Conspiracy Theories: The Good and the Bad

If one took to heart all one hears on the mainstream news today, one would accept that all conspiracy theories are bad. But I have another perspective. I view conspiracy theories as a social-cognitive process, which, inasmuch as it is a cognitive process, can be a healthy thing.

Human beings have learned that in order to be safe, we must allow ourselves to imagine the worst at times. We learn this lesson for survival in the wilderness of nature, and we are not altogether wrong in applying it to our social wilderness where human individuals and groups of individuals compete for survival and dominance like animals do in nature. Of course, if a person inflates his or her imagination of the worst, beyond the balance of reason, then he or she becomes neurotic and dysfunctional. A hyper nervous animal in nature will make itself easy prey, as will a hyper conspiratorial individual in society make him or herself a ridiculous spectacle and easy prey for social manipulators.

In a healthy democracy, which we DO NOT HAVE in America, by the way (see my previous blog “Why I’m Not Voting: In Protest) society will be able to handle conspiracy theories without spiraling into dysfunction such as what happened with the far right in the Capital on January 6, 2021. In our unhealthy society where the People do not have a culture of diverse and rational dialogue which is tempered by tolerance and a deep respect and value for the general will through an acceptance of the sanctity of the democratic vote (what New American Spring aims to revive) the weakened people are too susceptible to taking conspiratorial thinking too far. But in the healthier society that New American Spring hopes to bring about, conspiracy theories will be allowed to be freely expressed and evaluated as the speculative tools they are.

Because society can be complex and difficult to clearly understand, conspiracy theories are valuable as instruments for making sense of confusing times, so long as the People are not too ignorant to weigh them rationally. Just as no one of averaged rationality will build bunkers and hide from an alien conspiracy to make food of the human race, a healthy democracy will be able to deal with the speculative varieties of conspiracy theories. And just in case there are aliens of such an agenda, active on our earth today, the few “irrational” human beings who do build bunkers might just survive to repopulate the earth after the aliens have had their fill. And while I myself won’t build bunkers, if a seemingly irrational but sexy woman named Eve does have a bunker ready to go, then I will be happy to join her when the aliens begin to feast, and I will be happy to be her Adam in repopulating the earth after the aliens have departed out of indigestion.

Even I as the founder of New American Spring dabble with some conspiratorial thinking, but in the spirit of my essay here, I am offering the disclaimer that I am not boasting absolute truth with my speculations. I am only offering them as instruments to help me and others grapple with a complex world. Conspiracy theories can be fun, but I do hold that they can also be very useful. Even if they are not verbatim true, they can help point us to larger, illusive truths. Let me explain what I mean from reviewing one of the more extreme conspiracy-type points I’ve made in the past–

After the Coronavirus hit our world in January of 2020, I made a video titled “Behind the Veil.” You can find the YouTube video here: In this video I speculate that the Pandemic might not be such a random event, but might be a part of an evil agenda of pushing the human race into a hyper technological culture where we are offered immortality through giving up our natural bodies for a virtual reality encapsulation of our ego consciousness. I then characterize this as a trick that seduces us into willingly accepting Hell, since being all powerful in a fake world would soon become tired and boring, and being trapped here for eternity, we will have made our own Hell.

Now if America is full of ignorant people who will take these ideas as verbatim true and refuse vaccinations and maybe even attack scientists, then this conspiracy theory is bad. But let me explain how a healthy and intelligent American should take this video of mine:

A rational person will realize that my “conspiracy theory” teaches that death is a part of life and that it is foolish to over fear the unknown. For if we maintained on our trajectory of trying to immunize ourselves from death, we might end up in this extreme place of a virtual reality Hell. Now similarly, due to the excessive fear and rejection of the reality of death, our social leaders (representing our society) have been taking things a bit too far. Viruses and other ailments are part of our human reality which we must accept. At the same time, we are in our rights to discover medicines and treatments in our value for life itself. So the alternative is to find a rational balance between fighting the virus and accepting our mortality.

Shutting down society is overkill. It sets a precedent of governmental power which can and will be abused in the future, since no human being our group of human beings can wield power righteously. It also endangers our economic health, which only results in further weakening the People as they bear the economic brunt of the shutdown. Their rents and mortgages do not stop, for example, while their income stops. Money is borrowed from them via the government who produces the illusion of “giving” to them in stimulus packages, money they are expected to immediately distribute to the wealthy who underwrite these mortgages and rents, but money they are held accountable for paying back in future taxes. Hence the wealthy gets wealthier and more powerful and propped to wield their power unrighteous-ly in the future!

The ultimate lesson is that due to an imbalanced fear of death, the People are selling themselves into slavery. Much like how if offered immortality in a virtual world, they will be accepting Hell itself, out of the simple refusal to accept their mortality in embracing their truth as elements of a larger reality, or as creations of God. Out of their fear of the unknown!

My conspiracy theory of God and the Enemy of God and Man and a virtual reality Hell is a bit more colorful than the points made above, but if a person listened to and had some fun with my “Beyond the Veil” video, taking to heart its main point about the dangers of over fearing our mortality, that person JUST MIGHT begin to put two and two together in the real world. Now do you see how conspiracy theories can be useful, so long as they are not taken too literally?

Not to mention that if my theory is literally correct, mankind will have been forewarned. (wink)

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of world…

Who Do You Think You Are?

This world is infested with egos! So many individuals vying for recognition. So much of life lived on the chaotic surface when we are all natural inheritors of the very depths of the ocean.

We live by our egos when we identify with our temporal selves, that aspect of our consciousness which is shaped by our accidental circumstances. This include the privileges and disadvantages in which we were born, as much as the talents and weaknesses we have. Still, we are so much more than these. And while we literally inherit everything we have, even ourselves, yet are we set on the delusion of possessing ourselves and the world around us. We want to take credit for things we had no hand in creating. And worst, we want to strive against one another in distinguishing ourselves as the biggest thief. We aim to convince ourselves and others that we are indeed great, by our own and very hands.

I’m sure many people will ask “who do you think you are?” I’m sure many people already reflectively ask this in their hearts when I preach New American Spring.

Who is this one, single, solitary man who has no friends or coalition behind him yet still thinks that he can make a great difference in such a country as America? Who even has the delusion of changing the world!? Isn’t history and even current events not riddled with many of these megalomaniacs, gripping their “manifestos” but unleashing their guns and their bombs when their pathetic egos are rightly ignored?

All I can say is that I am not playing the game of egos, so that the potential accusations above would come from those who, in the grips of ego, are attempting to understand a plain man. The talents I have in writing and in formulating New American Spring and the weakness I have in not being socially and politically talented enough to seamlessly launch this movement come equally from God. So if God deems that my efforts might some day gain widespread recognition, or if they might quietly change the world by still making their way into the minds and hearts of those who brush with my ideas, so be it.  I am just as happy living on a mountain somewhere in peace and fellowship with God.

Between my ocean which he gave me, and His universe.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

PS: Welcome, 2021! The evil that be may have attempted to contaminate 2020, our symbolic year of perfect vision. But you are better than perfect!

