A Movement of Practical Love?

Is it possible to find anyone today who is audacious (or naïve) enough to envision an actual movement of peoples, according to a scheme of practical love? Our world has always been a dog-eat-dog environment. Human beings have emerged from a harsh state of nature where species compete for survival, and even among our human species, we have learned to coagulate into interest groups in competition against one another. This is the underlying source of all discrimination, of all “inhumanity.” Human separations and conflicts have always sprung from our survivalist instinct, and the “alien” nature of any practical scheme of love will certainly find immediate resistance by our survivalist impulse, making it almost laughable.

So this is the immediate attitude such an impossible movement will face, on its face.

Now if all there was to our human species is our physical natures, I suppose the case would be closed as soon as it was foolishly opened, but as I have begun to unwrap in my previous blogs (i.e., “Life of the World” and “Love is Scarce?”) there is another and equally valid dimension of human experience—a spiritual dimension where love is as endemic as competition is ubiquitous on this physical plane. And this fact makes all the difference.

So what might a practical scheme of love look like? The first thing we need to clarify is the nature of love itself:

The essential characteristic of love is self-giving or serving, and not necessarily the touchy-feely sentiment. Interestingly, this is the polar opposite of self-interest or selfishness, the natural attitude which underpins our human, survivalist instinct. And for sure, in an environment where resources is scarce, human nature will invariably revert to its survivalist foundation. Survival is, after all, the first and foremost mandate. For if no one survived in this world, in whom might love manifest? So it would seem that the first and operational condition for any realistic or practical scheme of love is an environment in which everyone’s survival needs are stably met.

Now since we all know that this social condition is nowhere to be found on our earth today, have our silly thought experiment come to its swift and obvious end? Neither of the two competing world systems of our times, communism or capitalism, offer people an assured sense of survival. For people in the communist system are too worried about its untenability and looming collapse, while people in the capitalist system, no matter how much wealth they accumulate, are always in fear of loosing their money. How therefore can people, in mass, be convinced to give of themselves and serve one another when they themselves do not feel secure in their own survival?

Christianity seems to have taken up this gauntlet in challenging humanity to practical love with its call for faith. “While you might not obviously see the benefits of giving,” it preaches, “give still.” And what’s more, it challenges people to give not for other tangible benefits such as social status or ego credit, which might ultimately convey other materialistic returns to the “investor.” It downplays the gesture of those who “give out of their abundance” by celebrating the widow who gave “out of her need,” and it even challenges people to “give in secret” (Mark 12: 41-44 and Matthew 6:4). Clearly this line of reasoning relies on trust in another and hidden “economy” of reality. Jesus seems to be suggesting that there is a spiritual realm and system which is so hard to perceive by human beings that it requires faith. Faith then is the means through which human beings can transcend their survivalist instinct to establish a practical movement of Love on this earth.

So what am I saying, in the end? In proposing that we citizens of America embark upon some brazenly idealistic, practical scheme of love, am I only ultimately calling for a mass, Christian movement? I’m not prepared to say so, actually. Why? Because I feel that the traditional and historical “Christian” phenomena contains social aspects which I feel are not only unproven, but which are deeply steeped in many of the more negative expressions of our survivalist nature itself. Let me elaborate on two of the biggest examples:

Perhaps one of the greatest superfluities of Christianity is its prudish take on human sexuality. Monogamy is not only not natural, but it is even not necessarily spiritual. For while human love certainly can take on a monogamous expression, it can also be polyamorous–and just as spiritual as such. What is more spiritual than to love as the Creator loves? And must the Creator have a mate, or does It perhaps love all peoples? Why then can’t one individual human being love multiple others, from a spiritual point of view—even up to and including sexual expression?

Maybe the exception of demanding a monogamous love among human beings is due to dynamics attached to our physicality. If we consider the issue closely, it seems that monogamy is demanded mainly for social stability. The cultural expectation of romantic exclusivity seems to be a convenient way to avoid the negative and ultimately socially disruptive emotions of jealousy and even possessiveness, particularly the violence they may entail. But should a spiritual system bow to the power of negative human emotions, or shouldn’t it attempt to transcend even these?

Perhaps, secondarily, romantic exclusivity can make the family unit simpler and easier to maintain. Children can have a single and stable set of parents, and the family can more easily maintain economic integrity—all towards the conservation of this most basic, social unit. Fair enough. But even if society prefers the biological family as its foundation, cannot the adult partners (even if parents) also encounter other adult partners romantically? Such radical expression can only occur if society challenges itself in encouraging the fullest expression of human sexuality and the complete possibilities of spiritual love.

This variety of human expression can be a bold challenge to partners to enter into the very deepest possibilities of relationship due to the radical openness and trust it demands. The self learning and spiritual growth deriving from such an expression can be profound, and only the most fortified couples should approach it. Unlike those who might foolishly attempt to experiment with this expression out of mere and shallow, sexual indulgence (and therefore should never have married, or should divorce if one or the other wishes to resume indulgence in sexual variety and the relationship is incapable of this accommodation).

I mention this most extreme expression of love in order to drive home how socially radical is this new awakening that I am proposing, and certainly this level of maturity will not even be remotely expected for participation in the movement. I for one do not presently engage in this expression, offering its example only in illustration of the profound level of open-mindedness and social courage which must be possessed by any who would so radically challenge themselves. And while I am also fully aware that my merely mentioning such a radical example will immediately place a social stigma on myself in the eyes of those who cower in traditionalism, I do appreciate how my own courage in so standing out should appropriately set the example as herald for a bold, new society. Etcetera, etcetera.

So couldn’t we mature to such a level of acceptance? Or is humanity ultimately and totally incapable of finding a successful and adequate expression of its fullest dynamics?

This same kind of reasoning, by the way, applies to the varieties of human sexuality. For why cannot any mature and consenting adult love any other mature and consenting adult? Why must love have artificial boundaries? I frankly believe that our society has reached a point where the fullest dynamics of human sexuality can be successfully expressed, and I even feel that such a more open acceptance of complete human expression can foster greater spirituality itself.

Another archaic demand of traditional Christianity is its insistence on doctrine. Why must everyone believe in certain truths? This aspect of Christianity relates to the shameful hypocrisy of “religion” in general. Traditional religion can become so absurd that it can direct people to kill in the name of God, murder in the name of love. So if our society will move on from this antiquated momentum of intolerance, it will also have to accept and encourage ideological diversity. Diversity of ideas, beliefs, and theologies even. Why can’t human society mature to this level?

Intolerance, by the way, is ultimately steeped in our more primitive, survivalist instinct again. For when our society was in a closer struggle for survival against nature, allowing homosexual expressions of human sexuality, for example, seemed obviously dangerous when it would lead to a reduction in child bearing, seen as absolutely critical for species survival. But when our society has progressed to a level of general affluence, human nature naturally craves full expression, and there is nothing spiritually wrong with this liberating impulse. Even ideological intolerance has a more primitive origin, in that when society again more desperately vied against nature for survival, too much social variety was seen as dangerous in hampering the cohesion necessary for the struggle of the species.

Yet even as society developed to a degree of greater affluence and success against nature, darker or lesser souls sitting often in places of power (as described in my previous blog “Love is Scarce?”) used our human impulse of intolerance to pit social groups against one another, in order to maintain their class dominance (old money and ancient power-structured groups). This is the main vein of the general human struggle for social justice today, and one group-consciousness exists today which might pose the most stubborn resistance to social democratization in America and Europe (as exemplified in Brexit and Trump)–those who still adhere to the concept of white dominance. I don’t think our world has seen the end of white supremacy, but eventually, I feel that all social groups will inevitably see the greater benefits of accepting the idea of one humanity.

