Your Fareed Zakaria Interview

Dear Mr. Bannon:


I saw your interview tonight with Fareed Zakaria regarding the Trump agenda and your populist stance, and I wanted to get a very important message to you.


You alluded to how if Senator Sanders had been more insistent, he might have given Trump a harder run for his money, and I agree, being one of Sanders’ supporters. I am also a proud populist, albeit one who explicitly emphasizes the DIVERSITY of America.


The point of my comment here, however, is regarding your alluding to the Five Star Movement of young populists in Italy, and how you foresee such an evolution of American populism. I adamantly agree. Why? Because I propose to you that I represent the very future essence an conscience of this movement. It is called New American Spring!


Please consider getting in touch with me and I will happily help you get this revitalization (a more accurate term than “revolution”) going…


Mr. Roger Farinha, Founder

The New American Spring Social Curriculum



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