My “Moth” Podcast Pitch


I am a first-generation immigrant who legally came to this country at 10 years of age and was promptly naturalized through the efforts of my father. I have a deep appreciation for this country as a land of immigrants, and I have an even deeper appreciation for what I understand to be the “American Experiment” in history. This experiment is our national calling to champion what I would term “practical democracy and the rule of law” in our world today. This national mission is absolutely special and sacred for all of humankind and the fate of our “better world” is resting squarely on America’s back. My intention in life, through my educational preparation afforded through the American student loan program, is to become a central fighter in this great cause.

In this age of our American experience where Trump represents a rise of some of our less noble sentiments as a nation, I am here to take a stand as an immigrant and true American. I will make it my life’s mission to remind America of its special significance as a nation of plurality and to do my best to initiate a movement of populist unity through my social justice vision at…


Hey I’m a first generation immigrant who desperately feels that America is beginning to forget its identity as a nation of immigrants.

When I was in school I learned about “The American Experiment.” I learned about the ideals under which our nation was founded and I was introduced to our great and foundational thinkers like Thomas Jefferson, to special admirers of our new country like Alexis de Tocqueville, and to wonderful poets like Emma Lazarus who wrote the famous lines beginning with “Give me your tired, your poor…”

One of the special things about America which I am so grateful for is its sheer generosity. While I was, by social inheritance, just another one of these tired, these poor, these huddled masses who yearning to breathe free, this did not prevent my acquiring a very good education. Through our student loan program, I was able to gain my Bachelors in the History of Modern Philosophy, a higher liberal arts Master’s degree and most recently, my Masters Certificate in nonprofit leadership. I pursued these degrees because I simply wanted to blossom, to become myself with no specific plans for what will become of me once I attained my identity.

After gaining this education I embarked on a rambling and soul searching lifestyle. With the foundation of my liberal education, I simply wanted to explore my America and my fellow Americans, as they were, outside of academia. I wanted to see the real world. So I became a big-rig truck driver, going about my country and interviewing my fellow Americans in imitation of my favorite philosopher, Socrates, who interviewed his fellow, ancient Athenians.

What came out of this life experience of mine was my book “The Socratic Trucker,” and my final realization of my true calling in life. In these years of Trump, many of my fellow Americans are forgetting our nation’s special calling to showcase to all the world that a rule of the common people is not just a futile idea which is destined for shame and failure on the national stage. Our nation is meant to prove the glory of the common man and in so doing the true glory of humanity.

As an immigrant and someone of the most common background who benefited from America’s mission, I am here to remind my country of that mission and to help advance our final triumph as a nation through my New American Spring movement for a revitalized people.

This is my story.



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