If in nature, species diversity and diversity of ecosystems result in a great and splendid display of life, why can’t such a similar display of “creative expression” happen among the human species, socially? For we are just as spiritual as we are evolutionary beings. Nor am I suggesting that the traditional or even orthodox Christian expression be rejected or discriminated against in any way, as an aspect of our new awakening. If Christians feel that they are in possession of the truth, the way, and the life–lets call it, after Jesus’ words– then a new system of human expression that excludes them would be gravely detrimental to society. So I say let the Embrace of Diversity demanded of this new social expression accept all human varieties, including the traditional religious–if they are capable of such tolerance, that is. We should never get to a point where we close our minds off from any variety that claims rationality (seriousness) and does not itself discriminate or harm any other.

So might our new society allow not only sexual variety, but varieties of ideas and world views and systems– all alongside one another in a splendid show of human colorfulness!

I suppose you are now beginning to see what a mass and practical scheme of love can look like, without the many handicaps of tradition, or the (spiritually cowardly) fear that humanity cannot openly and rationally deal with its own complexities. Succinctly put, this movement would call humanity to live to its fullest expression. It will challenge human beings to foremost believe that they can, but then to boldly proceed in working out a complete and TOTAL expression of human richness.

So heck yea this vision is bold, and courageous to the point of madness, some might accuse! But I say why not? If by living as we are right now, we are in real danger of annihilating our species off the very face of this blue-green earth, then why not take the plunge in fully believing in and gambling on ourselves as human beings? If even for once in our so far desperate, cosmic existence?

This is the spirit of the movement I am envisioning under the title CITIZENS ACTIVATED, and I am hoping to start its first branch, right here in Deltona, Florida. This will be a FULLY HUMAN movement, a movement of PRACTICAL LOVE, and a movement for REVITALIZING AMERICA and our world. We shall be a new society of all these things, while we are also PLUGGED INTO THE REAL ISSUES OF OUR MUNICIPALITY in our role as FULLY MATURE CITIZENS.

For sure, the details of this new, social expression, such as how to serve one another in the face of those who might come only to be served, or how to successfully express our full and human dynamics without plunging into conflict and chaos–these particulars will have to be worked out democratically, where they will at the same time be tested. And if this movement takes shape beyond the vision of one man, we will also have to collectively face the backlash of the majority in our society who adhere to “traditional or religious” values, values which are ultimately steeped in a deep seated, self-hatred for human nature. But what a grand and bold experiment!

Let those who have the required BALLS or OVARIES take up the gauntlet with me…

New American Spring!

Embrace Diversity, and Come, Let us Reason Together…

Love is Scarce?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the near death experience by now. Many people have encountered clinical death, a physiological point at which, according to medical science, the body is essentially dead. No measurable brain activity, no heartbeat, etc. But what is most surprising is their apparently experiencing a continuation of consciousness, an enhanced awareness even, where they are able to see their own bodies and hear what’s going on around them—and most strangely, across the world itself! This phenomenon suggests that we are conscious, spiritual beings, and spirits not limited by time and space can be very expansive.

While many people might be impressed by the enhanced capabilities of consciousness upon clinical death, I am however most intrigued by the universal account of experiencing Love, a pure and unconditional love. Simply because I am struck by how scarce love seem to be on this planet—on this physical plane, let’s call it. The picture then presents itself to me that what is so limited here is so abundant there. Could it really be!? So, taking this idea to its fullest expression, let me come up with a new way of looking at reality, one which might actually prove useful in our real and practical world. Behold the argument–

We might first posit a Creator for two essential reasons. One, because we are all aware of our limited natures, that we did not create the world in which we exist. And two, even after we have attained the greater consciousness that accompanies the apparent shedding of our bodies via near death experiences, no one having such an experience ever recounts the realization that their greater, conscious selves are actually the Creator. This amounts to the notion that we are created beings, spiritual or immaterial points of awareness which seem to be attached to a body on this physical plane, a body through which we experience a limited reality. It would be reasonable to also propose that the love we experience after clinical death, since most experiencers report feeling themselves the objects thereof, most likely emanates from the Entity who created us. Fair enough?

Now a very natural and obvious question arises: why then is love so scarce on this physical plane? If when we shed this body we are immediately in the presence of a grand and unconditional love, why is it so hard to experience this love here? Why is love like a hidden pearl in this world, a buried treasure? And if our Creator is right here, just behind the veil of our consciousness, why is it so hard to have spiritual experiences or tastes of It’s love, much less an obvious assurance of Its existence itself, while we are in the body? If I attempt to think through the answers to these questions, a very peculiar but particular picture of reality emerges:

Regarding the nature of this physical world, it would appear that we are living on a frontier land, a cosmic Wild, Wild West. That is, what if while we are spiritual beings who exist primarily in a spiritual world, our consciousness of our true, spiritual nature is overwhelmed or overpowered by the weight of our physical selves, the body and the brain? Our bodies being our attachment point to this physical dimension of reality, and our brains, the mediator between our “awareness” nature and this physical plane itself? The picture then emerges of more expansive, spiritual beings, squeezed into very heavy and narrow focal points in order to experience a raw and unrefined plane of existence. Raw and unrefined because this physical world is lacking in the first (and obviously most refined thing) we seem to experience when we leave it—LOVE.

To offer another analogy of what I’m saying, consider an artist. He or she lives in a world of form, which he and she takes for granted. But not actually, because in virtue of being an artist, he and she feels the inspiration, the pull to actually create his and her own form. The artist feels the calling to challenge him and herself to co-create. And behold, before him and her lies a formless and heavy piece of clay. So the artist enters into the clay and begins to lend it form. This then is how we might imagine our souls (our immaterial consciousness) entering into the body and world.

The body can be conceived of as a piece of clay to our souls, ready to be shaped in spiritual ways. Which is why I posit that this physical plane is like a frontier land—undeveloped and ready to be “civilized” or shaped. Shaped through the spiritual works of the body, as directed by our non-corporeal selves. The “form” which the artists sees all around him and her in the physical dimension can then be likened to the “love” which the soul sees all around itself in the spiritual world. Wherefore we can imagine that the soul is here to challenge itself to create expressions of “love” in this physical world, that which it experiences cheaply (or abundantly) in the spiritual world.

Succinctly put, we are in this world because we are here to forge our own works of art. But what about those who do bad things, not according to love, but usury or exploitation of their fellows? This question leads to an additional thought, that depending on the lightness or darkness of our souls, the art we forge on the canvas of this world can either be further expressions of love, in emulation of our Creator’s love so abundantly experienced in the spiritual world; or expressions of hate, competition, and greed— in emulation of a possible anti-Creator.

Incidentally, this idea can possibly explain what Jesus was purported to have said: “Jesus gave them this answer: ‘Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does’” (John 5: 16). Could Jesus be referring to his soul witnessing the works of the Father, spiritually? And again, this might explain what he was saying to his enemies: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). Here we are introduced to the notion of “spiritual inspiration.”

Because I’m not really trying to make this blog a Christian sermon, however, let me carry on with my exercise of logic on the idea that we are possible spiritual beings, incarnated as artists (or workers) into a physical universe which is as loveless to our spiritual natures as a piece of clay is formless to the artist–

But lo, this summary of our progress in reasoning naturally leads to the original question of this essay: Is love (really) scarce? I suppose we might now say that the answer is yes and no. Love is apparently cheap, which is to say, in great abundance in the spiritual realm. But love is also very rare, almost like the most hidden of treasures in this physical realm. But this leads to the next and most obvious question: does it have to be?