Take Back 2020!

I feel that there is an evil mystic blowing through the air in 2020 with the specific aim of contaminating this symbolic year of our new millennia (associated with seeing clearly, truth, or reality), and that we, the human body must intentionally strike back in hope. Our world is facing death and depression through Covid-19, and our America is additionally facing darkness, division and strife in the social and political arena. Therefore I say it is time to put aside our differences and disagreements, and simply come together on the last say of the year in a social celebration intended to strike back in hope.

I propose that on December 31st, 2020, a multitude of people come together in every major city in America in symbolic celebration, an in-your-face effort to dispel all the forces of darkness which are attempting to corrupt our human future. I offer this dream and vision on behalf of New American Spring.

Please share this hope of mine far and wide…


Why I’m Not Voting: In Protest

I feel that it is my unique, patriotic duty not to vote in this year’s election! While it is true that every citizen of a democracy should vote as a basic civic duty, there may come times when a “democracy” is so compromised that the peoples’ vote is rendered meaningless and the only remaining alternative is a mass but one-time refusal to vote as a form of protest. Such an action would signal to the enemies of the People that the party is over, that we have awaken and are now ready to reclaim our country and our world. America’s democracy is tainted, our candidates and our two parties are inadequate, and We, The People are being played for Puppets.

While America, by the way, is a constitutional republic, we are essentially a democracy since the onus is intended to start and end with We, the People, per our very constitution.

To continue, our fiasco of a democracy started with political advertising and the influence of money in the outcomes of our elections. With so many years of such a trend, it was only inevitable that the wealthiest interests in our nation would ultimately usurp the power of the people’s vote, rendering their “democracy” a joke. This is America today, and I, Roger Farinha, as the founding visionary of New American Spring, am in a uniquely legitimate position to patriotically protest in the very act of refusing to vote. Why? Because I am replacing my democratic duty to vote with my patriotic duty to intervene for my country as best as I can in formulating the solution to our democracy’s illness. My New American Spring program aims to return the democratic power and potency to We, the People by reactivating our grass roots influence. But before I spell out the basics of this vision, let me say some more on our compromised democracy.

Our “democracy” is controlled by a two party system, both of whom have been infiltrated by moneyed interests to such an extent that whether the American citizen votes for one party’s candidate or the other’s, the American people receive the same bottom line, the continuing erosion of their true interests. We are kept distracted, for example, between two ideologies that make no difference to the bottom line, moneyed interests. If the Republicans manage to take away the pre-existing condition protection in healthcare, for instance, our healthcare providers (corporations serving the moneyed interests) will make a great deal of money by placing the burden on We, the People. But if the Democrats manage to keep the mandate and even succeed with a single payer system, our health providers will make as much money from our tax payer coffers.

Of course, they will prefer our not having pre-existing protections because it signifies the continuation of (or better yet, relapse back to) our wild west state of affairs where they are free to plunder the American people at will. While if the people manage to choose some degree of collectivist protections, we will be signaling to the moneyed powers that the days of indiscriminately feeding at the troth are over. Yet either way, We, The People will continue in our proximate financial enslavement until we truly wake up.

Our country is a top-down order, and this makes fools of the American citizens who still naively believe that our votes count for something. Therefore the more and more urgent appeals coming from our parties to vote are really aimed at perpetuating our deception rather than genuinely honoring our democratic dignity and authority, being that our voting one way or the other or not at all makes no difference to their actual interests. Poor voter turnout ALWAYS concerns the powers that be because they fear the failure of their propaganda, but they are ever more successful recently with this get-out-the-vote push, just when the American people are weakest in their actual influence. This is no coincidence!

Many of us sense this greatest truth, deep in our hearts, but to date I have not seen any meaningful attempt to address the sickness of our American democracy. Hence have I have developed the New American Spring program.

When America was historically founded as the first and truest national experiment in civil liberty and democracy, an example onto all the world, a deep value for the human being was introduced to our human species. But such a value for human dignity presupposed that our civil leaders would necessarily value the will and direction of We, the People over any elitist or top-down power or influence. Sadly, however, elitism won out in the evolution of our nation so that the People were seen as unenlightened children to be lead, rather than noble creatures to lead. Democracy was seen as a Lord of the Flies endeavor rather than an instrument for the rise of noble humanity out of the least of these.  And today we see the consequence. The disempowered and ever more compromised People have begun to act as the wayward and irrational children they were always presumed to be.

On the one hand they are desperately trying to find a hero in the flawed personality of Trump while many others are herded into tribal support of a presidential candidate in Biden who is clearly not in his full cognitive health, all because he is associated with Obama and the black vote is critical. But especially because just as the Democratic Party has conspired to install Biden as their candidate, his faculties will not mater in a puppet presidency which is really that of his party’s manipulators. What’s more, some Americans are showing their defilement in such irrationalities as Q Anon while others are manipulated into militant demonization of one another via such as Antifa on the left and white supremacist and nationalist groups on the right. And all this as the more “mainstream” of citizens keep playing the Children of Hamlin to the Pied Piper of the moneyed interests, via their dark, divide-and-conquer melodies of liberalism verses conservativism, Republicans verses Democrats.

What is saddest is that despite my spelling out this great ailment of ours so clearly and succinctly here, many American citizens will simply be unprepared to even understand this perspective, or will only react against my calling out “their side” of the disease, so deeply blinded are we still. Not to mention some will wonder if through this blog I am working for some foreign entity of disinformation, not realizing that only in a greatly weakened democracy is disinformation even possible. In a strong democracy, reason through tolerant and diverse dialogue and the higher level of common sense it gradually produces (the spirit of New American Spring) would prevail. This all leaves the poor, rational independents, few as they are, with nowhere to turn except not to partake in the mass delusion by refusing to vote, if even as a single act of protest. But I among these go one step further:

In order to address this sickness, New American Spring is attempting to introduce the truest, anti-elitist program of citizen revitalization. This program aims at reestablishing the centrality of We, the People through fostering widespread, grass-roots dialogue, civic participation and activation. As an American citizen and as the last hope of our world for a noble humanity, you owe it to yourself to find out about this vision. As its founder, I am attempting to arise as a true patriot, as a lover of America as last champion of liberty and humanity, and as servant of my fellow person as we all should be. I need fellow citizen allies, supporters, and brother and sister warriors for this good fight. Please let this be you.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…  

PS: To call attention to my program and to hopefully awaken some open minded citizens, I intend to make my rounds at my local polling places on Election Day with this sign of protest:

I will also have this essay printed for handing out. Needless to say this takes courage but every citizen must act according to his and her conscience if this country will be saved. Wish me luck in this brainwashed and highly polarized, social atmosphere.

