Liberal vs. Conservative

The root of our Liberal verses Conservative, social divide in America lies in our evolutionary based instinct.

In nature, there are two drives in species which work together in securing short and long-term survival. Short-term survival is secured when individual members of the species adhere to group consciousness or “conservative” standards. This keeps the group cohesive and able to pool its collective strength against immediate survival threats. Long-term survival, on the other end of the spectrum, is secured when individual members of the species are driven to express their individualism or variety. This enables the species, as a whole, to find new expressions in the face of a changing, natural environment, some of which might die off if detrimental, but some of which will live on if useful to the species, enabling the species to better adopt in the long term.

Human individuals will always essentially fall either on one or the other end of this survivalist instinctual spectrum, so most individuals lean either Liberal or Conservative. This is a natural divide, and it need not be the basis for dysfunction if we truly understand and appreciate this truth about ourselves as human beings.

Yet there are of course social factions in the intra-species competition who might seek to capitalize on this natural divide to divide the majority (the People) for the sake of social control, which is why the liberal-conservative divide is so deep in America and is the source of the greatest weakening of the influence of the People–to the point where America’s very experiment in a rule Of, by and For the People is under existential threat!

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

There is no Truth but

There is no truth but relationship-right relationship with God. Prayer (or for some, heart meditation–meditation that affects one’s love of others) is the process in which right relationship with God continually develops. Because not all individuals are intentional about prayer or meditation, this ultimate source of their reality experience is not self-evident, but our choices in interacting with others nevertheless translate to our ultimate posture toward God. So, all of reality is a construct, deriving from the interpersonal dynamics of prayer, heart meditation or moral posture.

Because there is no truth in an absolute or objective way, the sense of reality that human communities share is built on storytelling, resulting in the running tale of Culture. The storytelling of human reality building is continually evolving, edited and added to by individuals who are most in tuned with the cultural heart.

Reality weaving individuals closer to God add elements to the tale which heal and harmonizes the human community and inspire others to closer relationship with God. Individuals farther from God might equally inspire, but the tales they weave result in wounding and destructive dramatizations in the human community.

One’s capacity for genuine and vital relationships with others derives directly from one’s level of relationship with God, from the richness of one’s prayer life (or the moral intentionality of one’s social life). All other kinds of relationship with others are narcissistic, enabling, and predatory.

Therefore today, I will stop looking for Truth, which is non-existent. Truth in the sense of an absolute state of affairs upon which I can rest. For there is no standing still. And I will stop looking for friends whom I cannot find until I first strike upon MY right relationship with God.

These somewhat esoteric contemplations open the window into the inner life of the Founder@NewAmericanSpring. Take them for what they are worth to you…

I Choose to be a Child

If a light bearer should come to me,

Lifting a torch of technology,

A scepter of power,

And invite me to join his universal rebels,

I have chosen to be a child.

If my fellow human beings all gather round him,

And lift him up in the palms of their infant hands,

For showing them how to be gods,

I have chosen to be a child.

Oh how the earth beckons,

The humble soil,

The flowing air,

The simple sunlight,

And here I wait, obediently,


For mine inheritance.

The Creator of all the universe,

He who made even the light bearer,

And allowed him to choose his own way,

In hope of Love,

He is my Father too,

But I choose to be His child.

He is Three in One, all perfect,

And none self-sufficient,

For Each needs the Other,

In Triune Unity!

Hence I choose to be a child,

That I might also be perfect, yet never self-sufficient,

Just like You, mine Creator!

For the child always waits,

And receives,

From his loving parent–

Knowing that there is no greater example,

Than his own Father’s


And Spirit’s!


I Sing the Song


1st Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!


Before or above or other than,

Our Earth,

We dwell as spiritual beings.

We roame the infinite mansions of God’s Creation,

At will,

And as lesser Gods.

But then comes the Rival of God,


Into God’s chambers, saying:

“These beings whom You are so pleased with,

These infants who succor of Your created gifts,

Who weave through the forest of Your Creation;

They love themselves and they love You only because,

You are so good and generous to them.

But just you incarnate them into the lowest rung of Your Creation,

Into the material universe,

And give them heavy bodies and forgetfulness of their great souls.

And then will they curse Your Name!

They will choose to disobey You by my temptation,

And they will encounter sickness and labor and death,

And they will finally show you their truth.

In their final days I will give them technology,

And I will inspire them to seize the gifts of Your Creation,

To Travel the stars by their own hands, and design their own immortality,

Via their sciences, my counterfeit.”

And so began life as human beings,

And God inspired the parable of Job,

In order to make us aware,

Of the genealogy of our physical existence…

2nd Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!


At Lucifer’s behest,

God the Father was penchant.

For he knew that great pains and trials,

Would befall His beloved.

But He also knew,

That he gave all his created beings the gift of Free Will,

In order that they might choose to Love Him,

And through Love,

Be adopted into his own, Divine Love Affair!

And while Lucifer was the first of His created beings to reject Him,

Bringing evil into His Creation,

God also knew that,

The great trial of His innocent, infant beings,

Who are to become human,

Would undermine Lucifer’s very rebellion of angels!

For his infant beings, now human, will be adopted into His very Godhead,

Becoming co-equal with God,

And winning, by obedient love,

That which Lucifer endeavored to take!


3rd Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!


Human history began with a Garden of Eden,

A paradise which mirrored the spiritual paradise,

In which God’s infant beings dwelled.

But while their souls formerly soared the spiritual mansions,

And wove through the created forests of God,

Their human form now opened a new dimension for their dwelling,

A physical universe over which they were given rightful dominion–

In virtue of the hierarchy of their spiritual aspect.

And Lucifer did come, and did tempt and deceive them into rebellion,

And their disobedience of God plunged the universe into disorder,

And they became acquainted with suffering, and DEATH.

So that by having the knowledge of Good and Evil,

Their remnant shall destroy the head of evil, Lucifer,

For choosing the good,

In the consummation of time.


4th Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!


And in the ripeness of time,

God the Son incarnated as human,

And began the great process,

Of re-weaving the physical universe,

Into God’s Kingdom.

The momentum of Lucifer’s,

Rebellion among human beings,

Resulted in the death of the Christ,

And the Church was begun,

Among human beings,

Guided by the Spirit of God.

Which remnant of the Children of God,

Will begin re-knitting,

The lowest rung of God’s Creation,

The material universe,

Into God’s divine, Love Affair!


5th Stanza:

I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!!


