A People-Lead World!

For too long, We the People, we the general masses of the world, have blindly followed our “leaders” into war and other destructive actions to our body-general. These “leaders” are most often, in truth and behind the lies of their propaganda, repulsive characters that the general folk, essentially desirous of life and liberty, would NEVER personally tolerate. National politics have forever therefore been the arena of a rule of vultures, our supposed “leaders,” dragging us along like mindless, enslaved ants.

It is time for a new world to arise, not necessarily the geo-political vision of our “leaders,” but one mainly guarded by We, the People. When wars are proposed, we must collectively build grass-roots bridges between folk of the two “opposing” countries, and conscientiously object in non-participation. When social and political actions are proposed within our nations or municipalities, we must also rally to consciously object in non-participation, when such actions threaten our lives and liberties.

Our most contemporary example might be the war in Ukraine. The folk on the Russian side could draft a position such as: “We, the People of Russia, generally interested in Life and Liberty, do hereby seek a partnership with the People of Ukraine, interested also in Life and Liberty, to consciously object through non-participation in war. We acknowledge that We, the People are not enemies of each other, and do hereby re-take guardianship of Life and Liberty on behalf of all the world.” Ukrainian folk can also draft such a resolution for the cross-national partnership of reason.

It is high time that we awaken from the delusion that We, the Folk, are in opposition in any real way to each other. We are only, in truth, unwitting children to our poorly chosen “leaders,” oblivious victims of the tragic apparatus of “leadership” within our evolving race human.

In America, the program for this awakening is at NewAmericanSpring.Org. And @NewWorldRising will be the global hub of this new consciousness.

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Good, Evil, Money, Slavery, and Human Destiny:

The ultimate lenz through which to view our world is that which perceives good and evil. Everything, from society to culture to geo-politics, spring from this essential differentiation. This fundamental, spiritual ground of reality is indispensable for the truest understanding of our world. So please suspend your disbelief and bear with me, if I may ask, while I attempt to unveil the ultimate truth:

This world is a stage of good souls and evil souls. Good souls are individuals who wish not only to live well, but equally desire their fellow human beings to live well, regardless of racial, social, or even ethnic delineation. Good souls have no underlying desire to be better than their fellow human beings. This is their fundamental constitution. These souls are challenged in this life to perfect their goodness through attaining universal love, the ability to love even their enemies and pray for their persecutors. These souls are challenged to recognize who they are, as children of God, emulating the Son of God as cross-bearers for the salvation of the world. Their ultimate challenge is to recognize that they are already saved and safe in the bosom of the Creator, and that the sacrifice of their physical life for the salvation of the world is their greatest, heroic challenge.

On the other end of the spiritual spectrum are evil souls. These souls are individuals who wish to live well on the backs of their fellow human beings. They take pride, deep in their hearts, of depriving their fellow human beings of joy and happiness, and they savor seeing their fellows in desperation, especially at their hands. They are exhilarated when they perceive themselves instruments of tyranny, when they can feel that they are superior in some way. Many evil souls are not so bold or cunning as to attain the highest levels of tyranny in society (such as political dictatorships or economic domination of the financial sector), so they gravitate, for example, to beliefs such as racism or classism or even ethnicism, in order to feel and live better than large segments of their fellow human beings. And because some evil souls are not necessarily members of the socially arbitrary delineation of “superior” races or “privileged” classes, these might seek out other means of tyranny, such perhaps as political power or financial power, etc., (lesser minions than those on the top). The essence of evil, however, is the quest for power and the activity (life for them) of depriving their fellow human beings of life and liberty.