What’s truly worst of all: Social media is sinisterly beginning to crack down on social criticism in the name of fighting foreign disinformation and I was not able to advertise my message on Facebook coming up to the election. This makes my physical presence of protest absolutely critical…

My Brush With Amazon

So Mario, I pride myself on being an honest, sincere and responsible person, so I think I owe you a better explanation of why I decided to pass on Elite. My understanding of you is that you are an entrepreneur, one of the very valuable people who build new companies and larger economic value in society. Entrepreneurs can be motivated essentially by money, or if they are really great, by the pride of being social improvers. I don’t know what’s your bottom line but I will speak to you in this email as if you’re the latter type of person, someone who looks beyond just getting ahead financially and tries to make your world a better place. 

It seems to me that Amazon, like every other corporation, is a company that puts the bottom-line above the value of the human being. While they are in a great position to set the new standard of a more humane workplace and so contribute to a happier and healthier society, they are apparently taking the age old route of exploiting the worker for everything he or she can give, all for the god of “profits.” Now, to a certain extent, this focus on the “bottom line” is good for society, because it results in greater efficiency and innovation. But it is also bad for society in that it makes human life more brutal and cruel than it has to be. 

As an entrepreneur direct service provider of Amazon, you are in a sort of deal with the devil. I’m sure you are aware, if you are an alert person, that Amazon is known to observe carefully the people who do business with them, in order to steal the trade secrets of their most successful “partners.” So if Elite happens to outcompete the rest of the service providers, you shouldn’t be surprised if Amazon decides to open a delivery operation that directly mimics your best practices and eventually puts you out of business. My point here is that in Amazon’s eyes, you are as much someone to be exploited as your lowest employees. 

Considering all this, I wanted to offer some suggestions about how you view and run Elite, if you respect a newly resigning lowest level employee enough to hear. I happen to believe that fostering a more humane workplace, without neglecting efficiency and productivity, is a more winning scenario than running the company just like Amazon. This can be done by learning about and encouraging a culture of “servant leadership” among your team. Put it in everyone’s head that the way they get ahead is by serving the needs of their teammates in a real giving way, not as a show, and find ways to personally sacrifice for the team in order to drive home your sincerity. This new culture would foster such a close knit team that you will certainly outcompete all the other dsps. And what’s more, if Amazon tries to steal your success, it will ultimately be transformed into a better company overall. Not to mention that servant leadership is such a rare and valuable talent that Amazon would seek your overall, executive leadership in such a new expansion of culture. 

To conclude, I left Elite mainly because I feel that Amazon is too focused on productivity over people and that this trickles down to its dsps who are trying to compete among one another in the larger Hunger Games environment of Amazon. I see the fallout of this culture in a sort of besieged mentality of my co-workers, from those trying to get ahead of the pack by playing workplace politics, to those who are just coasting and attempting to look valuable by pointing the finger at others, to those who are just trying to survive on a supposed good $15.00 per hour in an ever more financially desperate America. I leave because I have little confidence that a servant leadership initiative might ever be adopted here, but to be fair, I am sending this deeper feedback to you in case you are great enough to try.


While I might have stuck around longer and attempted to influence the dsp team in this spirit, I did not feel that the excessive quota sought from me as a worker was personally sensible, considering my family needs for me to earn the most towards their needs while working the least in order to be with them. And especially considering that I received a better paying job offer from another company for the same work (with probably more reasonable demands).

I’d be willing to talk with you further as a potential social changer (not employee) if you can possibly appreciate where I’m coming from. Otherwise, godspeed in your personal endeavors…

Roger Farinha 

Sheer Survival?

Is there such a thing as “sheer” survival?

When a person feels life’s boredom,

Is it not a kind of error?

Or glitch?

Today I observed a man surviving,

In Siberia.

Bitterest cold outside, and warm hearth,


But when he works in the deadly cold,


Splitting splintering wood,

Breathing biting air,

Does his soul not perceive?


In the whole of it,

There are universes?

The cosmos of human emotions,

The horizon of the mind,

Dimensions of spirit,

Depths of soul?

Run, run, run.

Scurry in, fast, before

Deadly frost gets you!

That arrest of life’s boredom,

Might freeze the cells,

Making mortally still,

Your humanity…

Chat With a Bitcoin Salesperson




How may I help you?


Nothing much…just a friendly chat


What about?


Why you sounding so rude?

Well, I can just back off if you want me to


I am at peace right now and I ask a direct and innocent question, being open to a friend but your defensiveness makes me to suspect you have some motives you know I might not like?


Not really, we could be friends, getting to know each other, i may find something interesting i would love to learn from you or you would love to learn from me which could be of advantage to us


So what caused your first noticing me and what about my profile makes you think y acquaintance might be of value to you?


Actually, I was going through your profile and i saw that you are an ambitious individual which gives me the courage in asking if you are open minded in looking at new ways of generating income, it will be some great interest to you so if i should send you some details now do you mind checking it out?


I am ambitious for public service and social improvement which is the opposite of he who is motivated by income, per se. Out of curiosity, I always wondered about bitcoins though. I think to myself, why would someone who is so motivated by money, not design a system of money in which he or she can have a skeleton key, as it were, to rob the bank at will?


That’s not true

Bitcoin is currently the fastest rising system of investment where you can get up to at least $5000 on a weekly basis


Sounds like a bitcoin Ponzi scheme to receive income by just buying in


Not really

In bitcoin mining everything you do will be done in your own secured wallet

There’s nothing to be scared of because there’s no intermediary between you and your funds neither are you sending your money to anyone


The intermediary is a technical algorithm that I certainly don’t understand, as perhaps you don’t yourself, even as a salesperson of the scheme.

Do you think the sales people of opioids knew they were destroying society, or were they just motivated by their own careers and said to themselves, “let the doctors and the government determine what opioids are?”

Bottom line is if I did not personally create the bitcoin algorithm I would not put a cent into it even if I had a cent to put. But I am a poor servant of a better world and I seek funding to do my charity work for society, far from having funds or even an interest in personal gain


Bitcoin is a form of currency just lie your normal country’s currency but in it’s digital form

All you have to do is to create a bitcoin wallet and you are the only one to have access to your wallet, a bitcoin wallet is where you store bitcoin

Bitcoin can also be a form of investment through a process called Bitcoin mining which i’m about to discuss to you

Bitcoin mining is a process by which more bitcoin are generated in bits called Satoshi. The process is aided with an ant miner hardware called Antminer S9

I can go into details for more understanding, do you mind?


You certainly have not heard or understood my messages so far. Good luck with your selling but I am not the right client…


Suffice it to say I am a skeptic about bitcoins. Even the name of the hardware that underlies the process is a bit suspicious to me. If I were a greedy computer genius who came up with an entire new currency system to feed my greed, I might have the personality to consider the unsuspecting sheep who buy into the system “ants,” in terms of their “small wits” and “insignificance” to me. And I might consider myself mining them. So “Antminer” would be a good inside joke of a name, IF I WERE OF SUCH A MENTALITY. I suppose I developed this fierce skepticism after witnessing how such personalities contributed to the 2008 financial crisis by intentionally robbing the entire global economy through their invention of a type of abstract financial instrument in mortgage derivatives and credit default swaps.