What if we decided to consciously become the artists we were incarnated here to become? Can we, in mass, create multiple and various works of love in this world–as I am demonstrating my own work of art in this essay? To those who might have a more evil, spiritual father (or inspiration) I’m sure I won’t have to ask or challenge you to show anything. Because perhaps you’re already having a field day here, in a frontier-land universe which is equally malleable to your darker creations and where consequences to evil actions (justice) may take longer to manifest.

This probably explains the inspiration with which I awoke yesterday morning, impelling me to write the following post on my New American Spring Facebook Page:

How much longer will we allow,

The parasitic powers that be,

To Martyr our profits,

Who call only for unity?

We came from our greater selves,

Into this frontier land,

Only to wear social shackles,

Forged by lesser souls.

From an ocean of love we came,

Where we swim and drink at will,

So why can’t we not see,

That by invoking this love,

Into our hearts and souls,

And onto this unrefined earth—


We might break these shackles still?

Because I am a worker for social justice (perhaps my life’s art-of-love) I suppose I naturally had to end my blog with a call for social action. What I intended to say in this post is that the social shackles of poverty, competition, greed, injustice, inhumanity—they are all the works of art of lesser souls! Souls that are having a field day on this frontier plane– especially because they probably come from a spiritual universe which is darker and harsher. I have heard it recounted, for example, that some people do have hellish near-death experiences but they rarely tell the story– perhaps understandably. Probably because they are actively placing their fellow human beings in bondage on this earth, as they work out the truth of their own villainy. Much like evil artists sculpting hideous images of a gargoyles in clay, in representing their own souls. Enslaver gargoyles holding the mass of humanity in bondage via social-structural violence.

I however believe that most human beings come from an Ocean of Love, the pasture of the Creator, and that we are finding it hard to incarnate that love in ourselves and in this world only because of the heavy weight of the body and the forgetfulness (or blank slate) of the brain.

This reminds me of another inspiration I shared on my Personal Facebook Page on May 16th of this year:

Against the heavy weight of my physicality

My spirituality

Is submerged.

And how shall

My ephemeral soul


By longing,

By desiring,

By pining.



Perhaps we can break through our heavy physicality and forgetfulness by merely longing for truth, so I feel I am not being unrealistic in encouraging each and every one of us to arise and remember:

Show me your works of art, of love, my fellow human beings! Let us emulate our Creator, saying: “Here, Father. Here are our own, co-creations, our unique rendering of love in a loveless world. For we see what You do in the intimate depths of our hearts, and we wish to align with You in multiplying your good works. Let Thy Kingdom Come on Earth, as It is in Heaven!”

And if we all did so, according to the true numbers of our souls of light, might we not actually succeed in breaking all the various, social shackles of darkness, wrought by the children of the Evil one? On this very earth plane and not only in the spiritual world (Heaven)? Should we even have to wait for a Creator to save us, finally, when we are most likely here to condition this world for, perhaps, His welcomed habitation?

Bob Marley may have scolded the preacher man for trying to say that “heaven is under the earth” because, apparently, he did not know “what life is really worth.” But is standing up for our own life interests (rights) the sole and only reason to take the work of social justice into our hands? Or could the greater reason for taking bold responsibility for truth and justice in this world be in advancing our universe, as best we can and in affectionate gratitude as Children of Light, for the very coming of our Creator’s kingdom of Love? What’s more, if we truly stand for love, can we ever be violent, like so many of the religious blind who kill in the name of God?

What is most new about New American Spring is the final and culminating realization that in merely embracing one another across all our lines of differences, in the name of LOVE, we will at the same time dissolve all the bonds of division and social inequality which the parasitic powers that be work to instill and sustain in us–divisions in virtue of which they maintain their domination. And when this movement begins, will not our true oppressors clearly reveal themselves in coming against the undeniable goodness of our awakening?

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

The Moralistic Obstacle

Because I am an American citizen who dares to put my neck on the chopping block in stepping up as a hopeful builder towards a new healing of the spirit of political and social division so rampant in our nation today, I am understandably tentative. The opponents of change, or the defenders of the status quo, invariably use the moralistic weapon against “upstart, social saviors.” This first obstacle to meaningful change is due to the operation of ego among human beings. Most people allow themselves to be defined by their individual and accidental circumstances in life, i.e., their sex, their race, their socio-economic status, etc. In so allowing their self-identity or egos to be shaped by outside forces, they submit themselves to social control and often lack the vision and courage to step above the crowd, neither seeing nor believing in such a better world as to attempt to do something about it.

Therefore when one among them seeks to raise his or her voice, their first question is: “Who do you think you are?” Many people feel that if they themselves did not step up to lead, what would make a seemingly ordinary fellow among them so special? “They are not special!” is often the first impulse in the hearts of the indoctrinated, but their second impulse is the more destructive as they begin to seek out evidence and arguments against the character of the aspiring, social changer. They often even deceive themselves into believing that their persecution is out of moral zeal or righteousness. “Is he or she really worthy to lead,” average people will ask in the face of their own, chosen mediocrity, “or is she or he just another wolf or worse yet, some deviant seeking to assert him or herself?” This kind of rivalry, which is ultimately a spiritual lack of generosity, can even begin in the family, working its way outward into society, and true social changers are often first a stranger among their very kin.

“He replied to him, ‘Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?’ Pointing to his disciples, he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother’” (Mathew 12: 48-50).

Fearing the inevitable crucible of public scrutiny, the thought occurs to me that if I were as sinless or as perfect as Jesus, I would not have anything to worry about. But I realize, in the second breath, what am I thinking? Jesus was so badly thought of among many of his countrymen that he is quoted to have said: “A prophet is never accepted in his own hometown” (Luke 4:24). And wasn’t he literally put to death in the most torturous of ways? And when he was finally out of the way, wasn’t it then that he was painted as such a perfect man that he was God? So I suppose if Jesus himself would not have been able to make any changes, had he depended on public opinion to gird himself for his work, I might also be better off in simply going full steam ahead and letting history similarly judge me for my fruits.

Not that I’m putting myself on the level of Jesus, mind you. I’m only using an extreme example. Especially because I can be rather playfully mischievous at times.

My hometown is Deltona, Florida, and my country is the United States of America. So when the enemies of change or the avengers of ego decide to unleash their scrutiny of, or accusations against me, here is where I will first stand. But the thought also occurs to me, why don’t I try and get ahead of this first battle by revealing my potential weaknesses now? Seeing that I am only human, and as such, I am a mixture of the good and even the questionable; and seeing that in being accepting of this truth, I am not afraid to be vulnerable, why don’t I voluntarily give my potential enemies the fodder against me that they might eventually dig up? So that the sooner the battle against my character is fought, the quicker I might be able to get at my hopeful, social contribution? Not to mention that in openly analyzing my potential weaknesses, might I not have something to teach my fellows?

This then is why I’m writing this blog post.

I think all of my potential weaknesses stem from one central one: when I was a teenager, I did not have the normal impulse to “fit in.” I had a deep seated sense of personal heroism, an expectation that I will meaningfully influence my world, which I’ve come to appreciate is a very singular journey. As a result, all my life I have been struggling with, at worst, the impression of being socially strange. And I have been struggling with being misunderstood and with personal feelings of isolation. My refusal to compromise who I am in order to fit in, during my childhood, translates into a different way of seeing my society in adulthood. No doubt, this is the source of my unique vision at NewAmericanSpring.Org. If I had socialized normally and accepted the artificial parameters of an ego identity shaped by my environment, I might not have been able to believe in a radical new hope for my society and my humanity. This kind of thinking might have been impossible for me, which is probably why my personal crusade is so isolating and up-hill today, in the context of a normally socialized society.