In order for evil to dominate, liberty must be destroyed. So America first had to be compromised as a nation which stands for liberty. Evil influencers slowly cultivated an exclusively two-party system tied to ideological polarization, so that any genuine interest of the people will be infected and undermined through crippling ideological division. By herding the people across political-ideological lines, the people’s own vote renders them powerless, and the real and evil manipulators of American’s national direction remain free to rule. Even the heightened emphasis on voter turnout in recent years plays into this agenda, since it deceives the people into thinking that they are ever more democratic while they are fools of their own demise. Because the evil manipulators are tied to financial interests, money therefore rules America while the people are oblivious to the death of their democracy. This evil which has undermined America is the greatest of evil because it is based in deception—making the people think they are free, when they are but Children of Hamlin. And this is the evil which seeks to dominate the whole world through a “democratic empire.”

See more about the dynamics of America’s fall in this previous blog: https://newamericanspringblog.wordpress.com/2020/08/28/return-to-slavery/ and my attempts to wake up my fellow Americans in this blog: https://newamericanspringblog.wordpress.com/2020/10/12/why-im-not-voting/

So today, the evilest of souls, those who are the most bold and cunning, have gravitated to two, critical places: the chambers of power of first-world countries (such as the manipulators of NATO), and the top of the global, financial sector (such as the manipulators of the stock exchange and principal stakeholders in the largest, private banks). Together, they are cultivating the slavery of the entire world in expression of their fundamental character as dominators. On the financial side, they are manipulating the movement of wealth and power from the general masses to their few, via “new and enlightened” financial tools such as “credit default swaps” and other forms of speculation. On the geo-political side, they are gradually dominating all other countries in the wickedly hilarious name of “democracy” through creating what any educated person would recognize as the greatest oxymoron, the cause of a “democratic empire.” For true democracy is steeped in liberty, which cannot, by its very nature, coalesce into any form of “empire.” These evilest are working towards the day when they will finally be able to twist the screw and overtly, as opposed to presently covertly, dominate all the world—such as when all countries are subdued and surveillance technology has gotten so pervasive as to squash all protests for liberty, at their very inception.

Of course, there are some other, evil souls, such as the less “enlightened,” political dictators of countries such as Russia and North Korea, and even theocratic dictators such as those ruling Iran and even the Taliban. They will however be forced to eventually fall in line, even at the carnage of millions, if required. For within the evil faction there are factions, as the less powerful, good and evil masses, are sheep for the slaughter.

This grim truth is however overshadowed by the brightest of ends. God the Creator made this physical-temporal universe in order to culminate in love, justice, mercy, holiness—all virtues which are the names of the Creator and are ultimately one in the Creator. In other words, this world emanated from the breastplate of the Creator in order to showcase the truth of the Creator, and will repose again, onto Its bosom. Human destiny is therefore a play on this physical-temporal stage of good and evil. Good souls and evil souls will once again be embraced by the Creator, and the virtues of the Creator will be bliss for the good but fire for the evil, as love is torment to the hateful. And this has already occurred outside of time and space, so that the good are already saved, and the evil are already dammed—except that they have the opportunity, in this physical-temporal time and place, to repent, and become the good, and be saved…

Can you handle the truth?

Geo-politics from the Lenz of, Good and Evil–

Presently, the greatest saga playing out on the stage of geo-politics is the War in Ukraine. There is a real risk that this war can be taken to the unthinkable extreme of nuclear ignition. This would of course be a global catastrophe, but I propose that the players on the chess board are willing to go to this extreme. But why?

Frankly, there is an ultimate battle for power being conducted by two evil factions. One is represented by the thug and the strongman, the type of evil individual who believes in dominating their fellow human beings via their own cunning, manipulation, and prowess. This faction is presently embodied by Putin, but the archetype has many faces, from Saddam Hussein to Muammar Kaddafi to Kim Jung Ill, and all the many and various other dictators of our ragged history. But there is another and hidden and most insidious faction of evil—the Occultists behind western “Democracy.” These are the manipulators behind the growing surveillance state, and these are the ultimate puppet masters of NATO.

This second and greater faction of evil are those who are preparing the world for the central power or lordship of the antichrist. The dictator faction, Putin and all other pretenders to the throne of the antichrist, will be defeated by these minions. So, Putin will ultimately loose the battle, even if he has to disseminate a segment of Europe or the earth. And “Democracy” will triumph, which is no more than the multitude of humanity, deceived into believing that they are actually free.