Not that I’m absolutely condemning all bit coin conversions, mind you. I only recommend common sense caution…

Letter to a One Percenter

November 1st, 2020 (Year of the Pandemic)

Dear One Percenter:

You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Nay, a golden spoon. You belong to such an exclusive global class that you are quite literally invisible to the other 99% of the world’s population! Whether you know it or not, the great majority of other human beings living on this planet cannot even imagine what wealth really means, a state you take for granted, as surely as you are unable to know what poverty really means. Of course you’re not at fault for being born into your condition, as the poorest and even starving human being is likewise not at fault. But you and he or she are equally human, and it is in virtue of your humanity that I address you—even if I am also but one of the 99%.  

Do not put up your guard in suspecting that I envy you or entertain feelings of jealousy toward your privilege, although how can I resist imagining what it might be like to experience your lifestyle? What human being welcomes want, or need? The sentiment I send to you in this letter, however, is one of compassion, and even fraternity. What might I have in common with you? Our humanity, of course, as I’ve said before, but what compassion would you need of me? Let me introduce to you a surely intriguing and most likely new thought in your experience:

As limited, conscious entities, experiencing life from the perspective only of our individual circumstances, human beings often lack for a more complete understanding of existence, and therefore proportionately suffer.  

My fellows of the 99% might wonder at this idea too. They might find it hard to imagine that someone of your privilege might actually suffer as a direct result of your individual circumstance, since they largely imagine that all happiness and joy comes from material abundance. The poor man often imagine that happiness comes with wealth, even as the wealthy man often suffer a kind of hidden and largely unrecognized pain for lacking solidarity with his fellow human beings. So this is why, out of compassion, I am reaching out to you—

Your and my true foundation is a common one. We both emerge out of the Great “I AM,” or the Universal Consciousness. This is a place of complete and therefore truest wealth, peace, joy, and love. We come out of our paradise and play in the field of existence for a time, as with existence, time begins. But in the field of the Universal Consciousness, which the Buddhists also call “nothingness,” we exist in unity and peace. Why then do I exert the effort to address you in the spirit of solidarity if both you and I have at our common disposal, ultimate unity and perfect fraternity when we leave our fragmented existence and return to the Common Field? Because of suffering, my friend. This fragmented existence can entail much suffering if while we are in it, we fail to realize that the greatest path we can take is that toward Love. Which is a rediscovery of our inheritance of unity, peace, and perfect fraternity in the Universal Field itself.

I love, my friend, and it is out of love that I sing my song to you. So I ask that you also suspend possible disbelief that I am addressing you out of genuine affection and not in some scheme to gain from you materially. Let me therefore begin my eulogy by alerting you to some of the potential dangers you might be facing, dangers yielding suffering, whether recognized by you or even yet unrecognized:

As an individual, your identity can take on any variety of finite qualities, so let me construct your personality in the interest of having a proper object of address. You are male. You are intelligent. And you are contemplative, examining yourself honestly in an effort to get at the real meaning of things. You are not bohemian, although you have had many years of indulgence in your material privilege, years you have already taken advantage of and you are now seeking somewhat more out of life. Let’s therefore say you are about 30 years of age. And behold, you are approached by a special group of your fellow One Percenters. Seeing your qualities just listed, including your searching nature, they deem you just ready and are soliciting your membership in an exclusive group aimed at saving the human race.

You are intrigued. Could this be your opportunity to live a more meaningful life? What then do they propose?

They stand for the widespread social end of all inequality among the 99%. They advocate for an end of racism, sexism, ethnic conflict, etc. And they are even working toward a certain kind of solution to the social separation and conflicts linked to class. Indeed, they see that those among the 99% who resist their neo-liberal agenda of unity, whether in virtue of resenting the equality of “others” in race or gender or any other denominator (Donald Trump supporters, for example); they see that these “conservative” others are resisting nevertheless and ultimately out of class self-interest, but that such resistance is only futile in that it serves only to divide the 99% and weaken the social field for their (1%er) top-down domination.

Through their ownership of Hollywood, the dominant entertainment producer and cultural influencer in our world, they are more and more featuring minority stars in order to affect the social norm, despite the backlash of white-privilege sentiment in the hearts of many Americans who are rightly too ashamed to speak out. Your One Percenter brethren are even presently encouraging Black Lives Matter through a tacit endorsement of protest via their corporate symbolism and cultural compliance. They are promoting the political correctness of feminism through the Me Too movement and are pushing for more women politicians. Although they were dismayed somewhat by the failure of Hilary Clinton to win the presidency in America, even as they successfully deployed their powers of political persuasiveness (borrowed from years of consumer and political advertising research) to help the first black man into the presidency.

They are even working toward peace in the Middle East, although they are less enthusiastic about Africa at the moment, being somewhat unable to easily identify with a skin color not like their own. But they are nevertheless tackling this Middle Eastern tinderbox of historical, ethnic conflict, focusing on the Israel-Palestine region, since they have a stronghold in Israel from which to pivot. Not that I am proclaiming some specifically Israeli conspiracy, mind you. This is not my intent in enumerating this mere aspect of their identity, I’m sure you well know.

Now, my One Percenter friend, I must say that I am not personally against any of these social aims. For from the perspective of Love, how can any action toward unity be blamable? What concerns me more, dear brother, is their top-down approach to class neutralization (save their own, of course) and the great worldwide suffering it will inevitably engender.

You see, they are in love with their delusions of grandeur. They have all thoroughly fallen into the temptation of believing that their manifest “privilege” makes them the proper saviors of the world. Lacking, as they do, the humility to realize that their position is as much a product of chance as that of the poorest human being, born into hunger, famine, and disease. They refuse to accept their inheritance is largely accidental via the chance of birth. Or in the case of self-made success, is largely accidental via the hand of fate, whether from their arbitrary inheritance of entrepreneurial and other personal talent, or from the normal scattering of opportunity outside of any man’s power. For of a multitude of children having been randomly allocated goods and talents and having the nature to compete among one another, would not some of these children invariably rise to the top? And if all are great fools, shall there nevertheless be some lesser fools? Most likely those having been allocated the most, at the start, regardless of their true and inner greatness? Therefore my first caution to you, my One Percenter friend, is to guard yourself against such delusions.

You might now pose to me the question, “why should I even bother about delusions of grandeur if the work being done is good? Should not women lead an equal and dignified life? Should not the different races find social equality and opportunity? Would not peace in the Middle East, this great geography of dysfunction on our globe, offer our human race a new beginning place for some final, international fraternity?” Again, as a man of Love I would answer “yes, yes, and yes.” But as a man of wisdom, given me, by the way, as much as in chance as you inherited or earned your material wealth through randomly allocated talent and opportunity, I will alert you to another and most important truth: Ultimate human flourishing, success, and glory can never be attained via the leadership of any one person or segment of humanity, but must arise out of the universal empowerment of all individuals in practical, social unity.  

The reason for this truth comes back, again, to the reality of the Unified Field or the Great “I Am,” touched upon above, from Which all things and persons emerge into existence, so let me reiterate. At the foundation of all existing things, including beings (among whom are human beings), is nothingness. Nothingness is basically no-thingness, or no-thing-as-only-itself. But because a thing can exist and is therefore real, no-thingness, in its foundational place in reality, is actually one-thingness, or every-thingness in purity. Purity moreover, in virtue of unity.