When the resurrected Christ departed,

He sent the Spirit,

Which now works in the hearts of His Children,

Those who utilize their Free Wills,

To accept and obey their Creator.

Through them shall the Love of God,

Rise as the sun among humans,

Rejoining the material universe,

To the spiritual.

And God’s Kingdom will come on Earth,

As it is in heaven.

And Lucifer and his human remnant,

Shall be banished to the lake of the fire of their own hate,

And humanity shall marry the Lamb,

Entering the very Life of God,

And shall have won,

Not just the fruits of God’s love, the Paradise,

But shall triumph in the saga of,

Glorious Love!


I sing the song of God’s Love,

I sing of His Spirit,

Who will knit all of Creation,

Into God’s Divine, Love Affair!!!!!!

Loving Child or Malignant Parasite

Are you a loving child, or a malignant parasite?

All consciousness, all awareness springs from God. The God who calls himself “I Am Who Am” (Exodus 3:14) is the source from whom all entities spring, receiving their allotment of consciousness as infants receive milk to succor.

Entities are points of consciousness, but they are not self-aware, such as an animal. A cow is conscious, for example, but it cannot philosophize. It can enjoy its awareness, the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of the grass, but it cannot ask itself whether roaming in the pasture all day is rather boring and below its expectations.

Human beings are however self-conscious entities, as self-consciousness is what makes an entity a being. But unlike regular entities like animals who are only conscious, beings are given an additional gift by God. Through their self-awareness they are given the gift of Free Will.

Free Will is our ability as self-aware beings either to accept or reject God Himself, our Creator. God gave us this gift so that we might love Him. God wishes that we grow beyond merely enjoying the many and various and eternal fields of His Creation. We are to mature from succoring infants, into his children by utilizing our Free Wills to accept Him and follow him in loving obedience.

But because some of us will exercise our Free Wills in the opposite direction in rejecting God, not all of us become His children. Those who reject God become malignant parasites as opposed to loving children. They choose the evil course of attempting to seize the goods of God’s creation such as traveling the stars and exploring the universe via technology and attempting to seize immortality via the sciences, rather than awaiting God’s gift to his obedient children of all these things (and much more than we can ever imagine) as future, mini gods ourselves: “Because you have so little faith,” He answered. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

Evil beings also seek to dominate their good as well as their evil brethren in their poisonous lusts, rather than gratefully receiving from God and happily sharing God’s abundance with their fellows. So, if you find in your heart a desire to enjoy privileges over your fellow human beings, especially at their disadvantage, you might want to convict yourself for being a parasite and not a Child of God.

So I ask again, what are you, a loving child, or a malignant parasite?

PS: Oh, and by the way, no matter how evil we are, God does not see us as parasites. He rather looks upon us in sadness and disappointment, but He never gives up hope. We are only to rightly call ourselves parasites if we will reject such a loving parent.

Taking my cue from God, therefore, neither would I call ANYONE a parasite…

The Great Culmination: Death of Civil Liberty and the Final Spiritual Showdown

               Our world seems to be approaching a great and culminating point, a final spiritual showdown. In order to apprehend this truth, we need to understand a few things. First, we need to examine three terms: Free Will, Liberty, and Freedom. Second, we need to see how the exercise of the human qualities conditioned in these terms paint a spiritual picture of our world. Then finally, we will be able to more fully understand three previous blogs in this New American Spring account which outline the events leading up to the Great Culmination aforementioned.

               Free Will is the ability to accept or reject our Creator. The Creator imbued his created beings with this ability to accept or reject Him because of Love, since one cannot love what one is not free to reject. While the exercise of a being’s Free Will to reject its Creator is the source of all evil and the reason why evil exists, the great value of Free Will is so paramount to the Creator that He allowed the biproduct of evil in His creation, in the name of His great value for Love. Love is so central to the identity of the Creator that it is in fact one of His personhoods: the Spirit of Love, or the Holy Spirit. God the Father originated or “planned” all of creation. God the Son manifested or “built” all of creation. And God the Spirit is tasked with knitting all of creation together, into God’s Divine, Love Affair.

The Spirit is the Person of God who embodies the Love between the Father and the Son, and the Triune dynamic between these three Personhoods of God is God’s Divine Love Affair.

Created beings are spiritually distinguished in one central way: whether they either exercise their Free Wills to accept or reject their Creator. Beings who accept their creator are ultimately loving, healing or nurturing, and good. While beings who reject their creator are essentially hateful, destructive or vengeful, and evil. This fundamental choice in the exercise of Free Will therefore conditions the sub-choices of created beings in Creation.

Liberty is the many and various sub-choices of created beings in Creation. Creation is infinite and profound, containing many and various levels, dimensions and universes. Created beings roam the mansions of Creation, working out their identities as they “live” or “exist.” This ability to make individual choices in the context of a diverse Creation, one’s Liberty, is likewise ultimately exercised in one of two fundamental ways. One’s choices in Liberty culminate either in good or evil choices. And this is what is understood as “working out one’s identity in Creation.”

Freedom, finally, is merely the sense or experience of created beings, of their actual liberties. When created beings see that they are “free” to make various choices and travel various and divergent paths in the forest of Creation, they develop a sense of being free.

Let us now move from a generalized reference to “Creation,” and to our actual, physical world of time and space—our blue-green planet Earth, if you will. Humans are a community of beings sharing the same human nature as well as a common space in the physical environment. (Notice how we are created, in this respect, in the image of God, as multiple persons sharing one, unified or “same” nature). But because the essential identity of souls (the exercise of Free Will of created beings) varies between those who are essentially good and those who are ultimately evil, the world we live in is somewhat of a battlefield, a showdown or a stage which contrasts the fates of the good and the evil in Creation.

Now human beings find themselves in a natural world (our physical dimension of Creation) which requires them to work together in order to survive. This necessity forces both the ultimately good and the eventual evil among us to cooperate with one another in forming governances, or government. And over the course of human history, there have been many forms of government, from dictators, to oligarchies, to theocracies, to democracies, etc. Despite the various forms of governance, however, one essential, spiritual truth remains operational:  our society is constituted of essentially good souls and ultimately evil souls, bunched together. If human beings were all good, then no matter what the form of government, our world would enjoy harmony and flourishing. And if all human beings were evil, there would only be one essential form of government—that which endeavors to destroy all Civil Liberty. Why? Because Civil Liberty allows the good souls among us the freedom to exist as good souls, that is, the Liberty to exercise good choices in society. While the destruction of Civil Liberty allows only evil souls to dominate, as domination is the essence of evil beings who exercise their Liberty to assert themselves over the rights and needs of their fellows.