I am not of course strictly alone in my personality choice of resisting peer pressure to socialize. There are a certain percentage of individuals in society who make similar choices. But what becomes of them in adulthood varies. For this depends on their spiritual composition, what is in their souls. If they are good, then they might become social changers for the good via an admittedly unlikely, public success (my hope). Or if not publicly, then hopefully at least as quiet and unsung stones leading to larger and larger ripples of social good– even when less heroic but better socialized people (like an Edison), taking advantage of the isolation of innovative lone wolves (such as a Tessler), might endeavor to squash, steal or co-opt their ideas.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a philosophical personality who might also have been one of these social, lone wolves, since he understood so intimately the frustration and temptation that can accompany this most terrible choice. He illustrates this in his beautifully written chapter, “The Tree on the Hill,” in his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra: Zarathustra I:8. The Tree on the Hill (holtof.com) Nietzsche might have however taken a darker turn in light of the aforementioned feelings of marginalization and isolation attached to being an ideological loan wolf, causing him to become an inspiration to other evil personalities. I have heard it said, for example, that Adolf Hitler was influenced and inspired by Nietzsche. Still, I am confident enough in the goodness of my own soul as never to think that I might have such a terrible influence on society, or history.

But now I think I might be going off on a tangent, so let me get back to my main point about the moralistic obstacle all social innovators face:

I can see where there is socially discoverable evidence of this “differentness” of mine which can be negatively interpreted, and can therefore potentially be used by my social opponents. Especially those who harbor what I know to be an ultimately vain, “moralistic” attitude, a human-progress-defeating expectation that any and all social leaders be first deemed saints.

The biggest example of “this dude is a questionable, don’t join his cause” is illustrated in my comedy Swiped to the Left: the Dating Fails of a Contemporary Caveman. While I make it clear in my book that my writing is a comedy, a self-parody and a social satire on the dating phenomenon, the level at which I make fun of myself is almost over-the-top. The “teenagers” of society, that is, the adults who still partake in a kind of juvenile game of popularity and normality and “looser” shaming, will no doubt look at some of the contents of this book of mine and attempt to paint me as perhaps a chauvinist or sexist, a potential homophobe, a narcissist, or possibly even the worst of deviants. Yet ultimately towards accusing me in some way for my differentness.

I can only reiterate that this is a comedy, meant to demonstrate that we human beings should never take ourselves so seriously as not to be able to laugh at ourselves and each other. The laughing at each other is the more sensitive part in society today, I must however admit, since there are genuinely mean people among us and political correctness is in fact somewhat called for. But when I make fun of others in my comedy, I am doing so with the courage of believing that my readers will eventually see that my will is ultimately good. That I really love my fellow person, and that my sense of humor is just that. Our American society is far from safely being able to laugh at each other today, in a true spirit of love and communal fraternity. If we were able to do so, there would be no such thing as serious, social divisions. So in making fun of myself and other people in my comedy, in the genuine spirit of love and humility, I may be setting this very precedent, in a sort of way. Wow! First time I thought about this.

Even in my more serious book, The Socratic Trucker: An American Memoir, I make fun of myself in the “Interlude” chapter as I also make harmless fun of different kinds of people over the CB radio. I have a bit of a dry sense of humor where I often insert comedy in the midst of seriousness (while maintaining a serious face) as a way of prodding people to discover humor even in the most unexpected places. Yet strangely also as a way of expressing my love. My comedy is often exaggeration. I introduce such an over-the-top thought or idea or scenario that its interpretation (in my mind) can only be that I am being funny. Especially since its untrue, alternative interpretation is either that I am a most terrible person, the weirdest of weirdos or simply nuts. Many of my (self-dubbed) “trash posts” in my very neighborhood of Deltona, via the Facebook group, DELTONA GOSSIP AND COMPLAINTS, also illustrate this side of my personality. And while I’m sure there will be many people of the less spiritually generous or of the obstructionist spirit in this community who will decide to interpret my behavior negatively, even to the point of disparaging my attempts to organize a serious group, I am content to let truth be.

If of course there were only unprogressive people in society, nothing hopeful would ever get going. But fortunately, there are people of better psychologies as well. Those who are honest enough to recognize what is hopeful, and humble and courageous enough to join the good fight. And while the greater majority of people are not so heroic as to join what they might see as an underdog cause, preferring instead to wait until they feel a movement will be successful (and so steal the illusion of “success” for themselves), there are definite numbers of people who are actually capable of trail blazing. These are whom I seek as partners, as fellow warriors of hope, and I do honestly think that most human beings are really truly capable of such nobility.

Bottom line is: I love people, and I love myself. I can be irreverent and downright vulgar at times, but never seriously, and definitely many good “Christians” will shy away from my personality as such. In fact, I had often asked myself, before broadcasting any of my more audacious thoughts and ideas, whether I might after all be shooting myself in the foot as a potential, public personality. But I immediately realize, again in the second breath, that censoring myself in any substantive way (and one’s sense of humor is the most substantive) is a sure destruction of any authenticity on my part, of any truth looking back at me in the mirror– and therefore of my ultimate, moral caliber. Strange to say that being one’s “less correct” self can actually be moral. But I audaciously believe it is possible to get my fellow Americans to a similar place where we can love ourselves and each other, even openly in the face of our individual eccentricities, and unconditionally. To a state where we can miraculously even be able to laugh at ourselves and each other. Not in bad spirit, but because we are so renewed as to be downright exuberant in our newfound fraternity.

Now whether this dream makes me a weirdo or stupidly naïve or even nuts for trying, I suppose only time will tell…

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

Life of the World

What is prophesy? Is it a glimpse into the inevitable future, or is it a deeply intuitive perception by some who are uniquely called, to the effect that if society continues on its present trajectory, such and such will inevitably unfold? I say the latter. And this is why I am offering a counter point to my last essay, “Death of the world.” In this second message of mine, I will offer an alternative interpretation of human nature and attempt to trace a more hopeful, possible future for humanity, if we can only change our vision. Hence my slogan for New American Spring: “Revolution of Vision…”

In my last essay, I used Biblical imagery and concepts to both interpret our present, global situation, and to trace its terrible trajectory. My message in “Death of the World” can be summarized in the following way: Because human beings are essentially selfish, society will inevitably and repeatedly find itself in a state of polarized or centralized power, and because those holding power are as selfish as the general masses (most likely even more so in their audacity to power), they will take their selfishness to destructive extremes when unchecked. Hence because human nature is basically selfish, society will always destroy itself in a never ending cycle, and because we are now in a global civilization, we are headed for a global, self-destruction, or a biblical “Armageddon” of sorts. But let me now offer an alternative interpretation of this supposed “selfishness” in human nature. An interpretation which might lead the way to a more hopeful, alternative future, if only we can adopt this new, self-understanding.

What if what can be interpreted as human selfishness is no more than a misguided progressiveness?

Rather than saying that people are selfish, let’s say that we are rather progressive. That is, we are in a continual state of seeking to become greater. When we acquire one set of accomplishments, we soon become unsatisfied, and we continue to seek more and greater things. As you can see, the word progressive is much more palatable than the word selfish. So why are some forms of human progressiveness clearly negative and destructive, so much so that we are moved to call them selfish, with all the ugly connotations entailed?  