After Putin, however, there will be one final resistance to NATO—this will be China. Under Xi Jinping, China is recognizing the growing, fascist power of those behind NATO and western “democracies,” and will attempt to protect it’s culture from this perceived “corruption.”  Chinese resistance will ultimately however fail from within, as most to all members of the communist party are evil souls who will ultimately come to recognize their bosom buddies among the occultist minions of the West.

Putin and Xi Jinping ultimately therefore constitute the last and final, naïve resistance of one, unenlightened archetype of evil against the other (Western neo-liberal). The essential difference between these two types of evil is that the strong man/coercive regime type is unable to hide their tyranny from the people, so they have to constantly check and curtail popular sentiment against their control. While the latter type hides its tyranny until such time that their control is sufficient not to be effectively challenged by any resistance from the people, all the while giving the people a sense of freedom and democracy which is essentially false. The former and antiquated type of evil is also expressed in the theocratic regime of Iran, the hypocritical regime of Bolsonaro, and even the new regime of Mohammed bin Salman– unless he is later revealed as the chosen one, the antichrist Himself.

The mass of humanity is constituted of a good portion of souls and an evil portion. The evil and the bold tend to assume the places of power. Although, the good and the wise do occupy some places presently–since the Spirit of God is still present in the world. Nevertheless, the evilest of souls constitute the minions of the antichrist, who is destined to assume total power eventually. The good will then be persecuted, and the inundation of tears of the saints will call out for the final battle of Armageddon, when the Christ returns to rule the world in justice.

And the rest is also foretold in some old book…

-Written for speculative fun-

The Ultimate Meaning of Diversity–

At the center of reality, that from which all reality springs, reality itself, is God the Creator. Because one of God’s names is Love, God allows all created beings to have their full enjoyment of all the elements of Creation in the spiritual universe. All good things are present to all created beings without the constraint of time and space and causality (consequence). This is why life outside the body and this realm of time and space is often called the Paradise.

But because God is also named Mercy, and Justice, God created the universe of time and space in order to self-manifest fully. So created beings are incarnated into this universe of limit and laws, of time and space and consequences. This universe is characterized by radical diversity, whose ultimate, underlying reality is attainable only through Love, for Love is the ultimate, unifying law. As in the spiritual universe, we beings (now human here) enjoy the very and many faces of diversity such as natural beauty, what some call nature, although the natural world is merely a dim shadow of the beauty in the spiritual world, since spiritual beauty is not limited by matter and time and space and can therefore be experienced exponentially.

Now in the spiritual universe, all beings enjoy all the goods of God’s Creation regardless of their deserving. In other words, if a being is not capable of showing love itself, this does not dissuade God from allowing that being to enjoy the unlimited goods of Creation, wherefore Jesus encouraged us to be perfect in showing unconditional love to others in this world “that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Matthew 5:45) God does this because yet another name for God is Grace, the quality of fully and freely giving without expectation.

The only caveat of non-loving beings enjoying God’s spiritual paradise is that they often self-limit their capacity to enjoy God’s good, to the extent that they have hardened their hearts to love while incarnated in this physical universe. Hence we are able to experience less and less paradise as we live lives intentionally less and less loving, or more and more unloving.

When in the physical universe, God’s created beings (now human) are more apt to reveal their hearts and characters, whether they are either ultimately loving or selfish or even hateful. And because this universe is subject to time and space and consequence, we see ugliness and want in our human society; dependent, as it is, on some souls who are not loving. Social ugliness such as, let’s say, racism, is the consequence of souls who are not loving. These souls reject the diversity of persons in the society of created beings in the name of some arbitrary criteria of race but might have done so for any other dividing basis. These souls are destined to manifest God’s justice—which is the consequence of not choosing love. As the material universe gradually coalesce in love in order to manifest God’s name as such, those beings who choose to reject love will find themselves isolated and closed in, and the full picture of this state is what is called Hell or the Lake of Fire.