And in a society containing the good and the evil, the evil will always ultimately dominate the social order of any governance, since they are most aggressive. This is the reason behind the continual rise and fall of civilizations throughout human history. Civilizations arise when a good code of ethics is adopted which holds it together, but over time, the evil numbers of souls among the human race corrupt each civilization, resulting in its inevitable fall. This truth therefore bodes very badly for our present, globalizing society, for it will signal our universal fall and therefore the final showdown.

Notice here the distinction between Liberty and Civil Liberty. Liberty is the God-given ability or Freedom of all beings to make choices in Creation, while Civil Liberty is the social or political ability of human beings to exercise their God-given Liberty in this physical dimension of Creation, within our society. Evil human beings would endeavor to exercise their God-given Liberty to dominate their fellow human beings through the destruction of Civil Liberty because the essence of evil is the exercise of Free Will to reject the Creator who made all of Creation to work in harmony. Such a spiritual rejection of God makes evil souls intolerant of good souls in society who put a check on their evil Liberties via laws and governances which encode Morality in society. For Morality is no more than the code of expectations of the good among us who instinctively choose, behave and live in ways harmonious and tolerant of God’s Creation—the community of God’s created beings in one another.

If you have been able to follow this fundamental explanation of our world, you will now be able to finally and fully appreciate the three previous blogs titled: “Return to Slavery,” “Death of the World,” and “Awaiting Awakening.”

Please now read these in turn, to understand what and who is behind the shape of our times and how our world in on the verge of a final showdown between good and evil, as the Kingdom of God inevitably approaches…

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

Selfishness, Undeveloped Heroism, or Spiritual Infancy?

As a vision which aspires to bring about real human change, New American Spring must seize upon a clear understanding of human nature. For the truer its understanding, the more effective its influence. Accordingly, consistent with my providential genealogy as the founder of such a movement, I have always grappled with a definitive understanding of my fellow person—since very childhood, it seems.

In some of my blogs for New American Spring, I have used the paradigm of portraying human beings as essentially selfish and self-centered, most powerfully in my blogs titled “Return to Slavery?” and “Death of the World.” In others, I have taken a new approach, seeing our species as merely presently in the throes of what I term our survivalist mentality, the residue of our primitive past where we had to adopt certain instincts, impulses and attitudes in the interest of securing our physical survival in nature.  I then proceed to identify this mentality as resulting in what I further coin as our state of underdeveloped heroism, i.e., our assumption that materialistic accomplishment is the exclusive and obvious, heroic object of life.

Such heroism is underdeveloped, however, because there is a greater form of accomplishment within our reach, which is more excellent: that of humanistic achievement. This better definition of the hero considers the richer aspects of our nature such as art, philosophy, sport, etc. Elements which are more spiritual and less tied to the merely materialistic. This new understanding of human nature is inspiringly portrayed in my blog, “Life of the World.”

But today, let me present a third way of seeing ourselves: spiritual infancy. An infant is a hungry organism that has the main impulse to succor. Unlike its parent, it cannot yet give or nurture. It knows only to consume, so that it might grow into maturity. Growth which is also painful, as we err in many ways.

This would suggest that our human family is apparently “selfish” or “self-centered” only because, as spiritual infants, we are yet unable to naturally embody the more mature attitudes of giving, serving and nurturing. This new way of looking at ourselves would also imply that we are “heroically underdeveloped” because we are incapable of instinctively appreciating how a general attitude of serving one another, over and above an attitude of being served or taking, actually signifies higher development or greater nobility on our part. For as we err in our growing up, we eventually recognize that giving and serving is the greater way in which to sculpt our world.

Wherefore, in the absence of adults among us, the more spiritually mature such as holy men and women, our world is not much more than an ungoverned, kindergarten class at present, a Lord of the Flies environment.

Could this point of view be the actual truth behind our dysfunctional world?

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…

PS: But wait, wait! Is our world really just a kindergarten class, after all, or is it perhaps a battleground, a stage showcasing the fates of good and evil? Don’t take off your thinking caps yet…

The Social Program: Our Time is Near!

We come, finally, to the actual, concrete program for our New American Spring. Here, we see the organizational innovation which will embody all the previously visited ideas, aspirations, and insights of the foregoing pages.

This Program will consist of three organizational entities: I. the New American Spring foundation, and its two, sister organizational structures—II. the Citizens Activated network of adult, civics associations, and III. the Youth Invigorated youth formations organization. By defining each of these structures, the Social Program will be fully explained. I will then end with a vision for the kick-off event of this movement: IV. the New American Spring First Leaders Conference.

I. The Foundation

The specific purpose of the New American Spring Foundation will be to raise and disperse start-up and developmental funding for its forenamed sister organizational structures, as well as to provide overall leadership within the Social Program. This foundation will have a national, remote board of directors who will meet online, and will have an overall CEO, preferably the founder. This individual will travel throughout the United States, further spreading the message, fundraising, and overseeing the initial start-up processes of the sister organizations. He or she will also continue to develop the message and vision of the social curriculum through his or her writing, hosting of think tanks, and through his or her participation in annual leadership conferences with the executive leaders of the sister organizations. 

II. Citizens Activated Associations

Citizens Activated will be a loose network of civics associations. These associations will avoid central leadership essentially in order to escape the corrupting influence of a Tyranny of the Majority (popular factions) as well as Party Infiltration (co-option) by forces unfriendly to the real interests of the American people. Today, for instance, while the American people are convinced to vote for one candidate or other, they are ever more beginning to sense the inadequacy of their options. Citizens Activated is therefore designed to return all legitimacy to the peoples’ representatives by marrying said representatives most closely to the true sentiment of We, The People.

The American political landscape has long assumed the character of the Village of Hamelin, where the Pied Piper swayed unwitting children to their doom by playing alluring but sinisterly deceptive tunes. The political ad machine of American politics, by selling influence for money, have similarly herded We, The People away from our true, self-representation and self-direction. Our only remedy is to learn to come together and discover our authentic voice through Citizens Activated.

