yielding suffering, whether recognized by you or even yet unrecognized:

As an individual, your identity can take on any variety of finite qualities, so let me construct your personality in the interest of having a proper object of address. You are male. You are intelligent. And you are contemplative, examining yourself honestly in an effort to get at the real meaning of things. You are not bohemian, although you have had many years of indulgence in your material privilege, years you have already taken advantage of and you are now seeking somewhat more out of life. Let’s therefore say you are about 30 years of age. And behold, you are approached by a special group of your fellow One Percenters. Seeing your qualities just listed, including your searching nature, they deem you just ready and are soliciting your membership in an exclusive group aimed at saving the human race.

You are intrigued. Could this be your opportunity to live a more meaningful life? What then do they propose?

They stand for the widespread social end of all inequality among the 99%. They advocate for an end of racism, sexism, ethnic conflict, etc. And they are even working toward a certain kind of solution to the social separation and conflicts linked to class. Indeed, they see that those among the 99% who resist their neo-liberal agenda of unity, whether in virtue of resenting the equality of “others” in race or gender or any other denominator (Donald Trump supporters, for example); they see that these “conservative” others are resisting nevertheless and ultimately out of class self-interest, but that such resistance is only futile in that it serves only to divide the 99% and weaken the social field for their (1%er) top-down domination.

Through their ownership of Hollywood, the dominant entertainment producer and cultural influencer in our world, they are more and more featuring minority stars in order to affect the social norm, despite the backlash of white-privilege sentiment in the hearts of many Americans who are rightly too ashamed to speak out. Your One Percenter brethren are even presently encouraging Black Lives Matter through a tacit endorsement of protest via their corporate symbolism and cultural compliance. They are promoting the political correctness of feminism through the Me Too movement and are pushing for more women politicians. Although they were dismayed somewhat by the failure of Hilary Clinton to win the presidency in America, even as they successfully deployed their powers of political persuasiveness (borrowed from years of consumer and political advertising research) to help the first black man into the presidency.

They are even working toward peace in the Middle East, although they are less enthusiastic about Africa at the moment, being somewhat unable to easily identify with a skin color not like their own. But they are nevertheless tackling this Middle Eastern tinderbox of historical, ethnic conflict, focusing on the Israel-Palestine region, since they have a stronghold in Israel from which to pivot. Not that I am proclaiming some specifically Israeli conspiracy, mind you. This is not my intent in enumerating this mere aspect of their identity, I’m sure you well know.

Now, my One Percenter friend, I must say that I am not personally against any of these social aims. For from the perspective of Love, how can any action toward unity be blamable? What concerns me more, dear brother, is their top-down approach to class neutralization (save their own, of course) and the great worldwide suffering it will inevitably engender.

You see, they are in love with their delusions of grandeur. They have all thoroughly fallen into the temptation of believing that their manifest “privilege” makes them the proper saviors of the world. Lacking, as they do, the humility to realize that their position is as much a product of chance as that of the poorest human being, born into hunger, famine, and disease. They refuse to accept their inheritance is largely accidental via the chance of birth. Or in the case of self-made success, is largely accidental via the hand of fate, whether from their arbitrary inheritance of entrepreneurial and other personal talent, or from the normal scattering of opportunity outside of any man’s power. For of a multitude of children having been randomly allocated goods and talents and having the nature to compete among one another, would not some of these children invariably rise to the top? And if all are great fools, shall there nevertheless be some lesser fools? Most likely those having been allocated the most, at the start, regardless of their true and inner greatness? Therefore my first caution to you, my One Percenter friend, is to guard yourself against such delusions.

You might now pose to me the question, “why should I even bother about delusions of grandeur if the work being done is good? Should not women lead an equal and dignified life? Should not the different races find social equality and opportunity? Would not peace in the Middle East, this great geography of dysfunction on our globe, offer our human race a new beginning place for some final, international fraternity?” Again, as a man of Love I would answer “yes, yes, and yes.” But as a man of wisdom, given me, by the way, as much as in chance as you inherited or earned your material wealth through randomly allocated talent and opportunity, I will alert you to another and most important truth: Ultimate human flourishing, success, and glory can never be attained via the leadership of any one person or segment of humanity, but must arise out of the universal empowerment of all individuals in practical, social unity.  

The reason for this truth comes back, again, to the reality of the Unified Field or the Great “I Am,” touched upon above, from Which all things and persons emerge into existence, so let me reiterate. At the foundation of all existing things, including beings (among whom are human beings), is nothingness. Nothingness is basically no-thingness, or no-thing-as-only-itself. But because a thing can exist and is therefore real, no-thingness, in its foundational place in reality, is actually one-thingness, or every-thingness in purity. Purity moreover, in virtue of unity.

