Love, or Suicide

I must confess that I am intimately acquainted with the age old, existential crisis, the haunting question of whether my life has meaning or value or purpose. Like a shadowy hobgoblin, it crouches just beyond my routine life and invades in moments of weariness.

Like the rest of the whole world, I sustain my ego with the shallow hope for personal “success.” The poor man says in his heart, “I will be happy when I am rich.” The rich man says, “I will be happy when I am richer.” And the richest man most miserably says, “sure happiness is absolute power to dominate all the rest.” But no man is wise enough to realize that ego and self-centeredness is the poison pit at the center of our tainted beings.

Egos pursuing “success” only ends in self-destruction or suicide, the final realization that self is itself is the problem, yet having nowhere to turn but upon itself. The self snare of mankind! And love, yes love, is the remedy. To give love is to revive the soul, for in love we preserve the good kernel of our selfhood as we deny the fallacy of autonomy.

We must learn from the failures of our recent celebrity suicides. I will learn at least. Today, I have set myself to seeking out with a magnifying glass, opportunities for love. Why with a magnifying glass? Because when we have grown accustomed to the lens of the Ego for our soul’s perception, its atrophying action on our awareness necessitates much aid in basic seeing.

For if we could only see clearly, LOVE in actuality abounds…


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