Citizen Activated’s main purpose is therefore to foster face-to-face, real community building. The spirit of its community revival will be based on a radical embrace of all diversity, whether gender, race, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation—all the presently recognized points of social differentiation. Yet what is most important of all, Citizens Activated will challenge the American masses to respect one another in genuine, open-minded dialogue across political and even ideological lines. Because the New American Spring Social program has arisen to most directly remedy the greatest obstacle to social justice in the division and disempowerment of the people, the specific purpose of Citizens Activated will be to re-knit the American people together into one functional mass so that the power and influence of We, The People will retake control over the essential nature and direction of our government.

To be most effective, this community building must accordingly take place on two levels: online through social networking, and in the community through face-to-face structures.


In our formerly less informationally connected history, the general masses had to rely on political representatives to a greater degree if they hoped to sustain a large body politic. This is so because of the natural limitation of human attention to manageable social circles. Today, however, with the birth of the smartphone and social media, a united consciousness of the people is becoming ever more possible. In order to see a world which truly befits our human race, we ought to do everything we can to foster the development of this organic, one-world consciousness. Yet from the bottom up, that is, not the top down, as introduced in our preceding chapters. Hence must America lead in this unity program; for our nation has boasted, from its inception, a government of, by, and for the people as its central identity claim.

In order to accomplish an effective unification both politically and socially through the use of on-line tools, I propose the following elements, to begin:

Municipal Web Pages

Each Citizens Activated branch will maintain a web page. Each city, each county, and each state will have a page, and there must also be one national page. Because the web page serves as the informational heart and true representation of each group, each page will be moderated by a democratically elected moderator of its respective municipality.

Within a larger city, for example, Citizens Activated groups may form according to neighborhoods or districts for face-to-face manageability. The leaders of these groups, within a given city, will then elect one of their group members to moderate the city’s web page based upon his or her demonstrated impartiality and commitment to diversity and, of course, adequate technical skills. Likewise, in every county, a number of city groups will exist whose leaders will elect their respective county’s website moderator, and so on with the states, and so on for the national. This will guarantee that the person put in trust of the information is an authentic part of the Social Program.

Further details of this role will be determined during the organizing process.

Structure of Web Pages

In order to accomplish the greatest representative function, each Citizens Activated web page will adhere to one common structure involving five elements, to begin: a Citizens Profile, a Voter Education Forum, a Political Opinion Forum, a Populist Action Forum, and a Voter Mobilization Tool.

The Citizens Profile is Citizens Activated’s social-media profile of members. In the beginning, a presently established social media forum can be used, but as our social program develops, an entirely new social network will be constructed for We, The People.

Next and one of the most important elements of its service, every Citizens Activated web page must host a Voter Education Forum. This forum will consist of the most succinct and objective definitions of issues relating to its municipality. As one of our national founders, Thomas Jefferson writes:  “I know of no safer depositary of the ultimate powers of the society than the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”

Because the representatives of our people today often have self-serving and corrupted motives through the compromising influence of money in politics, and because We, The People are naturally overwhelmed by the complexity of government in the face of our need to navigate an ever more bewildering world, a clear, effective, and functional instrument of political education is absolutely critical if we will truly and effectively be able to govern ourselves. The age of those who wish to continue playing our Pied Pipers, of those who despise us in their hearts and seek only to prey upon us, must now and definitively come to an end!

Besides education, the freedom of We, The People to express our opinions one to another, to reason and remonstrate with one another, is likewise central, as I have spoken about the socially critical role of dialogue. Because we cannot logistically be available to personally engage one another in any significant degree and on every convenient occasion within our relevant municipalities, this is where the benefits of the online forum shines brightest. Through Political Opinion Forums, we will be able enjoy the very important fruits of dialogue, which, when approached open-mindedly, always serve to edify—indeed unify. Education and opinion forums will gradually and ultimately enable us to organically unify under the mind of one body politic, so long as we approach our revived republic in the positive spirit of embracing of all diversity.

This work of inspiration will be the essential task of the previously discussed Citizens Activated leadership.

As important as the need to express ones opinions and know that one is being heard, one also needs the freedom to act on one’s social passions. By hosting a Populist Action Forum, accordingly, Citizen’s Activated will provide a space for the American citizen to organize his and her peers toward social interventions which she or he is personally passionate about. Some may be committed to clean water, others to freer trade. Some may organize around better schools, others around responsible government spending. But here, in one place, every cause will have the light of day for airing and mobilizing We, the People.

Citizens Activated members will be encouraged to look upon such diversity with approval, appreciating that just as in the state of nature diversity amounts to healthy ecosystems, so in our body politic. As in diversified nature the whole system converges toward health and beauty, so will our new, Enlightened Populism knit the people together in healthy rationality.

The last element I initially put forward for the Citizens Activated web pages is a Voter Mobilization Tool. This is a very critical feature, inasmuch as it will enable the voter to match his and her vote to a political candidate who most closely corresponds to his and her Issues Profile.

As a part of every member’s Citizens Profile will be a set of identifying issues which he or she, as an autonomous citizen, stands for. These issues will derive from those defined in the Voter Education Forum, and it will also enable political candidates to gauge what the people want. This will likewise allow the people to determine how their chosen candidate perform in office. Therefore this tool ultimately tightens the control of We, The People over our democratically chosen candidates.

Finally, the Voter Mobilization Tool does not to suggest a mechanical process for voting, so much as offer the busy citizen a quick guideline to his and her best representative in our ever more distracted lives.

Face-to-Face Community

We come now to the face-to-face community structures of our Citizens Activated associations. Let define the Organizing Leader and put forward four generic aspects of these groups to begin, including: Voter Registration Drives, Political Soap Box events, Political Action Meet-ups, and Meet Your Representatives. As you might see, these features parallel the on-line elements above.

The Organizing Leader of these face-to-face, localized groups will preferentially be recruited from graduate students of local universities due to its next-generational spirit, although regular or otherwise forward-looking adult, passionate community members may also apply. Young adult recruits should preferably be students or graduates of subjects closely related to politics and society such as political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and or other similar concentrations.

Because the whole purpose of Citizens Activated is to empower We, The People most directly and effectively, its first order of business will be to plug its members into the political power system. This involves ensuring that each and every individual who participates in his and her local Citizens Activated association be registered to vote. After voter registration is complete, the individual will then be invited to build his and her social networking profile or Citizens Profile. The exact structure of such profiles is to be determined during the early organizational process. Voter Registration Drives will simply be the face-to-face, organized efforts to get people registered. This will also be the main process for recruiting membership into Citizens Activated.