To put this in another way: at the foundation of all things is nothingness, within which every-thingness reside in purity and unity. Something coming from nothing (Creation) is therefore merely the emergence into existence of a piece of the Everything, out of the reality or power of the Everything within the Nothing. Focus, my friend, as these contemplations will bear much fruit of understanding—

Now a being is one kind of the “things” we speak of. A self-conscious thing, to be exact. So a being, including a human being, has an ultimate identity as a unifiable part of all other beings, as all things are unified in the Great “I Am.” What this all amounts to is, every human being is a piece of a divine puzzle who has as his and her underlying truth (or who is destined for) unity with all other human beings in peace and purity, in eternity. This is our true and common origin AND birthright. Yet because every human being is a piece of the puzzle, he and she can NEVER be properly understood or represented by any other piece or pieces of the puzzle, no matter how “privileged” this other or others seem. This is why you and your One Percenter kin can never effectively lead or save the human race. Wherefore, if you truly want to work toward a real flourishing of humanity, you will need to adopt another type of social-political program for human salvation.

First and foremost, this program must be democratic at its heart, and I’m sure you see by now why. Because every human being, from “most” to “least,” is a legitimate and equal piece of the puzzle of a Unified Humanity, no human being can properly stand in for any other. Second, this program must be enlightened. That is to say, every individual of this best world must be equally educated and aware of his and her true social position, in every way. There cannot be an “elite” class that properly represents the rest, simply because each piece of the human puzzle can only understand reality from the perspective of its limited identity. Wherefore every piece of the puzzle or every human being needs to be able to stand up for him and herself in representing his and her true interests in society.

Democratic, Enlightened and Empowered Civil Liberty is the formula, but how can we ever get there in a world of such desperation and even in an America dedicated to these ideals but whose people are decimated by wealth inequality and social ignorance and unconscious, political disenfranchisement? This then is where you come in, if you really want to be a champion of your race. Find and support, philanthropically and otherwise, a program of human citizenship, one which fortifies the individual in Civil Liberty and Social Education. Civil Liberty so that in his and her freedom of social choice (requiring greater wealth equality, by the way, in direct opposition to your One-Percentership), he and she can properly represent him and herself as an authentic piece of the puzzle of a Unified Humanity. And Social Education to enable him and her to choose properly, or as Thomas Jefferson says, “With a wholesome discretion.” A social education, by the way, not dictated again from any central or elitist position of “scholarship,” but forged in genuine grass-roots dialogue, under the principle, again, that each individual possesses a legitimate piece of the truth.

Then sit back and watch our great and noble humanity emerge via this selfsame program at!

Returning now to your individual condition of life, my One Percenter colleague, let me end my letter of love and hope and invitation with some final considerations. Look now closely at your One Percenter kin belonging to the group soliciting your membership. See how they have decided to dominate the rest of the 99% out of a hyper sense of power and privilege and delusion of grandeur. See how they welcome the new technological methods of social control via the infringement on all individual privacy, in order to intercept and squash all inevitable protest against their final, Fascist solution. A solution they justify because of its “benevolent” ends, yet one nevertheless aimed at permanently securing their ultimate “privilege.” See how they are pessimistic about the prospects of human redemption and have, in their own existential despair for failing to experience the love and fraternity of their lesser 99%, wholly given themselves over to a dark delight in power and control. And see how with great social power they are growing ever more corrupt and wicked, unable to check their darkest and basest desires as they plunge into greater and greater, moral bankruptcy.

I know you have witnessed how their use of the dark talents for blackmail in Jeffery Epstein, in helping their international agenda, has ultimately backfired because of Epstein’s “excesses.” Yet how they still made use of him as an example of what becomes of any potential fellow dissenter to their aims when they threw him to the dogs of what they see as “self-righteous” justice. And I know you have personally wondered whether your kin is actually partially responsible for allowing the release of the Coronavirus into the world in their urgent desire (against global warming and overpopulation) to culminate such power and control. For it is clear to you via your own curious eyewitness of One Percenter fraternity that they, being the inheritors of the ends of capitalism, are really bosom buddies with other billionaire members of the Chinese Community Party. The inheritors of Communism and those who have curiously allowed the escape of the Pandemic.

The truth of the matter, however, is that your suspicions need not be justified for our solution to be true.

Do not therefore give into the darkness, my friend, even if you might encounter disinheritance. Come and help me bring the light. Let us choose, through our mutual Free Wills, to identify with the Great “I AM,” Who is the unity of all humanity in Love.

So that when we enter the Universal Plane, we shall wear crowns of glory for having prevailed against the evil tides of disunity and the cause of all unnecessary human suffering on this Great Stage, this physical plane of existence…

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World!

Return to Slavery?

Human history is riddled with people abusing people, and no matter how hard our species tries to escape this cruel and unfortunate spectacle, it always seems to come around again and again. The hopeful among us might want to believe that our race can take rational, if even painstakingly gradual steps, upward and toward a fairer, more just and nobler world. Yet it seems to me that a different and better way of looking at our species is really called for, if we will finally be able to understand why, as a human family, we seem unable to rise out of our perpetual dysfunction.

Because I am writing from the point of view of an American man in the 21st century, let me apply my reasoning to our present situation. America is quick on the way to a newer and more insidious form of slavery, a final tyranny which will dwarf all historical precedents. Since with America’s fall, it will most malignantly infest the rest of the world. You might wonder whether such pessimism is really called for, so let me lay out why.

In my previous article titled “The Covid-19 Pandemic: My story,” I shared Patrick Henry’s famous ultimatum of “liberty or death,” and I introduced John Stuart Mill’s central point regarding civil liberty, that it can only be safeguarded in the context of a perpetually vigilant citizenry who are ever looking to identify and check any and all agents of tyranny against We, the People. I then alluded to our newest form of tyranny today in the ultra-polarization of wealth and financial inequality in America (and the world), highlighting how our present Covid-19 pandemic is contributing to this most dangerous trend via the shut-down steps we are “encouraged” to take by our “governors.”

Taking to heart the skepticism that John Stuart Mill encourages regarding the more powerful among us and their proclivity to prey upon their lessors, I even alluded to the possibility that the Pandemic could have been intentionally allowed to escape China, via the collusion of two powers, the Chinese Communist Party and a potential 1% group arising out of the West, made bosom buddies in their mutual agenda for power and control. I also reminded my readers that all appearances to “conspiracy theories” need not be shunned, especially when we are seeking to remain on the alert as potential prey of the more powerful “vultures” among us. So let me now expand on this idea of a 1% power structure and their natural adoption of that age old agenda of human enslavement.

The greatest debate in the most recent history of our present, Western dominated civilization, has been that between Communism and Capitalism, Socialism and free enterprise. As Americans and as Westerners generally, we have been taught, with good evidence, that Capitalism and free enterprise is the better option for human material flourishing. But that has been the extent of it. We have not been introduced to exactly why. Why is private property and free enterprise in a capitalistic system more productive in securing greater material abundance? Anyone with the most basic sense of human nature can surely trace the answer. Because we are, at bottom, a selfish species.