To put this in another way: at the foundation of all things is nothingness, within which every-thingness reside in purity and unity. Something coming from nothing (Creation) is therefore merely the emergence into existence of a piece of the Everything, out of the reality or power of the Everything within the Nothing. Focus, my friend, as these contemplations will bear much fruit of understanding—

Now a being is one kind of the “things” we speak of. A self-conscious thing, to be exact. So a being, including a human being, has an ultimate identity as a unifiable part of all other beings, as all things are unified in the Great “I Am.” What this all amounts to is, every human being is a piece of a divine puzzle who has as his and her underlying truth (or who is destined for) unity with all other human beings in peace and purity, in eternity. This is our true and common origin AND birthright. Yet because every human being is a piece of the puzzle, he and she can NEVER be properly understood or represented by any other piece or pieces of the puzzle, no matter how “privileged” this other or others seem. This is why you and your One Percenter kin can never effectively lead or save the human race. Wherefore, if you truly want to work toward a real flourishing of humanity, you will need to adopt another type of social-political program for human salvation.

First and foremost, this program must be democratic at its heart, and I’m sure you see by now why. Because every human being, from “most” to “least,” is a legitimate and equal piece of the puzzle of a Unified Humanity, no human being can properly stand in for any other. Second, this program must be enlightened. That is to say, every individual of this best world must be equally educated and aware of his and her true social position, in every way. There cannot be an “elite” class that properly represents the rest, simply because each piece of the human puzzle can only understand reality from the perspective of its limited identity. Wherefore every piece of the puzzle or every human being needs to be able to stand up for him and herself in representing his and her true interests in society.

Democratic, Enlightened and Empowered Civil Liberty is the formula, but how can we ever get there in a world of such desperation and even in an America dedicated to these ideals but whose people are decimated by wealth inequality and social ignorance and unconscious, political disenfranchisement? This then is where you come in, if you really want to be a champion of your race. Find and support, philanthropically and otherwise, a program of human citizenship, one which fortifies the individual in Civil Liberty and Social Education. Civil Liberty so that in his and her freedom of social choice (requiring greater wealth equality, by the way, in direct opposition to your One-Percentership), he and she can properly represent him and herself as an authentic piece of the puzzle of a Unified Humanity. And Social Education to enable him and her to choose properly, or as Thomas Jefferson says, “With a wholesome discretion.” A social education, by the way, not dictated again from any central or elitist position of “scholarship,” but forged in genuine grass-roots dialogue, under the principle, again, that each individual possesses a legitimate piece of the truth.

Then sit back and watch our great and noble humanity emerge via this selfsame program at www.newamericanspring.org!

Returning now to your individual condition of life, my One Percenter colleague, let me end my letter of love and hope and invitation with some final considerations. Look now closely at your One Percenter kin belonging to the group soliciting your membership. See how they have decided to dominate the rest of the 99% out of a hyper sense of power and privilege and delusion of grandeur. See how they welcome the new technological methods of social control via the infringement on all individual privacy, in order to intercept and squash all inevitable protest against their final, Fascist solution. A solution they justify because of its “benevolent” ends, yet one nevertheless aimed at permanently securing their ultimate “privilege.” See how they are pessimistic about the prospects of human redemption and have, in their own existential despair for failing to experience the love and fraternity of their lesser 99%, wholly given themselves over to a dark delight in power and control. And see how with great social power they are growing ever more corrupt and wicked, unable to check their darkest and basest desires as they plunge into greater and greater, moral bankruptcy.

I know you have witnessed how their use of the dark talents for blackmail in Jeffery Epstein, in helping their international agenda, has ultimately backfired because of Epstein’s “excesses.” Yet how they still made use of him as an example of what becomes of any potential fellow dissenter to their aims when they threw him to the dogs of what they see as “self-righteous” justice. And I know you have personally wondered whether your kin is actually partially responsible for allowing the release of the Coronavirus into the world in their urgent desire (against global warming and overpopulation) to culminate such power and control. For it is clear to you via your own curious eyewitness of One Percenter fraternity that they, being the inheritors of the ends of capitalism, are really bosom buddies with other billionaire members of the Chinese Community Party. The inheritors of Communism and those who have curiously allowed the escape of the Pandemic.

The truth of the matter, however, is that your suspicions need not be justified for our solution to be true.

Do not therefore give into the darkness, my friend, even if you might encounter disinheritance. Come and help me bring the light. Let us choose, through our mutual Free Wills, to identify with the Great “I AM,” Who is the unity of all humanity in Love.

So that when we enter the Universal Plane, we shall wear crowns of glory for having prevailed against the evil tides of disunity and the cause of all unnecessary human suffering on this Great Stage, this physical plane of existence…

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World!

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