Yet this fire is no more than love manifest in time and space, so that if a non-loving being only chooses to love instead, such fire will become paradise again and this being will be celebrated, like the prodigal son, for being once dead, and now alive. This is the full truth of God as Justice, as Mercy, and as Love.

So let us enjoy the very many faces of diversity in this universe of time and space. Let us choose a loving heart, unifying all things in our love as true Children of God. Let us love “nature’s” diversity, as well as the diversity of persons in our own human community. Because what good is there in taking the by-way of hate and destruction and ugliness, except to know what it tastes like.

But as for me, I am not the type to taste feces just to know what it tastes like, lol.

American Sermon: Liberty, Identity, and Culmination

So, a Creator who can also be called LOVE created infant beings who, being infants, know mainly only to succor of their Creator’s gifts in Love. This is why human beings are always hungry for the enjoyment of things. A splendid universe was made for their enjoyment, and while they are in the spiritual realm, that enjoyment is unbounded– except as self-restricted by the bonds they place upon themselves as they abuse the standard of Love in the physical world of human beings, As a result of such abuse, they take back to the spiritual realm the meanness of their hearts, which eclipses their ability to unboundedly enjoy the gifts of love. But all enjoyment of all creation is always available to all beings out of the Creator’s pure love, and the extent to which beings partake in the enjoyment of Creation is called Liberty.

And what a great vision is America, to have dedicated itself to Liberty on the elemental level of the individual, him and herself!

Now the lowest form of Liberty is the enjoyment of the exercise of Free Will to reject the Creator, to rebel against a universe made by and for love. The exercise of the Liberty of Free Will and its ability to accept or reject the Creator itself, produces identity. Those who exercise their Free Wills to embrace their Creator are identified as Good, while those who reject their creator have identified as Evil.

The physical universe is presently a frontier-land, such as the old American Wild West, but it is gradually civilizing, or being confirmed to the love of the Creator. As this happens, those who choose evil will begin to experience the fires of their own hatred, turned back on themselves, which fire is no other than hate in an environment of love. For love is fire to the hateful.

And so the great culmination of Love and Fire, served up to mankind on a field of liberty, by the participating hand of the great American nation-state! LOL

Liberal vs. Conservative

The root of our Liberal verses Conservative, social divide in America lies in our evolutionary based instinct.

In nature, there are two drives in species which work together in securing short and long-term survival. Short-term survival is secured when individual members of the species adhere to group consciousness or “conservative” standards. This keeps the group cohesive and able to pool its collective strength against immediate survival threats. Long-term survival, on the other end of the spectrum, is secured when individual members of the species are driven to express their individualism or variety. This enables the species, as a whole, to find new expressions in the face of a changing, natural environment, some of which might die off if detrimental, but some of which will live on if useful to the species, enabling the species to better adopt in the long term.

Human individuals will always essentially fall either on one or the other end of this survivalist instinctual spectrum, so most individuals lean either Liberal or Conservative. This is a natural divide, and it need not be the basis for dysfunction if we truly understand and appreciate this truth about ourselves as human beings.

Sadly, and most tragically, there is a social faction in the intra-species competition who seek to capitalize on this natural divide to divide the majority (We, the People) for the sake of social control, a new fascism disguised as “democracy.” This is why the liberal-conservative divide is so deep in America and is the source of the greatest weakening of the influence of the People–to the point where America’s very experiment in a rule Of, by and For the People is under existential threat!

Oh, wake up, my fellow Americans! Stop slumbering in sloth. How long must We the Oblivious People remain prey to the more cunning wolves among us?