Political Soap Boxes will be community gatherings of the Citizens Activated member who wishes not only to express his or her opinions on the web page, but who longs for the fray of face-to-face dialogue and debate, yet in the spirit of citizenship solidarity and tolerance. Here, the skill and contribution of the Group Leader or facilitator toward the spirit of Embrace of Diversity will be most tested, especially in our present age of partisan dysfunction. Success in moderating these events will be one of the main criteria for advancement in the Association.

Political Action Meet-ups will naturally parallel the aforementioned on-line forum. Members desiring to gather together for mutual support and mobilization toward their cause, and other members of the local chapter who have developed a curiosity about the causes through perhaps the web page forums, can attend. The end result of this feature of Citizens Activated will be in serving as the catalyst for a vibrant and involved body politic, a civics and American citizenship revival!

Finally, Citizens Activated will host Meet Your Representative events. These events will offer those willing to serve their fellow citizens as political representatives, the opportunity to relate their tickets to the issues defined in the Voter Education Forum. The final effect of this feature of Citizens Activated will be to enable the people to engage with their representatives more effectively, finally rendering them our true servants.

Other elements of the face-to-face community can easily be conceived, including some such as Organizational Villages which gives non-profit organizations a forum to advocate to and engage the people, Creative Circles which offer the people opportunities to share their creative sides in community, and other Event Gatherings such as International Pot Lucks, etc. For succinctness in this paper, however, I will allow these very many exciting possibilities to develop in the process of real-world organizing. At the very least, I’m sure the reader can clearly see the wonderful promise for a Great American Peoples’ Revival!

III. Youth Invigorated Organization—

As you might suspect, getting Americans to fully embrace each other in our present social climate and show ourselves capable of our citizens’ revival will not be an easy task. We have too long become mired in the ideological separation, the partisan dysfunction, and to the divide and conquer influences of the power wielders in society who prey upon the masses of our besieged republic. Therefore in order for this movement to make the greatest strides, it must prepare our formable youth to be fully actualized citizens and human beings.

At this point, I should make it absolutely clear that I am not seeing to introduce political issues to our youth other than the specific, social-political character of New American Spring itself, which is essentially non-partisan. We must essentially teach our young people to become servant leaders.

At this point let me change my voice in the rest of this essay to one which addresses our youth personally, instead of continuing in a third person elocution about our young people. By offering you, young America, a space and time to develop a balanced character and to learn to become social leaders generally, we will be preparing your generation to assume your responsible role as citizens once you have come of age to vote.

The age old human plague is the temptation of the traditionally conceived “leader” to lord it over his and her fellows, to outshine and manipulate others for the sake of personal gain and glory. Yet the most effective leader is the servant of all. While the socially shell-shocked, older generation might hold that human nature is itself corrupt or otherwise hopeless and will not change, and you will find yourself facing a backlash of this sentiment if you become involved with this Program, our New American Spring is stubbornly optimistic. Therefore through your renewing generation, let us finally put to the test whether fundamental change can be learned. 

In order to accomplish this great and critical task of forming your generation to become the noble citizens of the future, I propose a youth character and leadership development organization with the following, Three Pronged Philosophy, Leadership Structure, Enrichment Features, and Light Organizational Footprint:

Three Pronged Philosophy

It seems to me that we can readily identify three essential aspects of being human which, when conceived together, gives us a sense of wholeness. This triune interpretation of human character, I should confess, comes through inspiration from the Christian concept of the Trinity—not that I am setting forth any specifically Christian organization. Only that I derive inspiration from the essential conceptions of Father, Son and Sprit from my own religious background, and in the idea that human beings are made in this image.

According to the Christian Trinitarian conception, the Father is the creative source of all, the Son is the manifestation of all things, which manifestation can be conceived as the social body of Creation, and the Spirit is the unity of all things in joyful Love.

Accordingly, as images of the Creator, human beings are first and foremost creative. We long to express ourselves, to offer newness to life. Human beings are secondly social. We need one another both psychology and practically. And healthy human beings are thirdly joyful. Life cannot be meaningful to us unless we view it as essentially positive.

Therefore I propose that our Youth Invigorated organization espouse a correspondingly three-pronged formational aspect for all of its members: Young Artists, Young Citizens, and Young Lifers. As Young Artists, all Youth Invigorated members and leaders will cultivate an artistic expression, liberally defined, in fulfillment of their human creative faculty. As Young Citizens, all Youth Invigorated members and leaders will perform voluntary services to their larger community, in fulfillment of their human social identity. And as Young Lifers, all Youth Invigorated members and leaders will be called to unite in expressions of celebration, in fulfillment of their human need for Joy of Life.

Leadership Structure

The designative title of Members will be the basic level of participation in this organization. These youth will comply with the three-pronged requirement of the organization, and will begin and actively cultivate, over the course of their membership, a Life Resume which will chronicle all the steps taken and all the accomplishments made during the adolescent to early young adult membership of all Members and Leaders. Members will be drawn from middle and high schools, and they will be organized under a School Leader.

School Leaders will oversee that Members meet the three-pronged development requirements and they will serve under Area Leaders, who will be college students drawn from colleges most central to their local cluster of schools. The freshman year of college will be a hiatus for all Youth Leaders involved in this organization in order that they may acclimate themselves to their new university environment. Therefore Area leaders will be recruited from the sophomore through the senior years of college.

Area Leaders will oversee and guide the service of School Leaders, and they will serve under Area Directors, who will be full-time, professional, young adult college graduates.

Area Directors will serve under various Regional Directors (to be constituted in response to organizational size) who together will be answerable to the Executive Director who oversees the leadership structure of the entire organization. He or she will be responsible for the overall mission of the organization and will be a nonprofit professional answerable to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors, lastly, will set the vision and mission of the organization as a whole, and will be responsible for continual development.

Unlike the loose associational nature of Citizens Activated, the centralization or hierarchical structure of Youth Invigorated, it should be noted, is not an issue of concern for national corruptibility. There isn’t much temptation to corrupt the youth for political reasons when their generational age within this organizational body does not quality for voting.

Enrichment Features

I would not want to give your generation the message that you should completely split from your forbearers, however. Therefore in order to benefit from the human wealth available in the adult population, I propose, to begin, two mentoring features:

Professional Mentors will volunteer with up to three Youth Invigorated Members who express a desire to enter into their career path. This will enable young people to enjoy the critically important benefit of seeing, in concrete, the reality of their ambition. This benefit is absolutely invaluable for the ultimate success of our youth.