Good and noble, human progressiveness becomes ugly and ignoble selfishness when such progressiveness is interpreted materialistically rather than spiritually. That is, if my progressive expression as a human being is to become richer and richer, the inevitable result of this is my contributing to a social state of resource inequality and the consequent suffering of those whom I outcompeted. I am no more than a dog who desires to be bigger and bigger by snapping up the greater portion of giblets. But what if I decided to become a better and better human being rather than a bigger and bigger dog? Dogs know only of material things like food, but humans know of spiritual things like art and solidarity and poetry, and love. If society therefore simply changed its recognized paths of human progressiveness from that of materialistic accomplishment, to spiritual transcendence, we might find that we are now in a state of competing to serve one another and making human life glorious, rather than hording away common resources from one another like so many animals who know nothing more than the materialistic.

Another way of understanding this new thought is that human society is still caught up in what can be termed the survivalist mentality. Because we have always been in a state of exertion against nature for the sake of survival, we naturally adopted a materialistic progressiveness as a means of successful survival. Since we are all challenged to survive, the hero among us became he and she who survive the best in accumulating the greatest amount of material resources. The problem, however, is that once a person accumulates enough to securely survive, he and she then begins, in pursuing more, to deny the rest of his and her society a fair share of what ought to be common resources–if society will be a noble one, that is, and not an exaggerated state of brutishness. Unfortunately, however, our present society remains animalistic under a capitalistic system which is steeped in an obsolete, survivalist value. To the ugly effect that billionaires compete like dogs for the greatest heap of giblets (money), trading in portions of it to fly to space while many others starve in our global society. One such billionaire even had the blind audacity to thank his worker dogs for contributing to his heap, whereby he could fly to space and create a new “industry” for top dogs.

Socialism and communism, on the other hand, while their ideals are nobler in the sense of understanding that resources should be common, invariably fail to produce a materially flourishing society. Even Russia and China had to introduce free enterprise and some form of private property in order to start seeing economic growth because the survivalist mentality which is deeply embedded in human nature demanded a material interpretation of human progressiveness. So capitalism won out in the competition for human progressiveness, leading to the ridiculous spectacle just mentioned. The ultimate problem, however, is the fact that society cannot yet appreciate a new form of human progressivism, one more appropriate to our technological state of triumph against nature for survival. A new form of human heroism not tied to material accumulation, but to humanistic achievement.

This therefore is what my New American Spring vision is all about. I am challenging our society to reinterpret human progressiveness from materialistic accomplishment to spiritual transcendence. Human beings are both animal and angel, so why would we choose to side with our animal natures? Animals who gather in great numbers and endeavor to compete in animal fashion will inevitably pull each other down like so many crabs in a heap, making it impossible to maintain a stable society. But if those animals became self-aware enough to change their progressive impulse from a materialistic object which is finite, to a spiritual object which is infinite, then each and every one of them will be able to enjoy a long and eternal and progressive life. A life, moreover, that elevates the whole instead of bringing down the whole. But what can this specifically mean for, say, America?

No doubt, with society largely interpreting human progressiveness materialistically, the world will inevitably continue in a similar and terrible trajectory laid out in my previous essay. But this does not mean that a remnant of “awakened” individuals cannot, in the midst of the madness, come together to demonstrate the alternative, hopefully igniting a new and global movement of shining humanity. To appreciate this new possibility, I encourage my readers to look over the entirety of my social visionary website at www.newamericanspring.org. Then, if they find themselves desiring to know more, they may request the full concept papers by emailing me at founder@newamericanspring.org. By examining these resources, interested parties will be able to awaken to the new possibilities of our world. But let me simply paint a picture of the better alternative to human history if the New American Spring movement really takes hold:

Out of America We, The People have finally awakened to the true meaning of our calling. We have come together in true solidarity, an embrace of one another across all our lines of differences, no longer operating as closed minded animals. And we are now all able to succeed in life because success is redefined by the extent to which we individually contribute to general human richness and nobility, rather than the extent to which we outcompete one another materialistically. Our lives become the Light on the Hill that it was always prophesied to be, not shining from an island called Atlantis this time around, but gleaming amidst the blind. And it ignites all the rest of the world.

If my last blog abysmally pessimistic, then this counterpoint had to be supremely hopeful. Humanity is indeed glorious!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

Death of the World

Our present civilization is driven by consumption on steroids. Under the systematic, resource extraction of our dominant, capitalistic system, human beings are like a multitude of ravenous worms in an apple, the earth. The communist or socialist option resulted in economic stagnation because they depend on a sustained human altruism which is unnatural to the majority of human beings (Children of Cain, i.e. Am I my brother’s keeper?). To each according to his or her needs and from each according to his or her ability is not a productive formula among a selfish species because no individual is motivated to work to his or her full ability if he or she cannot see a direct gain for him or herself, resulting in systemically less for each according to his or her needs. Capitalism, by contrast, has plugged into our innate human selfishness via the profit motive to power its engine of resource exploitation, reaching a point where we are threatening the very earth we live on, and I can see why some members of our human race who sit on top of governmental power might want to take drastic measures to seize enough control to change our global direction for the imagined salvation of us all.

Among a selfish species, there will be various factions of people, and multiple interest groups of various kinds. Each will fight for its own, and if all are sustained by a capitalistic system of resource consumption, one can see how difficult it will be for widespread or worldwide cooperation. What faction will not fight cutting back if this goes against its survival interest? For example, with America weakened by capitalistic compromise, to the extent that businesses have grown so bold as to lobby the government for interests which may go directly against the welfare of the people, if the Western United States is in severe drought, so much so that without the elimination of ALL agricultural usage of water, the rest of the population will eventually have no water to sustain itself, and all the West will have to relocate to a flooded east, do you think that the agricultural faction will still not fight to the bitter end? And while they fight, might we not come to a tipping point of no return, when all the West is certainly compromised?

Apply the same logic to the potential truth of global warming.

The bottom line is, if our world is to survive, we must see the rise of a central power, a governing body having the ability to dictate global changes. But this, of course, will go against liberty, democracy, and even national sovereignty. This is a nightmare scenario for all lovers of freedom. But how else can we deal with the herding of cats necessary to save our world? How else can a multitude of self-interested and downright selfish human beings see salvation? 

Some might be surprised to hear me say that our present global crisis is greatly due to the abysmal failure of America. America was founded on the greatest principles possible among our human race. The idea that the world might see the success of bottom-up self-direction, a triumph of We, The People, was the greatest ambition in history. Since forever, human beings have always depended on centralized or top-down control, and since forever, such power entities, from kings to oligarchies to theocracies to dictators—have always grown corrupt and destructive to the very people they are charged to shepherd. For no human being is righteous enough to lead. And while America was founded on this pivotal wisdom, developing a system of checks and balances to curtail centralized power, we have nonetheless seen our system corrupted slowly through capitalistic excesses in inordinate corporate influence, democratic corruption via the political ad system in direct opposition to citizen education and fortification, and the generally self-interested “representatives” who find it not in their long term, career interest to counter any of these degenerative forces.

These leaders refused to lead selflessly enough to educate the American populace in the fundamental and widespread way for wise, self-direction, as Thomas Jefferson advised: “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” But neither did the American voters themselves embrace unity and solidarity. The traditional American Middle Class, feeling entitled to this nation, remained complacent in their sense of privilege (Archie Bunker’s US verses THEM) as the political ad system purported to target their “interests” for their votes. They saw minorities and new immigrants as merely to be tolerated or assimilated into the great Melting Pot, and it was only inevitable that with the American base not acting in solidarity, money would ultimately polarize as the rich get richer, served by the political ad system.