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

There is no Truth but

There is no truth but relationship-right relationship with God. Prayer (or for some, heart meditation–meditation that affects one’s love of others) is the process in which right relationship with God continually develops. Because not all individuals are intentional about prayer or meditation, this ultimate source of their reality experience is not self-evident, but our choices in interacting with others nevertheless translate to our ultimate posture toward God. So, all of reality is a construct, deriving from the interpersonal dynamics of prayer, heart meditation or moral posture.

Because there is no truth in an absolute or objective way, the sense of reality that human communities share is built on storytelling, resulting in the running tale of Culture. The storytelling of human reality building is continually evolving, edited and added to by individuals who are most in tuned with the cultural heart.

Reality weaving individuals closer to God add elements to the tale which heal and harmonizes the human community and inspire others to closer relationship with God. Individuals farther from God might equally inspire, but the tales they weave result in wounding and destructive dramatizations in the human community.

One’s capacity for genuine and vital relationships with others derives directly from one’s level of relationship with God, from the richness of one’s prayer life (or the moral intentionality of one’s social life). All other kinds of relationship with others are narcissistic, enabling, and predatory.

Therefore today, I will stop looking for Truth, which is non-existent. Truth in the sense of an absolute state of affairs upon which I can rest. For there is no standing still. And I will stop looking for friends whom I cannot find until I first strike upon MY right relationship with God.

These somewhat esoteric contemplations open the window into the inner life of the Founder@NewAmericanSpring. Take them for what they are worth to you…

I Choose to be a Child

If a light bearer should come to me,

Lifting a torch of technology,

A scepter of power,

And invite me to join his universal rebels,

I have chosen to be a child.

If my fellow human beings all gather round him,

And lift him up in the palms of their infant hands,

For showing them how to be gods,

I have chosen to be a child.

Oh how the earth beckons,

The humble soil,

The flowing air,

The simple sunlight,

And here I wait, obediently,


For mine inheritance.

The Creator of all the universe,

He who made even the light bearer,

And allowed him to choose his own way,

In hope of Love,

He is my Father too,

But I choose to be His child.

He is Three in One, all perfect,

And none self-sufficient,

For Each needs the Other,

In Triune Unity!

Hence I choose to be a child,

That I might also be perfect, yet never self-sufficient,

Just like You, mine Creator!

For the child always waits,

And receives,

From his loving parent–

Knowing that there is no greater example,

Than his own Father’s


And Spirit’s!


I Sing the Song


1st Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!


Before or above or other than,

Our Earth,

We dwell as spiritual beings.

We roame the infinite mansions of God’s Creation,

At will,

And as lesser Gods.

But then comes the Rival of God,


Into God’s chambers, saying:

“These beings whom You are so pleased with,

These infants who succor of Your created gifts,

Who weave through the forest of Your Creation;

They love themselves and they love You only because,

You are so good and generous to them.

But just you incarnate them into the lowest rung of Your Creation,

Into the material universe,

And give them heavy bodies and forgetfulness of their great souls.

And then will they curse Your Name!

They will choose to disobey You by my temptation,

And they will encounter sickness and labor and death,

And they will finally show you their truth.

In their final days I will give them technology,

And I will inspire them to seize the gifts of Your Creation,

To Travel the stars by their own hands, and design their own immortality,

Via their sciences, my counterfeit.”

And so began life as human beings,

And God inspired the parable of Job,

In order to make us aware,

Of the genealogy of our physical existence…

2nd Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!


At Lucifer’s behest,

God the Father was penchant.

For he knew that great pains and trials,

Would befall His beloved.

But He also knew,

That he gave all his created beings the gift of Free Will,

In order that they might choose to Love Him,

And through Love,

Be adopted into his own, Divine Love Affair!

And while Lucifer was the first of His created beings to reject Him,

Bringing evil into His Creation,

God also knew that,

The great trial of His innocent, infant beings,

Who are to become human,

Would undermine Lucifer’s very rebellion of angels!

For his infant beings, now human, will be adopted into His very Godhead,

Becoming co-equal with God,

And winning, by obedient love,

That which Lucifer endeavored to take!


3rd Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!


