Children With Power

Do we give power drills, electrical saws, or nuclear suitcases with red buttons to children? As absurd as these questions are, I would like to propose that whenever we allow individual human beings to wield any degree of unchecked or absolute power over others, we invite catastrophizes as serious as what might result from mindless parenting. Yet in the case of our human interactions with one another, we are no more than a Lord of the Flies community of children, ourselves.

Bill O’Reilley, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Charley Rose, and many other yet unknown persons of former influence dot our contemporary landscape in example. So as not to fall under the illusion that abuse of power is an exclusively male weakness, however, we might also consider the abuses of the Democratic Party against the Sanders’ presidential candidacy on behalf of Hilary Clinton, and I’m sure there are many more examples of women in power abuses. Why? Because moral fortitude is a fundamentally human challenge.

No one is intrinsically holy!

I say it is high time that we begin to think of ourselves honestly as human beings. Morality is essentially learned through checks and balances. This is why we are in need of a truly democratic world, so that we might each check one another. Yet not in a spirt of vengeance or finger pointing, but in a spirit of we-are-all-striving-children. How wonderful a world we can see if we only humbled ourselves in our collective, human family.


Originally posted in the Daytona Beach News-Journal Newspaper’s Opinion Section, Sunday, May 6th…

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