Today, this polarization has gotten to the point where a centralization of anti-populist power in America (an essential oligarchy) is beginning to more acutely erode white, middle-class America’s fundamental interests, and many are now looking for a savior in Trump. But way too late.  

If the American People had been able to act in universal, grassroots solidarity and selflessness (in the true spirit of We, The People) they would most certainly have set a precedent and shining example to the rest of the world, inspiring the general masses worldwide to come together in rational solidarity to avert global deterioration. They would not have tolerated, moreover, their CIA’s disingenuous and destructive interference internationally, in the name of democracy, but in the true interest of advancing a covert power structure and building an economic stronghold for an exclusive and richest American group. Creating, what’s worse, a growing, worldwide image of America as the biggest historical, international hypocrite and manipulator.

Therefore We, The People, by tolerating such a degeneration of our precious gift of liberty and the ultimate corruption of our shining democratic republic, have consequently demonstrated that the human mass are indeed but children, incapable of leading ourselves. We must therefore re-invite the global tyrant. The failure of America has proven that the world cannot lead itself democratically or from the bottom up and our entire earth will sink if we do not find central leadership. So we are literally calling out for devils again, but in this global case, perhaps for the Devil himself.

Central leaders will prove themselves tyrants and the central leader will show himself the Devil. This is the inevitable truth, it seems, from how human history has proceeded thus far. But why?

Perhaps the answer lies in our Creator and we must first ask ourselves, who designed us? God seems to have made us literally like sheep, as needing a Shepherd. Sheep, as you know, are a dumb animal when it comes to self-leadership. Who knows where the genius of sheep lie but it certainly doesn’t seem to consist in seeing the bigger picture. Wolves seem to see the bigger picture and perhaps this is why all of our leaders eventually become wolves. But why in the world would a Creator make us to be so inept? Here is where some might say that it is because we were made to be shepherded by God Himself. And apparently, a human being was born who is claimed to be God incarnated and therefore the righteous and rightful Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is one option, but I have my suspicions that another option is soon to present itself on this earth, as inevitably as we so rejected this loving Lord as to crucify Him.

What if there is indeed an enemy of God and man named Satan who is like a ravenous lion, desiring only to rampage among the sheep, killing, stealing and destroying? While humanity was not unified into one great, global herd, could this Satan not have had his pleasure in corrupting all the various “leaders” who have arisen among us, which is why power always corrupts? But Seeing how humanity has now gotten to the point of herding on the global level, and seeing how our sheep-like stupidity is making us incapable of leading ourselves away from the cliff of global catastrophe, might this Satan not naturally concoct some inevitable plot to step into that final leadership role, perhaps the famed “Anti-Christ,” just in order to oversee the greatest destruction yet? And what’s more, in the hilariously wicked promise of averting global, environmental disaster? 

So humanity’s greed and stupidity is compromising the very earth it rides on, as the indiscriminate and ravenous eating of green grass might lay waste the pasture of the great, sheep herd, right under their very feet. And here comes the wolf saying:

Oh my dear little ones! I am your Creator who made you and love you. We are the Anunnaki who came to your planet so many millennia ago, who seeded you from our own DNA. We are whom you originally knew as your gods, and we have returned to save your planet.

Knowing that humanity is vain indeed, would not this Satan use the very “vocabulary” of humanity’s most proud accomplishment, technology, to weave his deception? And as for the spectacle of the kind of ultimate betrayal and destruction this anti-Christ can wield, I will not even try to concoct. For while I have a great imagination, I think I’d have to be truly dark hearted to approach the truth.

But let’s return to our global predicament, and perhaps paint the pathway to this Anti-Christ’s arrival.

In the name of averting global destruction, a small group of people, perhaps a consortium of old money billionaires constituting the shadowy, upper ranks of secret societies or some such, have decided to act most decisively to seize global control. They feel that they are smarter than the averaged sheep, of a better caliber than the averaged human, as some sheep might feel themselves naturally superior for having stumbled upon greener patches of grass than the rest. Nevertheless, the wolf comes and whispers in their ears:

You better ones must lead the rest of your herd from disaster, even if this kind of decisive action requires you to put aside your sheepish “morality” in so doing. Since your technology has given you great and insidious control over the masses, from surveillance to behavioral manipulation to bio-weapons, why don’t you start by whittling down the ravenous and wayward population? In the beginning, those who are already sick and are most a drag on resources. Introduce a Coronavirus via an autocratic nation-state and culture such as China, in order to make it virtually impossible for journalists to get at the truth, exposing your international power structure and thwarting our plans. A virus which will mutate continually, taking more of the sheep by degrees with each new variant, as predicted by your GainOfFunction research, from which you chose this particularly perfect type of virus. And as the population is made more manageable, you will simultaneously see a transfer of all the wealth of the world as they purchase your vaccines via their accumulated resources through their various “governments.”

Disarmed by the idea that they are receiving “free” vaccines, they will never suspect that once you call in their bills via their “governments,” they will dearly pay via your structural enforcements. Your Great 2030 Reset whereby the surviving masses will “own nothing yet find themselves happy.”

Wealthier nations will of course be the first to purchase your vaccines at premium prices and you will have to put poorer nations second and last, but that fits right in the plan, since these poorer nations will be the perfect petri dishes for mutations, which will eventually trigger the need for updated vaccines and booster shots for all. Not to mention that the wealthier nations are the fattest prize for your wealth grab. And as for the poorer nations, you can perhaps get away with forcing them to put their military assets up as collateral in your global, power grab, even if you delay as much as you want in making your vaccines available. For what options do any of them have? You will exercise the leverage of leverages as lords over life and death.

Some sheep will of course resist, even in some numbers, but you and I know that once you have the balls to open up the Pandora’s Box of a virus of attrition, all other resistance would be futile. Those who refuse to take your vaccines will simply suffer and die sooner, and you can blame them for hurting the rest in being petri dishes for mutations. While those who accept your vaccines will buy only some time as they give you their wealth and treasure– until the next variant, as coronaviruses tend to behave. And if a great number begin to foolishly refuse your expanding control and many of them still live, you can simply launch cyber-attacks and other fatal distractions, blaming it on various nefarious sheep, knocking out their power grids and see how fast they will come around when they are worried about their more immediate survival. Even limited nuclear exchanges are not out of the question as a means of herding the dissidents. Simply manufacture charges via your “mainstream media” pawns against various and nefarious nation-state “enemies,” such perhaps as North Korea. Against whom you will purport having no choice in attacking and in light of whose retaliation the sheep will cower under your “protections.”

For as you know, wealth is power. And when enough power is accumulated in your hands, you will introduce me, your true God and master, to rule over the entire herd.

And so might the great Wolfe, the Anti-Christ, possibly prepare the world for his coming. I got to admit. Clever plan, no? But the best is yet to come.

For then will the spaceships arrive, shimmering among our angry, white clouds, churning violently because of global warming. And then will the Anunnaki exit their crafts, tall and beautiful and noble, the outward shells of demons, saying:

We have returned, our beloved brethren. We have returned to remind you of your noble origins. That you are gods. That you have no need of a dead savior calling himself Christ.

They might perhaps even claim that Jesus was one of their own, incarnated remotely to begin the process of guidance. And perhaps Satan himself might exit the mother ship with nail marks on his hands and feet. Who knows? But either way, they will probably succeed in deceiving the whole world, our great sheep herd. Baa.