Human history began with a Garden of Eden,

A paradise which mirrored the spiritual paradise,

In which God’s infant beings dwelled.

But while their souls formerly soared the spiritual mansions,

And wove through the created forests of God,

Their human form now opened a new dimension for their dwelling,

A physical universe over which they were given rightful dominion–

In virtue of the hierarchy of their spiritual aspect.

And Lucifer did come, and did tempt and deceive them into rebellion,

And their disobedience of God plunged the universe into disorder,

And they became acquainted with suffering, and DEATH.

So that by having the knowledge of Good and Evil,

Their remnant shall destroy the head of evil, Lucifer,

For choosing the good,

In the consummation of time.


4th Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!


And in the ripeness of time,

God the Son incarnated as human,

And began the great process,

Of re-weaving the physical universe,

Into God’s Kingdom.

The momentum of Lucifer’s,

Rebellion among human beings,

Resulted in the death of the Christ,

And the Church was begun,

Among human beings,

Guided by the Spirit of God.

Which remnant of the Children of God,

Will begin re-knitting,

The lowest rung of God’s Creation,

The material universe,

Into God’s divine, Love Affair!


5th Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!!


When the resurrected Christ departed,

He sent the Spirit,

Which now works in the hearts of His Children,

Those who utilize their Free Wills,

To accept and obey their Creator.

Through them shall the Love of God,

Rise as the sun among humans,

Rejoining the material universe,

To the spiritual.

And God’s Kingdom will come on Earth,

As it is in heaven.

And Lucifer and his human remnant,

Shall be banished to the lake of the fire of their own hate,

And humanity shall marry the Lamb,

Entering the very Life of God,

And shall have won,

Not just the fruits of God’s love, the Paradise,

But shall triumph in the saga of,

Glorious Love!


I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!!!

Loving Child or Malignant Parasite

Are you a loving child, or a malignant parasite?

All consciousness, all awareness springs from God. The God who calls himself “I Am Who Am” (Exodus 3:14) is the source from whom all entities spring, receiving their allotment of consciousness as infants receive milk to succor.

Entities are points of consciousness, but they are not self-aware, such as an animal. A cow is conscious, for example, but it cannot philosophize. It can enjoy its awareness, the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of the grass, but it cannot ask itself whether roaming in the pasture all day is rather boring and below its expectations.

Human beings are however self-conscious entities, as self-consciousness is what makes an entity a being. But unlike regular entities like animals who are only conscious, beings are given an additional gift by God. Through their self-awareness they are given the gift of Free Will.

Free Will is our ability as self-aware beings either to accept or reject God Himself, our Creator. God gave us this gift so that we might love Him. God wishes that we grow beyond merely enjoying the many and various and eternal fields of His Creation. We are to mature from succoring infants, into his children by utilizing our Free Wills to accept Him and follow him in loving obedience.

But because some of us will exercise our Free Wills in the opposite direction in rejecting God, not all of us become His children. Those who reject God become malignant parasites as opposed to loving children. They choose the evil course of attempting to seize the goods of God’s creation such as traveling the stars and exploring the universe via technology and attempting to seize immortality via the sciences, rather than awaiting God’s gift to his obedient children of all these things (and much more than we can ever imagine) as future, mini gods ourselves: “Because you have so little faith,” He answered. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

Evil beings also seek to dominate their good as well as their evil brethren in their poisonous lusts, rather than gratefully receiving from God and happily sharing God’s abundance with their fellows. So, if you find in your heart a desire to enjoy privileges over your fellow human beings, especially at their disadvantage, you might want to convict yourself for being a parasite and not a Child of God.

So I ask again, what are you, a loving child, or a malignant parasite?

PS: Oh, and by the way, no matter how evil we are, God does not see us as parasites. He rather looks upon us in sadness and disappointment, but He never gives up hope. We are only to rightly call ourselves parasites if we will reject such a loving parent.

Taking my cue from God, therefore, neither would I call ANYONE a parasite…