Senior Mentors will likewise volunteer with up to three Youth Invigorated Members. All Youth Invigorated Members will be encouraged to respect and appreciate the wisdom available to them, socially, in their seniors. These seasoned human beings often have invaluable wisdom and experience which can be personally imparted to the wise because respectful young person.

Light Organizational Footprint

An essential character of the Youth Invigorated organization will be its light organizational footprint. This means that Youth Invigorated will, in every possible occasion, seek to work with other youth organizations and or school programs in fulfilling its formations mission.

In other words, it may use Big Brothers, Big Sisters to oversee the screening of Professional and Senior Mentors. It may use the YMCA and other community facilities for its artistic cultivation activities. It may partner with City, State, and local officials to arrange youth pride parades for its Joy of Life activities, etc. Even the school Members of the organization will meet in their respective schools, after classes, as a School Club.

The ultimate idea is that, as an organization, Youth Invigorated need not grow facilities heavy or seek to reproduce resources. So many resources are already available to youth in our communities that Youth Invigorated should consider itself free to do only the most important task at hand, that of forming the character of our young people, most efficiently and effectively.

Tell Your Teachers:

There is one final topic I would like to address with you, actually a request. If you are a student, I ask that you bring this book to your teachers and challenge them to read it. Then ask that they do whatever they can to help facilitate Youth Invigorated coming to your school. This is the plan of metastasis, that through the institutional array of schools in the United States, this youth movement might catch fire.

If you happen to be a graduate student in Government Administration or Political Science or are otherwise inspired by our New American Spring vision, I likewise invite you to tell your professors and college and university administrators about it and encourage them to invite me, the Founder of New American Spring, to talk at your institution. In this way, Citizens Activated can likewise ignite.

IV. First Leaders Convention

            Let me end by proclaiming that I have a dream! I have a dream that from East to West to North to South, the first fruits of America’s brightest youth will gather in one, special place. I dream of holding a kick-off convention for the beginning of the New American Spring Social Program. Its first leaders will have read this book and have been inspired to take up the task of renewing our country and world.

            I hope that this book will be successful and that advanced-looking philanthropists will be moved to fund the New American Spring Foundation which will fund and hire the first Knights of this grand revival. Young, idealistic, dauntless, bright minded and hearted youth, the first renewing warriors of our next generation!

            May you be one of these…

PS: I often see many of my ideas and concepts introduced in my blogs repeated by some right-wing sources like Hannity, Tucker Carlston and others. While I remained happy to see my ideas spread popularly in experimental ways, I do however take exception to my Social Program. Only the founder is really capable of leading such a program, so I ask those who come here to gleam ideas, please don’t try to reproduce parts of this program anywhere else. Please appeal to me if you wish to adopt anything..

Awaiting Awakening

Our modern world is presently undergoing massive changes. The consumption-oriented system of capitalism is placing great pressure on global sustainability, and the age-old power struggle of various human groups, one against the other, is threatening to lead us all toward disaster. Those on the Western poll of our global social and economic power structure (hereafter referred to as the Western Power) are motivated to dampen the consumption of the masses in order not to overtax our planet’s capacity. This top group is also seeking out ways to nullify the mortal danger of independent nation states wielding ever more fearsome military powers. They have historically encouraged and nurtured more and more interdependent, global trade systems, in the interest of both growing their power as well as discouraging warfare. And they are also spearheading greater, social integration via “social justice” values and initiatives on the highest corporate levels, what is presently known as the expanding “woke” movement.

On the other side of the global power poll, we have the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter referred to as the CCP). China took advantage of the need of Capitalism for growth, becoming the second greatest economic and now military power in but a short 30 years. While capitalism was the engine of China’s rise, such a rapid accomplishment could only also have been facilitated by centralized control (of the CCP). This rise of China is tempting the Western Power to adopt a more blatant, centralized control themselves (which they will do only once they have full technological control of the population), and today, a new cold war is underway. This is a war between a Western Power which is largely invisible as a central power, hidden from the “democratic” peoples of the world behind the blinders that it has slowly erected for them; and a CCP which is unavoidably visible as a central power and unapologetically communist (in the sense that although they are using the engine of capitalism for their power rise, they are communist on the bottom line. Or I should more accurately say that Communism is only China’s closest, modern expression of its imperial heart). What these two opposing powers have in common, however, is their struggle concerning absolute domination, and if they do not merge into one, then this struggle will bring great carnage to the world.

The “democratic” culture of the west is essentially a farce. The People are encouraged to feel and think that they are truly free and in charge of their self-direction when in fact they are socially, economically, and politically manipulated by the Western Power. The CCP, on the other hand, is seeing behind the scenes that the “democratic” culture of the West, essentially a puppet of the Western Power, is their real threat. This is the true constellation of our present, global cold war, and both powers are willing, I’m afraid, to go to the maddest ends of military war and even nuclear exchanges in order to prevail. The Great Wall of China exemplifies the true nature of the Chinese as essentially resistant of being invaded or taken over by any foreign power or culture, and this same impulse is at the bottom of China’s present-day resistance to the Western Power. I don’t think China is trying to rule the world, but it feels that it is in an existential struggle with the Western Power which is attempting total world domination. And while the Western Power might be interpreting China’s geo-political and economic and military moves as its own ambition for world domination, China is essentially only aiming to create another Great Wall to protect itself against the Western Power’s selfsame aim.

There are two main factions in the CCP, one lead by Xi Jinping, which has sympathy for traditional China’s original culture of imperialism (rule by an emperor), national isolation, and self-protection against the “barbarians;” and another faction which inherits China’s newer inspiration of opening up to the world via Capitalism. This other faction deeply accepts that China cannot survive if it stayed or returns to self-isolation. But Xi Jinping is deeply nationalistic and a true lover of the essence of China, and he is really behind the new moves of China to resist the continued “degradation” of China’s culture via the “corruptive” influences of Capitalism and Western Culture (democracy). So the Western Power is secretly trying to undermine Xi Jinping via his opposing faction in the CCP, both among the corrupt billionaires of the CCP and among the secretly democratic sympathizers. This is however a most deadly struggle.

But when I speak of China’s actions and motives, I am mainly referring to China under Xi Jinping.