Or is it possible that all the world can, in this moment, just humble ourselves, altogether, and cry out to God, our true Creator, for salvation? An option miraculously called for, perhaps, by a popular billionaire, instead of vain and asinine races to space? A mass, global prayer event?


Crucify it,

Crucify it,

Crucify that idea!

Why Global Power?

It should be clear to anyone who has any insight into the spirit of the times, that a global power grab is underway. But why does a small group of people want global power?

Do they feel that democracy worldwide would slow the speed of the global reaction necessary to avert worldwide disasters, such as global warming and catastrophic climate change? Or are their warnings against these things merely another arm of their universal power grab? Do they feel that with human nature being essentially selfish, a decentralized, democratic power structure would only keep us in the muck of our own, ignoble misery?

Sensing the spirit of the times, the only claim I can make, since I am not in the mix of the highest social manipulators, I really do feel that Gain-of-Function research, the research that MADE Coronavirus infectious to the human race, was intentionally used as a means to accelerate the power grab by this small group of global usurpers. Under the ridiculous pretense of making non human-infectious viruses infectious to humans in order to find a cure ahead of time, they ultimately made a harmless virus infectious to the human race and launched a global pandemic. But I say they were not so stupid (except for some stupidly naïve scientists like Anthony Fauci) as to do this inadvertently. They knew that by making the world dependent on their vaccines, they will greatly accelerate their global domination.

Case in point the many abusive vaccine deals made between the manufactures of vaccines and otherwise independent and sovereign countries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zoSSHx9QtA

And all the while they are making a mockery of the American People who were raised up in the hope that their nation was the beacon of democracy for all the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR7nJutI5iI As in the days of Kingly Power, only the Royal Fool, or the comedian, is sharp enough and probably safe enough to tell the truth.

As I write, I am fighting the third onset of back to back colds, after taking my full two dose of vaccines. My triglycerides are suddenly through the roof, causing my doctor to warn me against pancreatitis. My blood sugar is also suddenly out of control. As a result, I see that I am prescribed name brand pharmaceuticals, making me even more dependent on this industry. So in my body I am also bearing the burden of those who would grab global power.

And again I ask, to what end?

These issues are so big one might say they are Biblical. So the craziest speculation I can come up with is that these global manipulators are preparing the world for an anti-Christ stand against God. To be a true stand, all the human race must stand together, like in the days of the Tower of Babel. So they are seeking to bring all the world into compliance.

Hopefully this is just another one of the nutty conspiracies out there, but as I wrote in my earlier blog about conspiracies, there is a social cognitive benefit to even the wildest. But if I am, per chance, right, I can only pray: May the Children of God endure successfully, to the merciful end!

PS: A good educational source about GainofFunction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0nuyPQzU18

My Midlife Crisis: A Candid Confession

Yea I expect to live to 100, so my upcoming 50th birthday this July seems to me the coming of mid-age. And this has gotten me noticeably more depressed. When I study what it means to have a mid-life crisis, I realize that this stage in our lives is the point where we feel that we ought to have accomplished such and such, but that here we are, and how we have failed! Not to mention that since the mid-life crisis is such a commonly known phenomena, we are ever more reminded of our ordinariness.

So where did I think I ought to have been at this point? This is the most sensitive part of us. It lays bare to others what we deeply wish, in our innermost hearts. It reveals the child in us as it unveils the hopes we forged as a child, and it is almost embarrassing to confess because we feel like a giant adult child failure. No?

Still, I’ll confess to all of you, here and now, what I hoped to be as a successful adult. Why not? I realize, and perhaps you can also say, that this is one of the more substantial accomplishments of my adulthood—if I can admit to any in my present funk. I know that truth and honesty and sincerity is good, regardless of whether you kids in the playground tease me for it. But it now seems even to me that I am taking too long to reveal my deepest dreams and ambitions, as if beating around the bush, so here goes:

By 50 I expected to be a well-educated and wise leader of peoples, with an almost global platform. I never dreamed of military power or riches or fame per se. I just envisioned myself much like a Jesus, a Martin Luther King, or a Mahatma Gandhi—without having to make their ultimate sacrifices, for sure.

Of course you must forgive my childhood audacity of dreaming myself on the level of these great men.

I also dreamt that I would have a link to God, and that I would be like a great storyteller, bringing spiritual treasures to a confused world. I dreamt that people would surround me, and see me for my light, and love me as I love them. I dreamt that I would bring a new kind of system of living, of seeing, that would transform the world into a joyful place of wisdom, nobility, intelligence, generosity, and love. And that this would unleash the gods in all of us, shining lights of new stars igniting in flesh to add to the gleam of the universe. So when I was a kid I could dream, I suppose.

This dream of dreams lead me to pursue a liberal arts education just for the sake of education. Because I did not desire for material things, per se, I did not tie education to money. I just saw it as a way to help enlighten me toward such a great leadership. That perhaps my degrees might prove my worth to be heard. But here I am with a Bachelors and two Masters and no status tied to them. And here I am, an almost 50 year old, burdened with student debt and awkward with my fellow person, completely misunderstood and almost totally invisible, attempting to connect on social media (yet lost in this great sea of egos) but still stubbornly hoping to see a better world through my vision at www.newamericanspring.org. Although seemingly totally washed up in terms of success at any of these things.  

And so today I have to ask God: if I am not destined to succeed as I dreamed, then what is the best life I can live, for sure?

It comes back to me that I might still be able to do the smallest kernel of what I dreamed if I can draw closer to God, developing a connection where I can go to be revived, drawing energy to bring good things to my loved ones. I hope to be a loving and nurturing father to Sierra, my one child whom I do not discount for her mere singleness, inasmuch as in her, all the beauty of all the youth of all the world gleams for me. Why o why do some require many children, I often think to myself. Is not one enough to see the face of God Himself? And I can be a faithful and true husband to Jennie. And I can be a patient and serving brother and son to my larger family. And…and…and…

Do I think I can ever have the ability to be these things if I do not first find that vital connection with God, whose riches stand right behind the window of my limited sight, behind the horizon of my very awareness? I’m too grown up to believe that.

All the world is confused. All the world is parched. Viruses are perhaps being designed by misguided billionaire groups seeking to save the world by decreasing the population, while concentrating their power through unprecedented transfers of wealth. Convinced that their accidental circumstances in life somehow prove their caliber to be the new designers of hell on earth. Too proud to pay taxes in America toward the elevation of all, and racing to outdo each other’s innovative ego’s in a race to space–as if thy are the only ones entitled to human heroic accomplishments. Our world is locked in an age old system of hierarchical power, whether religious or economic, and no one ever seems to get the one truth of truths, that concentrated power always results in the corruption of those holding it, and the ultimate destruction of the whole–like a child wielding a nuclear weapon. If I might truly accomplish anything in life, if God allows, then let me find that connection with God, showing humanity that this is the only way out of our darkness. Not a connection that only I am privy to, but a lesson, that the light of God is right before our multitude of eyes, if we might only humble ourselves to seek it out. And not toward some new lordship of ME, but toward a true and final empowerment of all, though such as the vision at NewAmericanSpring.Org.

So crash! And let if fold. My childhood dream is now replaced with a grown up one. I just want to find God, and let the rest find itself…

PS: If you prefer to laugh about some of the heavier issues I brought up here, then you might find this video entertaining: https://youtu.be/bEQcyIGH_vQ

Conspiracy Theories: The Good and the Bad

If one took to heart all one hears on the mainstream news today, one would accept that all conspiracy theories are bad. But I have another perspective. I view conspiracy theories as a social-cognitive process, which, inasmuch as it is a cognitive process, can be a healthy thing.