Spiritually, most human beings are selfish and self-centered. Most human beings find it difficult to naturally embody a sense of universalism, good-will and solidarity with their fellow persons. Indeed, this very and obvious selfish foundation of human nature is the selfsame reason behind the Western value for civil liberty and its advocacy for perpetual vigilance. Among a selfish race, the best chance for life comes with a protection for individual liberty of choice (freedom) and its necessary advocacy of perpetual vigilance (civil liberty).

Communism and socialism therefore has either of two sources in human motivation. Either its espousers seek to rise to power over the rest through their talent for political persuasiveness in their “normal” selfish agenda, or they are utopian spirited, hopeful but nevertheless naïve regarding the human condition. For on the one hand, communism results in a governing class, the majority of whom (consistent with the selfish truth of human nature) will gradually seek to use their privilege to prey upon the rest. While on the other, the “subjects” or the people, being generally selfish, will find in themselves no natural motivation to be “productive” in a system that does not tie their own initiative to their own individual “success.” Resulting, in the final analysis, in a larger material depression under a socialist system, a system designed not to take into account the basic truth of human selfishness. The fall of Russia and the Chinese compromise with free enterprise clearly demonstrate this truth.

So how has our Western dominated world come to a state where a potential 1% group, resulting from Capitalism, can and probably would collude with a communist hierarchy in China to allow the introduction of a Pandemic? A human tragedy aimed at securing an ultimate power class, a final domination and global tyranny? The key word here is “power.” For in the end, a selfish race will always produce a power class (those who most successfully competed) who, as a quintessentially selfish group, will then invariably seek to secure their domination.

Let me make it clear that I am not absolutely claiming the existence of such a grand collusion. I am only tracing its possibility, which should be quite enough reason for a vigilant citizenry. We need not even try to trace and identify these possible 1%er Fascists, for even if they existed, their identification would be virtually impossible to prove or even bring to the attention of a public dependent on corporate controlled, mainstream media, an institution which they surely would secure. But for my readers who require greater thoroughgoingness than mere speculation, let me share a Bill Moyers video on a book which exquisitely lays out the significance of the 1%:

The ultimate lesson here is that a selfish species can never escape dysfunction and ignominy, for it cannot ever fully safeguard itself with any system, no matter how enlightened. But it can have one best system, a least of all evils, as it were. One which takes into account its members’ truth as a selfish species, one which attempts to secure the greatest life for the greatest number by advocating for a degree of individual liberty or freedom of choice. Living space, as it were. A principle which therefore encourages all its members to be perpetually vigilant. This is the Western system, the very idea that America stands for as the symbolic defender. But as we see, this is the very system that the most powerful among us, whether emerging out of Capitalism or Communism, are attempting to undue.

In another of my previous articles titled “Does it take a Global Pandemic to End a Social-Political Virus” I write:

Ok so our founding father, Thomas Jefferson famously said: “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves ; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.” But did he realize that Babylon would have taken such a hold of his child, America, as to inspire its leaders to capitalize on such ignorance, far less than to institute a program of citizen education and fortification?

By failing to do their honorable and patriotic duty as the governors of a free nation, by failing to safeguard the American Citizens’ liberty by encouraging widespread, national education and social enlightenment (a condition that John Stuart Mill himself tacitly advocated for when he warned that civil liberty is only possible in “civilized” nations), our historical American leadership, in their own selfishness and incompetence and self-centeredness as human beings, did set the stage for this present weakening of our nation. They are indeed duly responsible for making us ripe for the pickings of a fascist 1%ers group, and other power tyrants of our day.

Do we not clearly see that if America, the international and therefore very human experiment in civil liberty fails, all the world falls with it? Can we not see that with the power of information technology and identity tracing, a potential final power group will be able to track all individual speech and even our very ideas, will be able to intercept all individual actions of protest at their very inception? One might argue that if such a power existed, then why are they not flexing their muscles (through their corporate controlled media and their deep state ties to homeland security, etc.) to stop the present American protests for racial justice in the name of Coronavirus safety? But let me propose that the only protests they would be interested in stopping would be protests against their usurpations, since any protest of the people against the people only advances their agenda through the action of divide and conquer, or more to the point in this case, distract while conquering. Some may even ask why would such a power not act against the radial QAnon movement from calling attention to similar ideas of a covert, ultra-powerful and socially manipulative group? But I would also propose that by allowing for or even possibly incepting and encouraging such a conspiratorial group of over-the-top irrationality, they (the 1%ers) might actually be waging a campaign of counter awakening, hoping that most citizens will dismiss all such ideas against the spectacle of one, caricatured example.

The truest evolution of human selfishness is that with power comes all corruption, and such an ultra-powerful group is sure not to benevolently rule, no matter how much delusion of benevolence some of their “billionaire” members (such as perhaps Bill Gates) may entertain. Jeffery Epstein, a perfect possible example of one such another member (whether an actual member or not) clearly shows this truth. When through wealth and connection to other wealthy, one has the power to get away with one’s most wicked desires, one invariably will act on these basest tendencies. The fact that he was stopped means hopefully that their (the 1%ers) power is not yet complete, or might only sadly mean that they were merely setting an internal example of what a dissonant among their members might face. Can we not finally see how such a world can and therefore will render all civil liberty, freedom and therefore life itself, null and void?

Is it not becoming obvious to the most dull among us that such a prominently selfish prisoner in the most prominent city of the most prominent nation “committed suicide,” without the most prominent journalists of the most prominent media in the world being yet able to get at the truth? I am not espousing religion here, but as always, the Bible has many perfect and classic examples of what a spectacle our human race can become: “They called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight?’ Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.” (Genesis 19:5).

What better image of the innocent individual than angels, and what better illustration of corruption than those having the power to sexually abuse the innocent, violating his and her civil liberty and therefore very dignity? Nor should one misunderstand this reference as mainly about sexuality or even homosexuality, as much as it is about social tyranny—a corrupt state of society where the wicked hearted and the evil violate the dignity or basic civil liberty of the less powerful, at will.

In a final word of hope, let me say: it appears that the divine or nature or whatever is responsible for human existence itself has ordained that no evil shall befall our species without warning and opportunity for reversal. So if I am but your wordy prophet, let me say on.

Arise, my fellow citizens, and resist the usurpers! Realize, firstly, that you are only one among a multitude of fellows, all having an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A state you should not, incidentally, barbarically define as exclusively materialistic. Put a check on your own selfishness and realize your spiritual aspect, for we are all in this world together. Stop discriminating against one another for ridiculous reasons, whether in the name of race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity… You know the list. And come together, from locality to locality, for face-to-face dialogue, solidarity and self-protective, civil actions. Don’t let a Pandemic stop you, one seemingly perfectly suited for squashing your awakening and destroying your prospects. For if you fail to do this, you will become a victim of the end result of your selfishness and ultimate cowardice, suffering a great fall into final slavery under those who have won, in their own selfishness, the position of universal tyrants.