Putin is also feeling the pinch of the ever-pervasive Western Power, and he is saber-rattling with treats to invade Ukraine and to secure geo-political alliances with other neighbors as his only means to make room for himself and demand continued respect for Russia. For Putin is also a deeply nationalistic lover of Russian and its Czarist essence. He will however assuredly be defeated by the strongest leverage of the Western Power– the global trade control. I don’t imagine he will go so far as to use tactical nukes, but I do however feel the Chinese will, as evidenced by their beginning to stock up on food and resources nationally, as if preparing for a great siege. Tactical nukes may be seen as their only modern Great Wall option.

There are other resisters to the Western Power, of course, including North Korea, Iran, and other minor world leaders, but China and Russia are the most prominent at present. The People of the world, therefore, whether “democratic” or Chinese or Russian, North Korean or Iranian or any other, are left herded like cattle for the slaughter. If they do not awake, they will confusedly look up as white lights of (tactical) nuclear destruction bathe their flesh.

As the founder of New American Spring, as time passes me by as a visionary before his time, or as the culmination approaches, I am ever spiritually clearer. Today I can identify that the essence of New American Spring is to serve as the great alternative. Alternative to the unprecedented concentration of power in the hands of a few human beings, and the inevitable danger and destruction it will bring. New American Spring is not against social justice, social integration, international interdependence, etc. Nor is it against ANY nation rising to economic health and strength in the global economy. These values and ends are good and are indeed necessary for the very survival of our globe as fair and inclusive and healthy. But New American Spring is against small groups of power welders in the world pushing and manipulating our inevitable global evolution toward their own, absolute consolidation. Many times, in my previous blogs, I have referenced why I warn against power consolidation among human beings, so I will not repeat it here.

But how can New American Spring foster a progressive, global social evolution which is truly democratic and fair for all in its power structure?

By calling the people of the world to truly embrace one another in all our diversities and even across nationalities. We must begin a very intentional process, on the grassroots, of forging greater, social solidarity. We must begin to think less selfishly, awakening to our global social and economic realities. We must intentionally curtail our personal privileges for an awoken responsibility for the greater and common good in all its dimensions. For if we do not take this inevitable direction into our own, willing hands, WHILE WE ARE VIGILENT TO SECURE AN EFFECTIVELY DEMOCRATIC POWER STRUCTURE IN OUR OWN LOCALITIES AND INTERNATIONALLY, then others (a small group of manipulators) will push us toward a centralized globalization against our selfish wills. One in which they will work to secure their own, absolute domination over us all. A domination which will result in our final damnation as all central powers inevitably destroys.

Love, or die!

New American Spring,

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…


Christianity and Me

The Testimony of a Secular, Social Justice Advocate–

Most people in the world grow up under a specific, religious tradition, and they often do not change it. Those who change their religions tend to do so as a result of a serious, personal episode of spiritual seeking, where perhaps they feel that the tradition under which they were born is inadequate to their needs. I did not go this route myself. I was always captivated by the ideas and imagery and possibilities of Christianity. And even today, I am still operating in its context, still trying to reconcile myself to my world in light of my Christian tradition.

I would definitely describe myself as a spiritual person. My family might say that I was religious when I was younger, but only because spiritual people often first resort to the structures of their inherited religions, I believe. I must however say that there were elements in Christianity that made me feel quite at home, even as an independent, spiritual person—if such an objective statement can be made, that is. Since I was not born into any other religious tradition for comparison. I was captivated by the stain glass windows in church, for example, depicting imagery of tranquil and noble people. “Civilized” people, in my sensitivities. And while I was never keen on the forms and rituals and sacraments of my Catholic, denominational tradition, I was nevertheless attracted to its intellectual aspect. Not to mention that unlike the newer, protestant derived expressions of Christianity such as the Baptists and the Bible Believing movements in America, I rather enjoyed some of the richer, traditional elements of Catholicism.

One such element that I was particularly involved with is the monastic tradition. In my adolescence and young adulthood I underwent a period of serious consideration of the possibility of religious life in a religious order. Catholicism had the priesthood of various orders and even monastic communities among its offerings. I felt more of a “contemplative” as opposed to an “active” spirituality, and while I desired to enter into a monastic community of contemplatives, I was ultimately not accepted by any of the ones I applied to. The feedback I received from the abbot of the first monastery to which I seriously applied in 1994, St. Louis Abbey in Missouri, was that while he confirmed my contemplative bent and a legitimate sense of “spiritual calling” in me, he felt that I was too wrapped up in my ego-personality to adequately surrender myself to the monastic life.

This was perhaps due to a strong and persistent sense in me of being called or destined to a great and profound, public ministry. A deeply stubborn, inner assurance that I have a singular mission in life. This was therefore ultimately incompatible with monastic life in that to enter the monastery one must “give up” all attachments to the outside world. I suspect I might have verbalized to the abbot or vocation director that I was applying to the monastery for the sake of finding a place of spiritual incubation, a sheltered and supportive community in which I might grow to the awareness needed for my mission in the world.

So like a Jacob sharing his “delusions of grandeur” with his brothers, their reaction was probably predictable: “throw him into the well of the real world and see what becomes of his foolishness!” Perhaps also the community saw me as just seeking to use them, despite my appealing to the example of Thomas Merton, a famous monk who did ultimately engage in an active, worldwide ministry and public example.

Being a spiritual person, I was always not very materialistic and I disdained the struggle for physical survival. So when I was turned away from the monastic community, I recall feeling greatly let down. The night before returning to Brooklyn where I lived at the time, I recall having had dream or vision in my anger and disappointment. A vision of various daemons falling from a grey, New York City sky line–like so many drops of rain. Destroying and tearing the city apart. This dream was perhaps the embodiment of my realization that I would ultimately have to make it on my own in a dog-eat-dog world of unrefined and brutish people, while working out my calling. If I was not afforded my spiritual sanctuary, then I would have to partake, to be baptized, into all the wily elements of a chaotic human nature which tugged against my spirituality, falling from my tight rope into the torrent of the real world.

I must say that I did also have a healthy attraction to the opposite sex, as it turned out, an almost “in your face” rebellion to the perceived betrayal of my spirituality, and I did go on to sow my wild oats in my young adulthood to adulthood. I even wrote a comedy about this rancorous period in my life titled Swiped to the Left: The Dating Fails of a Contemporary Caveman. In this comedy, I exaggerate the various vices associated with courting the opposite sex in the context of a more liberalized culture. I also greatly parodied myself, applying to my persona the very worst characteristics of a roving male (many to most of which are not literally true—please understand, lol). Yet what is most strange about my romantic personality, in the context of a lost and rambling life in the real world, is my simultaneous and ongoing experience of spiritual love.