Human beings have learned that in order to be safe, we must allow ourselves to imagine the worst at times. We learn this lesson for survival in the wilderness of nature, and we are not altogether wrong in applying it to our social wilderness where human individuals and groups of individuals compete for survival and dominance like animals do in nature. Of course, if a person inflates his or her imagination of the worst, beyond the balance of reason, then he or she becomes neurotic and dysfunctional. A hyper nervous animal in nature will make itself easy prey, as will a hyper conspiratorial individual in society make him or herself a ridiculous spectacle and easy prey for social manipulators.

In a healthy democracy, which we DO NOT HAVE in America, by the way (see my previous blog “Why I’m Not Voting: In Protest) society will be able to handle conspiracy theories without spiraling into dysfunction such as what happened with the far right in the Capital on January 6, 2021. In our unhealthy society where the People do not have a culture of diverse and rational dialogue which is tempered by tolerance and a deep respect and value for the general will through an acceptance of the sanctity of the democratic vote (what New American Spring aims to revive) the weakened people are too susceptible to taking conspiratorial thinking too far. But in the healthier society that New American Spring hopes to bring about, conspiracy theories will be allowed to be freely expressed and evaluated as the speculative tools they are.

Because society can be complex and difficult to clearly understand, conspiracy theories are valuable as instruments for making sense of confusing times, so long as the People are not too ignorant to weigh them rationally. Just as no one of averaged rationality will build bunkers and hide from an alien conspiracy to make food of the human race, a healthy democracy will be able to deal with the speculative varieties of conspiracy theories. And just in case there are aliens of such an agenda, active on our earth today, the few “irrational” human beings who do build bunkers might just survive to repopulate the earth after the aliens have had their fill. And while I myself won’t build bunkers, if a seemingly irrational but sexy woman named Eve does have a bunker ready to go, then I will be happy to join her when the aliens begin to feast, and I will be happy to be her Adam in repopulating the earth after the aliens have departed out of indigestion.

Even I as the founder of New American Spring dabble with some conspiratorial thinking, but in the spirit of my essay here, I am offering the disclaimer that I am not boasting absolute truth with my speculations. I am only offering them as instruments to help me and others grapple with a complex world. Conspiracy theories can be fun, but I do hold that they can also be very useful. Even if they are not verbatim true, they can help point us to larger, illusive truths. Let me explain what I mean from reviewing one of the more extreme conspiracy-type points I’ve made in the past–

After the Coronavirus hit our world in January of 2020, I made a video titled “Behind the Veil.” You can find the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwR70XVZpVQ. In this video I speculate that the Pandemic might not be such a random event, but might be a part of an evil agenda of pushing the human race into a hyper technological culture where we are offered immortality through giving up our natural bodies for a virtual reality encapsulation of our ego consciousness. I then characterize this as a trick that seduces us into willingly accepting Hell, since being all powerful in a fake world would soon become tired and boring, and being trapped here for eternity, we will have made our own Hell.

Now if America is full of ignorant people who will take these ideas as verbatim true and refuse vaccinations and maybe even attack scientists, then this conspiracy theory is bad. But let me explain how a healthy and intelligent American should take this video of mine:

A rational person will realize that my “conspiracy theory” teaches that death is a part of life and that it is foolish to over fear the unknown. For if we maintained on our trajectory of trying to immunize ourselves from death, we might end up in this extreme place of a virtual reality Hell. Now similarly, due to the excessive fear and rejection of the reality of death, our social leaders (representing our society) have been taking things a bit too far. Viruses and other ailments are part of our human reality which we must accept. At the same time, we are in our rights to discover medicines and treatments in our value for life itself. So the alternative is to find a rational balance between fighting the virus and accepting our mortality.

Shutting down society is overkill. It sets a precedent of governmental power which can and will be abused in the future, since no human being our group of human beings can wield power righteously. It also endangers our economic health, which only results in further weakening the People as they bear the economic brunt of the shutdown. Their rents and mortgages do not stop, for example, while their income stops. Money is borrowed from them via the government who produces the illusion of “giving” to them in stimulus packages, money they are expected to immediately distribute to the wealthy who underwrite these mortgages and rents, but money they are held accountable for paying back in future taxes. Hence the wealthy gets wealthier and more powerful and propped to wield their power unrighteous-ly in the future!

The ultimate lesson is that due to an imbalanced fear of death, the People are selling themselves into slavery. Much like how if offered immortality in a virtual world, they will be accepting Hell itself, out of the simple refusal to accept their mortality in embracing their truth as elements of a larger reality, or as creations of God. Out of their fear of the unknown!

My conspiracy theory of God and the Enemy of God and Man and a virtual reality Hell is a bit more colorful than the points made above, but if a person listened to and had some fun with my “Beyond the Veil” video, taking to heart its main point about the dangers of over fearing our mortality, that person JUST MIGHT begin to put two and two together in the real world. Now do you see how conspiracy theories can be useful, so long as they are not taken too literally?

Not to mention that if my theory is literally correct, mankind will have been forewarned. (wink)

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of world…

Who Do You Think You Are?

This world is infested with egos! So many individuals vying for recognition. So much of life lived on the chaotic surface when we are all natural inheritors of the very depths of the ocean.

We live by our egos when we identify with our temporal selves, that aspect of our consciousness which is shaped by our accidental circumstances. This include the privileges and disadvantages in which we were born, as much as the talents and weaknesses we have. Still, we are so much more than these. And while we literally inherit everything we have, even ourselves, yet are we set on the delusion of possessing ourselves and the world around us. We want to take credit for things we had no hand in creating. And worst, we want to strive against one another in distinguishing ourselves as the biggest thief. We aim to convince ourselves and others that we are indeed great, by our own and very hands.

I’m sure many people will ask “who do you think you are?” I’m sure many people already reflectively ask this in their hearts when I preach New American Spring.

Who is this one, single, solitary man who has no friends or coalition behind him yet still thinks that he can make a great difference in such a country as America? Who even has the delusion of changing the world!? Isn’t history and even current events not riddled with many of these megalomaniacs, gripping their “manifestos” but unleashing their guns and their bombs when their pathetic egos are rightly ignored?

All I can say is that I am not playing the game of egos, so that the potential accusations above would come from those who, in the grips of ego, are attempting to understand a plain man. The talents I have in writing and in formulating New American Spring and the weakness I have in not being socially and politically talented enough to seamlessly launch this movement come equally from God. So if God deems that my efforts might some day gain widespread recognition, or if they might quietly change the world by still making their way into the minds and hearts of those who brush with my ideas, so be it.  I am just as happy living on a mountain somewhere in peace and fellowship with God.

Between my ocean which he gave me, and His universe.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

PS: Welcome, 2021! The evil that be may have attempted to contaminate 2020, our symbolic year of perfect vision. But you are better than perfect!

Take Back 2020!

I feel that there is an evil mystic blowing through the air in 2020 with the specific aim of contaminating this symbolic year of our new millennia (associated with seeing clearly, truth, or reality), and that we, the human body must intentionally strike back in hope. Our world is facing death and depression through Covid-19, and our America is additionally facing darkness, division and strife in the social and political arena. Therefore I say it is time to put aside our differences and disagreements, and simply come together on the last say of the year in a social celebration intended to strike back in hope.

I propose that on December 31st, 2020, a multitude of people come together in every major city in America in symbolic celebration, an in-your-face effort to dispel all the forces of darkness which are attempting to corrupt our human future. I offer this dream and vision on behalf of New American Spring.

Please share this hope of mine far and wide…