Secure your liberty, or accept a living death…

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

PS: I, Roger Farinha, the founder of the New American Spring concept for widespread American citizen education (via grassroots dialogue) and civic fortification (via community consensus advocacies), am but one man presently. I seek allies and financial backers to launch this movement in the Central Florida area (where I live). Please share this message far and wide, and please help this agenda in whatever way you can.

Email me at Founder@NewAmericanSpring.Org…

The Covid-19 Pandemic–My Story

This is my authentic, American story of how Covid-19 affects me personally in terms of Family, Economics, and my relationship to a Government Dedicated to Civil Liberty. While it recounts trying situations, it is not a negative spirited article, so much as my attempt to contribute in a significant way to our contemporary social dialogue:


I am a late blooming family man due to my early adult years of sowing wild oats, excessive idealism and even spiritual searching, but I now have a toddler daughter (a first-time father at age 47), wife and home ownership here in Deltona, Florida. I had always taken the advice in the Bible to heart when it says: “Now to the unmarried and widows I say this: It is good for them to remain unmarried, as I am” (Corinthians 7: 8). I used to idolize St. Paul as a furious spiritual warrior of selflessness and heroic sacrifice, hoping that God might also call me to the same through an infusion of spiritual Zeal. But after failing to see the fruition of such a calling (and my refusal to do anything spiritual out of my own, ego initiative), I eventually accepted that I should walk the more common path of the family man. Doing my best to “hit the mark,” as it were, negotiating this evil world as honestly and as sincerely as possible. And, what do you know!? The present Pandemic is putting into highlight the struggle of this calling. For if I had remained single, I would not be experiencing the unique pressures I am now facing.

Still, I am a person who genuinely seeks to live, if even I fail multiple times, according to the standards of a presumed good Creator. Because I am so spiritually serious, therefore, I suppose my honest confession of my life circumstances here might serve as a sort of testimony. So let’s begin with the most central issue of all families—economics:  

My Present Economics

In December of 2019 I had to resign from my job because my wife could not deal with the baby on her own, particularly during night time routine, and my job had been third shift. She had a difficult child birth and even spent time in the ICU. I also resigned despite their offering me a raise that would have brought my salary to 52k per year, all for the love of my baby girl!

I have come a long way from the young man who might be accused of having viewed women as sex objects. Although, to be fair on myself, this has never truly been my genuine soul, if even I had half-heartedly toyed with the machismo persona in my “wild oats” years. My eBook titled “Stiped to the Left: The Dating Fails of a Modern Cro-Magnon” makes fun of these foolish years, all in the name of the wholesome agenda of laughing at our silly egos.

My job was also expendable because my wife makes the bigger income and this was of course better for the family. Her mother had come from overseas to help out for six months after my wife’s maternity leave, which enabled me to keep working initially, but her mother had to return per the terms of her tourist visa. This resulted in my having to seek out a daytime job compatible with my essential role as Daddy Daycare, as my wife’s job is very demanding of her time and attention despite her working from home. On the positive side, she is able to pay all the bills and her job was mercifully untouched by the Pandemic, so far.

It is important to understand that in my bread-and-butter trade (not necessarily my ambition in life) it is very difficult to find a local position within the daytime, business hours of daycare, in non-pandemic much less pandemic times, so in early January I had to take a part-time position with a company whose full-time positions begin too early in the AM. But given that they promised me at least 20 hours per week on a “PM” schedule, I calculated that I was able to pay for my babysitter and remain (barely) gainfully employed at the pay rate offered, considering my freedom from other household bills.

Not to mention that I am not a person who is comfortable not working, even if my job is barely gainful.

This worked out for a few weeks until the Covid-19 Pandemic struck! My employer lost two main customer bases, schools and restaurants during the Covid-19 shutdown, and my hours were beginning to dwindle too low to sustain even my babysitter costs. Seeing that the company did not have enough hours to sustain all its workers, I told my immediate supervisor to give my too few hours to other workers in need, with the assumption that this means that I am on temporary layoff since they definitely hadn’t enough hours for their crew. But here’s the hitch. It was MY assumption that the company saw the matter in this light.

A few weeks later when checking in, I discovered that they saw my request as a voluntary furlough while I had already applied for unemployment under a layoff status, and I ultimately accepted this verdict under the additional assumption that the term “voluntary” in the context of a pandemic related, economic shut-down that limited working hours to the point of un-gainfulness, at no fault of my own, should still qualify me for no-fault unemployment support. I nevertheless wondered why my employer did not take advantage of the Payroll Protection Program rather than forcing their employees either to work at a loss or be potentially disqualified from all help, but I did not get any answer from them. I can only presume they did not partake in the program. Because while I would have been easiest to compensate at only half-time, I was not in fact offered this lifeline.

This sticky situation nevertheless raised my fear flag about possibly being seen by the State as committing unemployment fraud, so I attempted to contact the Florida Reemployment Assistance division numerous times to clarify. Presumably, given that they have been and still are inundated with merely getting claimants processed, however, I have not heard back from them to date. Meanwhile, I have been receiving my unemployment compensation and I have been certifying for my weeks in case I do in the end qualify.

About a month after my stopping working, and after my employer informing me of my voluntary furlough status, they called me back to work and despite my alerting them about my continued need for at least 20 hours in order not to lose money in coming to work, I only averaged about 12 hours during the week, so I had to ultimately resign. In the week in question, I reported returning to work to unemployment and I reported resigning due to not being able to pay even for daycare on the reduced hours (due to Covid-19 I’m sure) and I found that I continued to receive benefits!

While if I am in the end qualified for unemployment I might have been able to work partially and receive compensation up to the state amount, which would have been able to cover my babysitter and leave me ahead some, the whole question about whether I qualified at all rendered this option too risky. Since, if I later discovered I did not qualify and had to return the money, I would have been working at a loss and shall have proven to be in a greater hole with this option.

Therefore I presently find that I have no choice but to save as much of the unemployment money as possible in case I am later deemed unqualified. This situation leaves me in a very uncomfortable, financial limbo of sorts. I am doing my job searches while taking on a full-time Daddy Daycare role, resisting patronizing daycares on behalf of my toddler in case I have to return the monies. While it feels terrible for me not to be working, I remind myself that caring for my baby girl is in fact the most valuable kind of work, if I can only accept the wisdom. My greatest fear is that I might be seen as committing fraud, but I trust that my numerous timely attempts to contact the State and to clarify my situation shows good intent. I am also in the process of continuing my searches for gainful employment as I continue to receive unemployment compensation.

My babysitter, moreover, was forced to leave the area due to the Covid-19 fallout and her service prices which were less than daycare is no longer available to me. So even though I now see my former employer advertising for my role (albeit full-time, I presume), I cannot return to them even if I wanted to, due again to original scheduling constraints and higher daycare costs now. Not to mention I suspect that they foster an inhumane atmosphere for their employees by setting schedules in such a way as either to force their employees to work at a loss or disqualify them from unemployment help in forcing them to resign. All while apparently refusing to show their employees any kind of loyalty through risking the Payroll Protection Program, a lifeline that Congress has had the foresight to throw to small businesses. 