It was the stirrings of spiritual love that originally moved me to consider the monastic life. In my late adolescence, I used to experience myself as the apparent object of a peculiar and disembodied love—or lover. Nothing physical, for the more depraved imaginations, and while I eventually attributed the identity of this lover to God Himself, which is why I originally considered religious life possibly right for me, the psychological nature of this love-relationship cannot be imagined as homosexual simply because God is referred to as “He.” For spirit is genderless, a thing which is hard for most human beings to understand, so engulfed are we in our ego-identities (our physical-temporal senses of self). This love or lover nevertheless seemed to have a profound effect on me, making me even more spiritually inclined. Even to the point where I began to suspect that I cannot really love any human being in the proper and exclusive sense of romantic love. For it seems that my love is already claimed by this disembodied lover—which is why I called my rambling life of chasing after skirts, strange— strange because I am so spiritual.

This life period of mine (of sowing wild oats) was indeed a kind of rebellion– my lover’s tantrum, thrown against a disembodied mate who only comes to me very sparsely and occasionally, leaving me to my own devices in a lonely and harsh world in the long and cruel intervals! Lonely because I am profoundly misunderstood by my fellow human beings who cannot make sense of my spiritual aspect, and cruel because of my finer sensitivities. So I turned to the wily world in disdain after being rejected by my spiritual brethren, and I became the bohemian out of spite after seemingly being abandoned by my spiritual mate.

In 1997, when I was in the midst of my exploration of the opposite sex, alongside my continuing consideration of religious life, I had the most particular, spiritual experience. In this instance, my acquaintance with spiritual love evolved from a mere and dull sensation thereof, to a mystical vision—sparking the following poem:

The love of God is like a churning cloud of light,

Where with every turning,

There is a new bliss.

How is it that I know you God?

When I verged onto adulthood, I asked this question quite frankly,

And I had to conclude that I did not know you at all, only that I had a tendency to pray to you,

And in this habit, I must trust you exist.

But at that time, I had not tasted your love.

The love of God ever changes,

Each development bringing,

Fresh joys.

Then came that peculiar time in my life when I began to feel strange and wonderful feelings.

When the evening hours came I would ascend and descend into strange inner depths.

And at bedtime I would feel your love,

Such that I was once moved to confess that I know you, God, not by knowing, but by your loving.

The love of God perpetually evolves,

Each manifestation revealing,

New savors.

I love you god I hate you God I love you God I hate you God,

This onion heart of mine,

Layered so!

When I am cut by suffering,

Are you brought to tear?

The love of God forever revolves,

Each revolution delivering,

New happiness.

I have risen and I have fallen many times, O God.

Here am I rising again,

So hear me, God.

Be attentive to my words,

My voice,

My song,

For I sing my love to you.

The love of God is like a churning cloud of light,

Where with every turning,

There is a new bliss–

Which is why the angels can cry “Holy, Holy, Holy,”

For all eternity,

Without ever diminishing…

When I wrote this poem, I had been a master’s degree student of Liberal Studies at Fordham University in the Bronx of New York, and I had been reading a book titled The Cloud of Unknowing. This book is written by an anonymous but likely Catholic monk. For it details the contemplative, spiritual life within the Catholic tradition, the most “excellent” form of that life which deals with the monk as lover to God. This mystical experience of mine also had the effect of deepening the spiritualization of my character as I carried on in life with this strange vessel, it seemed, in the midst of my soul—this uncanny and otherworldly dimension to my personality.

After graduating from Fordham University with my Masters in Liberal Studies I came to Florida to visit my older sister and decided to stay. I sought out what I considered an appropriate line of work for my character, as best I can as a spiritual being in a secular world, one working with youth. Especially since I was a beloved uncle who appreciated the innocence and hope of youth. I dabbled with substitute teaching, professional teaching, juvenile justice, summer camps, and even residential, therapeutic institutions for children. But in the end, I could not find a permanent career with youth, specifically, ultimately feeling that my calling is more expansive.

So in 2005 I decided to travel across the USA as Big Rig Trucker, meeting and conversing with my fellow Americans on life and meaning as I continued to try and uncover my persistent sense of greater mission in life. This period of self and fellow American soul searching lead to my book The Socratic Trucker: An American Memoir. Which then lead to my vision for New American Spring, a secular, social justice movement for which this present blog is being written.

My life experience of spiritual searching, in the context of my Christian heritage and upbringing, has now resulted in a profound, personal crossroad. I am pivoting between two world views: The orthodox, religious claims of Christianity of a divine Jesus Christ, an ultimate and eschatological savior, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Verses that which has developed in me over the course of my journey in the real world—a secular, visionary option for understanding the human race. By “secular” I mean only an independence from any specific, traditional religion, and my New American Spring, as it stands right now, is based on this secular option. Here is the vision:

Humanity is both spiritual and evolutionary! We are most likely evolutionary beings in the physical, and immaterial souls in the spiritual. Complex beings who are being challenged to transcend our animalistic natures toward a more spiritualized world, characterized by practical love. And my New American Spring is the great awakening itself, the concrete scheme for this evolution.

The danger of our remaining animalistic is illustrated in my earlier blog “Death of the World.” The hope of our transcendence is illustrated in the blog “Life of the World.” The vision of our dual natures is illustrated in the blog “Love is Scarce?” And the nature of our new world of practical love is illustrated in the blog “A Movement of Practical Love?”

Now whether Jesus is God Incarnated, my ultimate belief in which might transform New American Spring from a socially liberal and secular movement into a national ministry of a more orthodox, Christian nature—this will depend on whether I have a further, mystical experience perhaps, identifying Jesus as this long present, spiritual lover of my soul. Since if Jesus is Lord and by the hand of God shall “all things be put under his feet,” there would remain nothing for any human being to do except to proclaim this “good news” in a traditional, orthodox ministry.

Yet ultimately and to this day, I cannot say that I have ever truly experienced the kind of love coming from any Christian or other human being who invokes the name of Jesus, that would cause me to conclude that Jesus is a living, spiritual reality and power, rather than a spiritual exemplar who once lived. Wherefore the way in which I presently make sense of the historical and mystical source of love in my life is that it is nevertheless from the Creator Itself, a Creator Who loves ALL human beings (regardless of religious doctrine or any other variety). And this, finally, is why I am ULTIMATELY attempting to do Its work in bringing about a mass movement of practical love on this earth.

New American Spring!

Revolution of Vision, Evolution of World…