Here is a novel thought: while technically, an employer can manipulate a situation to avoid unemployment liability, I think that the government needs to adjudicate the situation based on the SPIRIT of the law, not the LETTER, in which case I definitely qualify for unemployment aid given the national Pandemic condition which is no fault of my own. In my resignation email I did advise my employer that they should offer the most senior and willing employees a gainful, full-time employment option with the hours they do have, while encouraging the rest to file for unemployment, if they indeed choose not to do the Payroll Protection Program. My fate in this matter with regard to state government will speak to America.

On a side note, let me take this opportunity to promote, in case this article receives widespread exposure, a self-employment initiative I have recently started called The Write Right Remote Tutor. May I presume that my written testimony here is an excellent example of my expertise as a writer?

As people are squeezed by the economic pressures of this Pandemic, the weaknesses in our society are becoming more visible. My immediate financial situation highlights some of the fault lines in the relationship between employers and employees, for example. And it sets the stage for a very interesting scrutiny of state governments’ relation to their citizens, whenever the State visits my circumstance. The bottom line of my situation is, unemployment law was not written in consideration of the widespread labor effects of a Pandemic, particularly the economic cardiac arrest of shutting down. Therefore if and when my criteria for applying is visited by an adjudicating official, he or she will need to interpret the law in SPIRIT (which will demand greater forbearance in qualifying criteria) than in Letter (which will be too blunt an instrument and therefore inhumane).

But the additional and greater issue of the American citizen’s relationship to government in a “land of the free” is also being put on the spot, so let’s now turn to these considerations.

Government and Civil Liberty

I consider myself an American not only because I’m naturalized as such, but because I deeply identify with its greatest principle of Civil Liberty. Indeed, in my mid-life autobiography titled The Socratic Trucker: An American Memoir I write: ‘I am a true American, made so not by mere accident of birth, but in deepest ideological identification.” I propose to you that what a country stands for in its highest ideology determines that country’s essential and truest identity. America is Liberty, no less. And if it ever falls short of this mark of marks, it is, as Christ purportedly warns his followers, salt that has lost its saltiness and is therefore fit for not but the dung heap!

Is it clear now that I am a truest patriot? Well then, let’s see how this Pandemic affects me as such.

While I am as scared and as concerned for my and my family’s safety from Covid-19 as any reasonable other, I realize one central truth as a man of Liberty. I fully identify with Patrick Henry’s proclamation at the Second Virginia Convention in 1775 when he famously said “Give me Liberty or give me death!” Do you think this is a trivial statement, uttered merely for dramatic effect? I propose to you that just as nations who have won Liberty the hardest way in war and blood had to realize this truth, even so we today must renew our adherence to this sternest of values. Every so many years God or fate retests the human heroic heart to determine whether we are worthy of true life, or whether we are deserving ultimately of ignoble slavery. And today, Coronavirus is our inquisitor.

This shutting down of our economies is an injudicious act based ultimately on cowardice. We would be wiser to limit our most economically pricey safety restrictions to the most vulnerable to the virus. Rather than indiscriminately suppressing the liberty of all people from earning a self-sustaining, independent and therefore free living, we can offer government support and restrictive options to those most at risk of the virus. The elderly, those with underlying conditions. We can then throw massive public resources to hospitals and health agencies to deal with the sick and to prepare therapeutic and preventative vaccination measures, all while securing the fundamental liberty of the people to remain economically independent and therefore free. This would be more judicious. And what’s more, we would be accepting a basic truth about human life—we are mortal! To the degree that we are reluctant to accept our mortality, and indeed even to realize that there are things which are worse than death itself, we have chosen slavery out of cowardice.

We should not allow our government to make this decision for us. For in so doing, we allow them to presume cowardice on our part, holding out our quivering hands, as it were, for their shackles. Some might like to disparage our present American (social health) struggle with the Pandemic due to our cultural resistance linked to our value for individual liberty, but what they see as possible shameful failure of uniformity, I see as remnants of hope. Everyone seem to be unable to realize that the global economic shutdown is effectively resulting in a destruction of the financial independence of We, the People generally, which boils down to a decimation to Liberty itself, worldwide.

For without being able to stand on one’s own two feet to defend one’s liberty, can one ever be said to be free!? The inequality of resources in our world is rendering the bottom 99% of the world’s population not much more than slaves, while the 1% wielders of power resulting from their wealth are encouraging the bottom classes to fly at each other’s’ throats in class competition (and among the more ignorant, racial competition) in order to secure their (1%) position. Were human nature not basically selfish, a global, coordinated effort to shut down the economies of the world all at once and finally defeat this virus could have been made, for on the whole, the world is wealthy enough to absorb this blow—yet only if the wealthiest paid their fair share of the burden. But as it were, such an effort would only result in a dangerous precedent of power polarization and final tyranny (absolute rule) of the wealthiest few who, far from raising themselves to heroic sacrifice, would be in the most expedient position to usurp such power once created. Not, of course, that they have not always been and are not still attempting to do this very thing covertly!

Here therefore is another new thought: Could a 1% group have used the Communist Political Party in China to allow the escape of this virus for the very sake of progress toward such a universal consummation of power? Using the CCP as their global hound, as they have been using corporations as their usurping hounds for decades? But I suspect I’m getting too deep for most of you here, and I can mind read thoughts of conspiracy theory arising in some of my readers. So let us put unprovable speculations aside and get to the rational heart of why the free individual today needs to guard against government and all possible or conceivable constellations of power.

While laying out the evolution of the value for Civil Liberty in Western History in his essay “On Liberty,” John Stuart Mill penned a very powerful and famous sentence when he writes: “But as the king of the vultures would be no less bent upon preying on the flock than any of the minor harpies, it was indispensable to be in a perpetual attitude of defense against his beak and claws.” That is to say, the people of England realized that they needed to adopt an attitude of defense against their very king, as much as against his intermediates, despite any claims to benevolence on his part. This perpetual vigilance of the individual, even against his and her government, is therefore indispensable for a fairer and more just world. Justice only through vigilance and self-empowerment! This attitude must remain our perpetual civil exercise if as a self-interested race we hope to remain free.

In the context of a society that has shut down and is therefore restricting me economically, and considering that I myself have underlying conditions, I have accepted government support and services which are rightly available to me, as you can see above with unemployment. But mere fear of the virus has never played a role in my personal decisions as a man of Liberty. I will go out and work when I have found an opportunity compatible with the needs of my family and as prudent as possible health wise, in order to keep my country as strong economically and therefore as free as possible, despite my underlying conditions. I will of course wear face masks, wash my hands, and practice social distancing whenever possible. And I will set the example of responsibility and safety wherever I can. But I will never stop raising my voice to my fellow Americans that we must be on guard against letting our society fall to the opportunity of tyranny.

For I know very well the evil in this world, that it awaits only opportunity!

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…